melting ghost experiment

Fizzy Ghosts is an easy Halloween science experiment made with household items. With kindergarten and grade-schoolers at home, there are possibly some googly eyes in the cupboard too. The ice takes about an hour to set, so some patience is also required. 

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Supplies Needed For The Ghost Ice Cube Tray Experiment

  • Googly eyes 
  • Baking soda 
  • Vinegar 
  • Ice cube tray 
  • Water 
  • Mixing bowl and spoon 
  • Eyedropper or pipette 

What Mystery Are We Solving?

Why does the ice cube ghost fizzle when it encounters vinegar? Did you hear the fizzle? Did you see how the fizzy ghost eyes started moving?  

Safety Issues

Adults may help with adding the correct amount of water to the baking soda to create the dough. There is, however, nothing dangerous about the experiment. 

How To/Directions

  1. To make the ice cube, mix two parts baking soda with one part water until it forms a dough. The dough should be pliable; slightly dry than watery. 
  2. Fill the separate sections of the ice cube tray.
  3. Add a pair of googly eyes to each section. 
  4. Place the ice cube tray in the freezer for at least an hour. When set, the ‘ice’ isn’t clear anymore but a ghostly, milky color. 
  5. For the impatient scientists, form a ball with the dough instead of freezing the mixture. The experiment, however, lasts longer when frozen.  
  6. Add vinegar with the dropper and watch the reaction of the fizzy ghosts.  

Expand the creepy Halloween science experiment experience by adding plastic monsters and other creepy creatures to the ice cube trays instead of googly eyes.  

What Just Happened Here?

A chemical reaction occurs when the baking soda (base) connects with the acid (vinegar). Water is the host that helps the chemical reaction take place but at a slower pace. The acid releases its proton, and the base accepts the proton. The two elements form together with water, sodium acetate, and carbon dioxide gas forms. The reaction happens fast while releasing energy. Hence the fizz, that a person can see, and hear, and feel.

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