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If your little ones are mad about Minecraft, they’ll love real-life Minecraft toys! These “blocky” toys may look strange at first glance, but the Minecraft generation will instantly recognize their favorite characters, animals, and objects from the game.

Minecraft is a fun video game with tons of benefits, boosting creativity, cooperation, critical thinking skills, and more. In fact, teachers around the world use it as an educational tool in a range of subjects including math, coding, and art. Why not help encourage such a productive pastime—and take the benefits into the real world—with an incredible Minecraft toy?

Best Minecraft Toys

Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator
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Lego Minecraft The Fortress
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Minecraft Mini-Figures
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Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case
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Minecraft Toys Survival Mode Playset
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Minecraft Toys Transforming Diamond Sword and Pickax
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1. Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator

Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator

Cut! That’s a wrap, guys! Direct your very own Minecraft movies with the Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator! With this cool stop-motion studio set, making your own Hollywood hit is child’s play. Simply download the free iOS/Android/Kindle app, place your smartphone or tablet in the holder, and start shooting. When you finish, you can easily share your movie online and earn the plaudits of other Minecraft movie aficionados. Featuring 4 awesome characters (2 that are exclusive) from the Minecraft world along with an array of props and backgrounds, the only limit is your imagination. Look out, Steven Spielberg—there’s a new moviemaker in town!

Ages: 8+

Requirements: Although this package works perfectly well as a standalone playset, you’ll need a smartphone or tablet to create stop-motion movies.

Educational Factor: This fun studio set teaches kids the magic of stop-motion animation and lets them direct their own movies. It encourages imaginative play, creativity, storytelling, and critical thinking as well as STEM and social skills. All in all, it’s a tremendously entertaining and educational way to keep your mini miners occupied for hours on end.

Tech Specs: The Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator includes: 1 movie stage, 4 unique backgrounds (authentic to the game), 4 mini-figures (1 exclusive Alex with Diamond Pickax, 1 exclusive Spider Jockey, 1 Zombie, and 1 Zombie in Flames), 1 set of design stickers, 1 phone/tablet stand, and numerous environmental elements.

Optional Extras: This stop-motion studio set makes a fantastic gift by itself. But you can add more props with many of the characters and toys listed below. Not to mention DIY characters made from paper, card and other household items.

2. Lego Minecraft The Fortress

Defend your fortress from the evil skeleton army attack! LEGO Minecraft The Fortress is surely the coolest of all the Minecraft LEGO building sets. A 984-piece collection with 6 included mini-figures, it’s a mountain of fun. You can build and rebuild it in many different ways (the instructions give 4 examples). It’s also filled to the gills with functions. Step on the right brick and watch as the front gates swing open. Repel the skeletal attackers with well-aimed cannon fire—and if they breach the gates, you can throw them into the dungeon prison. First things first, though: You’d better don your armor and choose your weapon from your secret weapon chest. Will you be crushing bone with your iron, gold, or diamond sword today? Better pick quickly, Steve… Your animals are in danger from these bony baddies!

Ages: 8+

Requirements: No special requirements.

Educational Factor: Lego sets have long been praised for their tremendous educational value. By building and playing, kids boost STEM skills, procedural thought, dexterity, creativity, storytelling, social skills, patience, confidence, and more.

Tech Specs: The Lego Minecraft The Fortress building set is made from the quality durable plastic you know and love. The fully built fortress measures 6 x 13 x 13 inches. This 984-piece set includes: 1 fortress with 2 towers and castle walls, 1 Steve mini-figure, 1 horse, 1 sheep, 3 skeletons, 1 prison, 1 farm, 1 weapon chest, 5 swords (1 wood, 1 stone, 1 iron, 1 gold, and 1 diamond), 3 bows and arrows, 1 gold helmet, 1 gold armor, 1 tree, 1 waterfall, 4 Creeper banners, 1 crafting table, 8 torches, 1 fireplace, and 1 hay bale.

Optional Extras: The Fortress combines with other Lego Minecraft toys for even more fun. Why not try adding the sprawling Lego Minecraft The Village or more modestly priced options like The Cave, The Iron Golem, or The Dungeon?

3. Minecraft Mini-Figures

Minecraft Mini Figures

If you’ve come across it in the game, then there’s every chance you can find it as one of these Minecraft figures. Minecraft Mini-Figures let kids bring their favorite Minecraft characters to life so they can take a break from the screen and play with them in real world. These little guys are highly prized by lovers of the video game and in packs of three and six (that don’t break the bank) they’re a great way to scratch that ‘blocky’ itch. We’ve see these little guys used as extras for everything from Minecraft play sets to decorative Minecraft birthday cake toppers.

Ages: 6+

Requirements: No special requirements.

Educational Factor: These mini Minecraft toys inspire imaginative play, storytelling, and social skills.

Tech Specs: Each mini-figure is made of hard, durable, child-safe plastic and measures between 1 and 1.5 inches tall.

Optional Extras: These Minecraft toys make great extra characters for the Minecraft Stop-Animation Studio.

4. Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case

Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case

The Minecraft Collector Case is the ultimate storage and display case for all your child’s block-based toys. Fitting the Minecraft theme, the case is cubed in shape and has one side for storage and the other for play. With carry handle and secure side locks, the case is ideal for mobile storage on the go, or for display in a bedroom. Created to fit up to 32 mini-figures (not included) the case works just as well even if you only have a few Minecraft action figures. Tidy and fun, sounds like a winner for both parents and kids to me!

Ages: 6 years +

Requirements: Mini-Figures (not included in case)

Educational Factor: Encourages tidy responsible play.

Tech Specs: Fits up to 32 mini-figures. Durable Minecraft themed design with carry handle and lock for portability.

