Of all the subjects, PE is the one least likely to be associated with education technology. Thought of as the outdoor, energetic subject, it makes sense that you wouldn’t naturally associate it with using online resources or technology. But in reality, there is a wealth of edtech tools out there that are specially designed with PE and sporting education in mind, and they can be enormously helpful for both teachers and students. Check out these top picks…


1. BAM!

This great site is designed specially to answer young people’s questions about health and fitness, and is aimed at 9-13 year olds. It has lots of information about how to keep their bodies and minds strong, healthy and safe, and includes resources like animated videos using the metaphor of secret agents to help explain important health issues.


2. RunKeeper

As well as mastering the physical skills of different sports, it’s important for students to learn about the benefits of exercise and other influencers on their body and health. This fantastic, free App and website enables students to track different aspects of their daily physical lives, and to view the results in snazzy (and informative) charts and graphs, helping them to convert their physical activity into academic analysis.


3. PE Videos Online

Perfect for a wet day when training is cancelled, this online library of videos from Channel 4 has everything covered, from sport safety to anatomy and physiology, as well as specific technical advice on individual sports and videos about past years of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. A great way to inspire students to try harder and perform better!


4. Interactive PE Quizzes

A particularly useful resource for those studying PE at higher levels, where lots of biological knowledge is required, this site gives students the chance to test and improve their knowledge on topics like muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. There are also detailed coaching resources here, with help, advice and information on a massive variety of different sports.


5. Learn to be Healthy

This extensive website takes the form of an interactive experience, where students are introduced to the environment of a virtual school, and are able to walk around, popping into different classrooms and learning along the way. PE and biology, facts and topics are divided up into different subjects and allocated to different classrooms, with useful ratings to explain which resources are suitable for students of different grade levels. Topics include mental health, nutrition, physical activity and more. Fun games and quizzes help information sink in whilst students are having fun!


6. LOG IT!

This great resource from PE Central invites students and teachers to log their daily physical activity and measure it as a virtual hike across the United States, with information about daily goals and the chance to measure weekly and monthly progress. Teachers register the class first before students are able to log in and create their own profiles.


Have you found any great digital Phys Ed resources? Share them with us and others in the comments below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Josiah Mackenzie.

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