We tend to have a bit of a Minecraft crush around Fractus Learning HQ.  Part of this crush is because we love playing the game with our kids; part of it is because readers seem to love stories that have anything to do with it.  Minecraft toys, Minecraft books, Minecraft mods – people come back to these articles day after day.

One thing we haven’t talked about yet is the annual gathering of the Minecraft faithful.  MineCon has been around since 2010.  Developers and fans get together to hear the latest minecraft news, talk about the game and generally enjoy themselves.  One downside is attending the conference usually involves travelling somewhere during the school year.  This has made it difficult for many parent-kid teams to be able to attend.

Not this year.

For 2017, MineCon is accessible to all.

This 90-minute live stream will be totally dedicated to all-things Minecraft.  So if you have a crafter in your family, make sure you check out the website for more information on how to get involved.  There are viewing parties all around the world, but you can also watch it at home.  It starts Nov. 18,2017 at 11am Central time/4pm GMT.  You can also view it below on Saturday.

In the past, attendees have been awarded special-edition in-game capes.  There’s no word on whether or not that tradition will continue this year, but viewers will be able to vote on the newest mob to be added to the Minecraft world.

If you are really into Minecraft, or just want to see what the community is about, carve out some time on November 18th to check out the live stream.  It’s free to watch, and you’ll probably have a great time!

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