Math iPad Apps

Rocket Math

1. Rocket Math

This brilliant, simple app appeals to children’s building and collecting instincts! By performing sums involving the four basic operations as well as other important skills like telling the time, students gradually build their rocket piece-by-piece before launching it into space to meet new challenges! Great for younger students or practice at home, as it feels more like a fun game than a homework chore.


Math Puppy

2. Math Puppy

Another app that appeals directly to younger students, Math Puppy operates on a similar system to a game of bingo, encouraging them to answer rows of questions correctly to shout “BINGO” and progress! With levels of increasing difficulty and new challenges, it’s guaranteed to keep them coming back for more!


Factor Samurai

3. Factor Samurai

For slightly older students, this app is great for building confidence and familiarity with the times tables. Students play as a samurai warrior whose duty is to cut numbers down into their prime factors! A great app to encourage lateral thinking about multiplication and prime factors, as students are encouraged to think about how different factors interact with different products rather than just learning by rote.


Math Evolve

4. Math Evolve

The wonderfully inspired ‘story mode’ on this app really turns Math into a game, with students embarking on a virtual adventure across the exciting ‘ocean’, ‘space’ and ‘microscopic’ worlds! Designed like classic electronic arcade games, the game-play will have students addicted without even realizing that they’re learning.



5. Wolfram Alpha

Ideally suited to older students, this app covers the whole range of mathematical calculations and processes, from weather and geographical information to advanced calculus. The most exciting feature is its ability not only to provide students with the right answer, but also to take them through the process step-by-step, explaining how the answer was reached!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, eriwst. Screenshot images courtesy of iTunes.


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