15 Cool Lunch Box Sets to Keep Food Fresh and Tasty

Once a child starts kindergarten, he or she will need to take a packed lunch. Kids can be picky about eating away from home, but if you make lunchtime fun and interesting, they are more likely to eat everything up. Giving children their very own lunch box is a smart idea. It will make them feel all grown up and as they get older, give them a sense of independence. The primary aim of a kid’s lunch box is to keep food fresh all day long, but this doesn’t mean a lunchbox needs to be boring! Here are some colorful and fun lunchbox designs for children.

Fun Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

Bento Lunch Box
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Frozen Soft Lunch Kit from Thermos
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Wildkin Solid Lunch Box
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Amerzam Neoprene Lunch Bag
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Fit & Fresh Kids Riley Insulated Lunch Bag
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Zebrum Insulated Kids Lunch Bag
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Skip Hop Zoo Insulated Lunch Bag
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Wildkin Olive Kids Heroes Lunch Bag
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ICOLOR Purple Butterfly Lunch Bag
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1. Bento Lunch Box


The Bento lunchbox comes in a set of five. Each lunch box has three separate compartments for sandwiches, fruit, snacks and anything else you want to include. There are also some waterproof labels included, so there is no confusion over which box belongs to which child. The different sections are key for keeping different fruits and other snacks in one piece as well as reducing the need for other smaller containers. With a Bento lunch box, kids won’t loose their lunch or your smaller containers!

2. Frozen Soft Lunch Kit from Thermos


The soft lunch kit from Thermos is one which comes in many popular designs, Frozen being just one. The lunch box is made from a wipe clean material that is 100% PVC free. The lunch box is insulated with polyethylene foam and it has a comfortable carry handle. A Frozen fan will adore the design and well as keep the contents as fresh as can be!

3. Wildkin Solid Lunch Box


The Wildkin solid lunch box comes in a selection of different colors, so every little one can pick their favourite color. The lunchbox is made from a safe and durable fabric that is PVC, BPA and phthalate-free. Food stored in the lunchbox is kept insulated and fresh and there is a handy zippered pocket on the front for school letters, notes—or surprise treats!

4. Thermos Firetruck Novelty Lunch Kit


The Firetruck lunch box from Thermos is super cute and perfect for little boys and girls who love firefighters or the excitement of the daring red trucks. The lunchbox is PVC free and the interior has PEVA linings with polyethylene insulation to keep food fresh on hot days. Your little firefighter is sure to remain fully energized for emergencies with their lunch in this cute kit!

5. Amerzam Neoprene Lunch Bag


The lunch bag from Amerzam is made from insulated neoprene, so it keeps food fresh for hours. The material is easy to clean, stain resistant and the colors will never fade, even in bright sunlight. This is the perfect lunch bag for school and days out. It also comes with a water bottle tote. It’s a fashionable choice for style conscious little ones!

6. Fit & Fresh Kids Riley Insulated Lunch Bag


The Fit & Fresh kids’ Riley insulated lunch bag comes in a range of different designs, but the Rainbow Owl design is especially cute. This kid-friendly lunch bag is perfect for taking a healthy packed lunch to school. The extra thick insulation will keep food and drinks cool and the interior is lined with PEVA. Your little one will only be too happy to bring their lunch in this funky number!

7. Zebrum Insulated Kids Lunch Bag


The Zebrum kids’ lunch bag is ideal for pre-school and big school. The bag has two separate compartments inside a vividly decorated exterior. It is compact, but large enough to hold more than enough food to keep your child going all day long—as well as provide a friendly companion for lunch time! The lunch bag is insulated and durable; food and drink will stay cool or warm for at least three hours.

8. Skip Hop Zoo Insulated Lunch Bag


The Eureka lunch bag from Skip Hop is a cute insulated lunch bag with a large main compartment for sandwiches, fruit and a juice box. The bag comes in other designs too: unicorn, dinosaur, ladybug, monkey, cow, dog, hedgehog, and bumblebee. Each design is more adorable than the next! The top handle can be clipped on to a backpack, so it stays safe and the fabric is water resistant. Additionally, an internal nametag will make sure this cute little guy will never go astray.

9. Wildkin Olive Kids Heroes Lunch Bag


The Wildkin Olive Kids Heroes lunch box for children is sturdy, durable and free from all harmful chemicals.  The design is fun and child-friendly, so little kids will love it; let them unleash their inner hero with inspiration from the lunchbox! The inside of the lunch bag is insulated and easy to keep clean, with a wipe clean surface. There is also a zippered front pocket for notes and other important belongings.

10. ICOLOR Purple Butterfly Lunch Bag


The ICOLOR purple big butterfly insulated neoprene lunch bag will keep your child’s food and drink at the right temperature for up to four hours or even longer if you use an ice pack. This lunch bag is sturdy and easy to clean. It also folds flat when not in use. It comes in a trendy carry-bag shape, meaning this tote is an item worthy of it’s own attention, not just for the lunch that’s in it!

11. Thermos Dual Lunch Kit


The Dual lunch kit from Thermos has two separate compartments so your child’s food will make it through to lunchtime in one piece. The lunch box is insulated and free from PVC. The outside is decorated with detailed screen-printed graphics, which look super cool. The bag pictured is in the shape of BB8, but other designs feature characters and logos like Dory from Finding Nemo, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cars, Batman Vs. Superman, The Avengers and Wonder Woman. Lunch time will never be a bore with those characters keeping lunch safe!

12. Spicy Relish Neoprene Lunch Bag from Built NY


The Spicy Relish neoprene lunch bag has an adjustable cross-body strap and is comfortable to carry, even when your child’s lunch is quite heavy. Choose from a variety of different decorative fabrics, including navy mini dot and lush flower. The zip enclosure will keep food and drink safe all day long. This lunch bag is even machine washable, so you can keep it nice and clean. It’s a sleek option for older kids who may be conscious of looking cool at lunchtime.

13. Ultimate Spiderman Thermos Dual Compartment Lunch Kit


The Ultimate Spiderman dual compartment lunch kit from Thermos is perfect for Spiderman fans. It’s a classic design with the added durability of the reliable Thermos brand. With two separate compartments, upright and flat, your child’s lunch will stay tidy and organized. The carry handle is padded for extra comfort and the PEVA lining is PVC free.

14. PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag


The PackIt lunch bag from Ziggy features a patented cooling system so the lunch bag can be placed in a freezer overnight and by morning, it will be ice cold and ready to store food. When not in use the bag folds down neatly to save space in your cupboard or schoolbag. The strap on top can be extended and contains a clip, so this lunch box is suitable for a variety of outings. Additionally, the colorful geometric design isn’t the only option available, these lunchboxes come in a huge range of colors and pattern to suite every taste!

15. Thermos FOOGO


The Thermos FOOGO is a stainless steel food jar. It uses vacuum insulation technology to keep food at the right temperature for up to seven hours. Older kids will love the sleek design. It doesn’t even look like a traditional lunchbox, so anything could be inside!


Don’t forget, a packed lunch is healthier and kinder on your pocket, so get creative and make some delicious snacks for your child’s pack up!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, goblinbox_(queen_of_ad_hoc_bento).

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