Optional Extras: Available bundled with 10 mini-figures – Alternate case designs of Sand and Lava.

5. Minecraft Card Game

Minecraft Card Game

Put your cards on the table with the Minecraft Card Game! A fast and furious strategy game for 2–4 players, it gets two thumbs up from kids and adult gamers alike. Collect “Mine” Resource Cards (stone, iron, gold, etc.), and use these resources to “craft” tools and weapons worth points. Using two actions each turn, your goal is to reach a certain point score first. It’s not that simple, though! You can also use an action to “reserve” a “Craft” Card, stopping other players from being able to craft that tool or weapon. What’s more, each Craft Card you earn also comes with a hidden special power. Then there are the Creeper and TNT cards lurking in the deck, ready to spring a surprise. Each game lasts about 15–30 minutes and is sure to provide endless hours of frantic fun for both novice and experienced gamers alike.

Ages: 8+

Requirements: No special requirements.

Educational Factor: This real-world Minecraft game is an excellent choice for both family fun days and everyday kids’ play. It is easy to learn but tough to master, boosting key skills like counting, concentration, logic, and prediction. It’s also wonderful for boosting confidence and encouraging social skills.

Tech Specs: The cards are made of quality cardboard. Each box contains a set of instructions, 4 plastic card holders, and a deck of cards with 5 TNT cards, 5 Creeper Cards, 6 Diamond Cards, 7 Gold Cards, 8 Iron Cards, 9 Stone Cards, 11 Wild Cards, 24 Wood Cards, and 25 Craft Cards.

Optional Extras: Why not play for Minecraft figurines? Whoever wins each round wins a mini-figure… First to three wins is declared the King “Crafter”!

6. Minecraft Animal Plush Toys

Minecraft Animal Pig Plush Toy

With as much variety as the game itself, there is a Minecraft Plush Toy to suit every cuddly crafter. Much more comforting than a digital companion, these huggable versions your kid’s favorite on-screen characters are perfect for bedtime, playtime and everywhere in between. Each soft toy is made from polyester fiber construction made to be squishy, cuddly and adventurous! Whether you are looking for a soft toy to inspire a love of the game, or for a toy to inspire love from a player, these little guys are squeezably good!

Ages: 12 months +

Requirements: No special requirements.

Educational Factor: These Minecraft stuffed animals inspire love, care, and other valuable social skills. They’re also large enough to offer a sense of protection from nocturnal “monsters”. What’s more, these fuzzy friends can boost storytelling and imaginative play.

Tech Specs: 7 inch (sizes vary for the different creature) polyester fiber construction.

Optional Extras: From Cows to Zombies, all these guys really need is a cuddly kid playmate!

7. Minecraft Toys Survival Mode Playset

Minecraft Feature Playset and Figures

Think you’ve got what it takes to play Survival Mode in the real world? The Minecraft Toys Survival Mode Playset lets you build and defend your fort IRL (that means in real life, Moms and Dads)! With over 50 possible configurations, secret passageways, flippable platforms, lava flows, a waterfall, and hidden diamonds and zombies, this awesome playset really brings the game to life. It comes with a special white sheep and an evil creeper, and you can add to it by buying more 5-inch Survival Mode figures. The set also includes one sticker sheet for additional customization. A cool collection for any crafty kid!

Ages: 6+

Requirements: No special requirements.

Educational Factor: This cool building set is ideal for boosting basic STEM skills, procedural thought, critical thinking, creativity, storytelling, and social skills.

Tech Specs: The Minecraft Toys Survival Mode Playset is made from tough, child-friendly plastic. It includes: 1 sheep, 1 creeper, 1 diamond pickax, 1 chest, 8 torches, 1 door, 1 ladder, 1 crafting table, 1 label sheet, and numerous environmental elements. The set is huge, measuring 26 x 8 x 14 inches when fully constructed.

Optional Extras: Have even more fun when adding more characters! This set is the perfect size for playing with Survival Mode figures like Mining Steve, Zombie with Pop-Out Flames, and Villager with Emeralds.

8. Minecraft Toys Transforming Diamond Sword and Pickax

Minecraft Transforming Sword & Pickaxe

Mine for ore and fight monster mobs with the Minecraft Toys Transforming Diamond Sword and Pickax! As every player knows, if you want to mine precious obsidian ore, only a diamond pickax will do. But if a mob happens to spawn nearby, don’t worry. Just pull the handle down, and your pickax turns into a powerful diamond sword, capable of dealing +7 attack damage! This two-in-one toy makes a sensational gift for any young ‘Crafter!

Ages: 6+

Requirements: No special requirements.

Educational Factor: The Minecraft Sword Toy and Pickax is great for encouraging outdoor imaginative play, social skills, and storytelling.

Tech Specs: Made from thick, durable, child-friendly plastic, the Minecraft Toys Transforming Diamond Sword and Pickax measures 1.5 x 22.8 x 10.8 inches.

Optional Extras: Add an eerie atmosphere and let your kids’ imagination run riot with the Minecraft Toys Light-Up Torch. Now that’s a crafty combo!

9. Minecraft Books

Minecraft: Construction Handbook

It’s probably at the more ‘educational’ end of the Minecraft toy spectrum… But Minecraft books are an absolute hit with young players around the world. Credited as ‘the reason my child started reading‘, these amazing books take the fascination and fun of the game and transport readers into the Minecraft world. And there is everything from Construction Handbooks to complete collection of fantasy stories. The game truly has inspired an amazing world of the written word.

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Well, that brings us to the end of our top Minecraft merchandise. What do you think? Do you agree with our top picks? Or did we leave out one of your faves? Let us know all about it in the comments section below!


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