Mastery Learning – The Basics

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Chad Ostrowski started his career in education when he was chosen as one of only 50 individuals in Ohio to be granted the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship, through the Ohio STEM Learning Network. Through this fellowship he received his Master’s in Secondary Education and gained intensive training and expertise in STEM education, Problem Based Learning, Inquiry based instruction, as well as other cutting edge educational methods for high needs schools. He went on to have a successful teaching career as a Middle Level Science educator in a high needs urban school. His success during his time in the classroom has lead him to working with other educators to replicate his success. Ostrowski continues to develop, research and share modern innovative educational practices. It is through these foundations that he has created and developed the “The Grid Method - Mastery Learning System ™ ” in order to synthesize his knowledge of best practices in education into a system that allows ALL of his students to meet and exceed their potential. As CEO and Co-Founder of Progressive Mastery Learning, LLC, he shares his knowledge and expertise through writing, publishing, workshops, speaking engagements and professional development for schools, districts and organizations across the country.