Websites for Language Learners

1. Popling

A cunningly simple free tool, Popling promises help with language learning for people “who want to learn, but lack motivation”. Simply subscribe to a flashcard set that suits the language and level you want to work on and the tool does the rest, causing regular vocabulary questions to pop up at intervals on your desktop, helping you to learn, a little at a time.


2. BBC Languages

One of the largest online resources for language learning, this fantastic site comprises a wealth of tools to approach 40 different languages. Perfect for students of all ages, it offers traditional step-by-step learning and vocabulary resources but also brilliant multimedia tools like interactive video dramas.


3. Shared Talk

A brilliantly simple idea, Shared Talk brings together language learners from all over the world and allows them to gain by learning and teaching each other simultaneously! By creating virtual partnerships of students who want to learn one another’s native language, the site allows “language exchange” within a vibrant community, where learners can correspond by voice chat, text chat or e-mail. The immediacy of the medium makes asking for clarificatio
n or help much quicker and more effective than with many distance learning programs and there is a shared incentive to be as conscientious and hard-working as possible as each learner depends on another to progress – helping to keep those who might otherwise fall by the wayside firmly on track!


4. Babbel

Websites for Language Learners

A personalised online learning site with 11 languages to choose from, Babbel offers plenty of multimedia tools and different learning methods to try. Its unique selling point is the way it tailors its services to the individual user, saving your points and learning level between each visit and collecting all the words and phrases you have learned in a personalised user overview, allowing you to revise and revisit recent lessons as well as measuring your progress.


5. Yabla

Clever website Yabla immerses students in the foreign language of their choice using authentic television, music videos, drama and interviews. Their specially designed video player allows the viewer to slow the footage down to aid understanding and offers optional subtitles in a wide range of languages. Integrated dictionaries and listening games are also available.


What are your favourite websites for language learners? Any little trick you swear by? Let us know below!


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