11 Best Rubiks Cube Puzzles for Avid Problem Solvers

If you’re looking for a puzzle with a twist, you can’t go wrong with a Rubiks Cube. For decades now, this colorful cube has challenged, rewarded and inspired millions of puzzle lovers. Hungry for more, they have moved on to even tougher teasers. Today, there are a whole range of similar toys.

Working out a solution takes keen observation, concentration, creative reasoning and oodles of patience. And once you’ve got the knack, solving it quickly becomes an exercise in attention, spatial awareness, mental agility and hand-eye coordination. In fact, the problem-solving skills nurtured with these toys have applications in fields as varied as architecture, engineering and IT.

With so many choices on the market today, just picking the right one can be a chin-scratcher in itself! Here to help is our list of the Top 11 Rubiks Cube style toys.

Best Rubiks Cube Puzzles

DreamPark Ghost Cube
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Brain String Advanced Brain Teaser Puzzle
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Moyu Aolong V2 Speed Cube
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Rubiks 2×2 Cube
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Mefferts Gear Ball
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MF8 Petaminx
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1. Original Rubiks Cube

Original Rubiks Cube

Where else can we begin but with the best-selling brilliance that is the Original Rubiks Cube? For over a generation now, this 54-square puzzler has had fans twisting and turning … and scratching their heads in confusion! There are 43 quintillion possible answers – but only one is correct. Do you have what it takes to work it out?


2. DreamPark Ghost Cube


Looking for something a little more… haunting? The DreamPark Ghost Cube is a fun and funky shape-shifting puzzler. Dressed all in black, this cool customer takes puzzling to a whole new dimension. Better yet, if you want some color in your life, you can add the optional gold and silver stickers. All in all, it’s a tricky taskmaster and an ideal gift for anyone who has conquered the Rubiks Cube.


3. Brain String Advanced Brain Teaser Puzzle


Unwind with this unique brainteaser! The Brain String Advanced Brain Teaser Puzzle will have you tied up for ages. Move the colored rubber nozzles around to gradually untangle the internal knots to wind up with all the right colors together. Think you can you solve this twisted trickster? It’s certainly knot easy!


4. Moyu Aolong V2 Speed Cube


Feel the need for speed? Serious cubers know all about the Moyu Aolong V2, the speed cube used by current world record holder Lucas Etter. With this device, the champ needed just 4.9 seconds to solve the puzzle! For smooth, speedy turns without pops or resistance, there is no better option. This speed cubers’ choice is an ideal gift for any puzzle lover. A stickerless version is also available.


5. Rubiks Race

Rubiks Cube Rubiks Race

Battle your friends with the incredible Rubiks Race! Shake the scrambler to create a new 6-color square pattern, and then race to see who can replicate it by sliding their squares into place. It’s a fast and furious 2D face-off! Great for evenings in, camping trips, or the holiday season.


6. Rubiks 2×2 Cube


An awesome entry-level cube for newer puzzle solvers. Don’t be fooled, though – the Rubiks 2×2 Cube is no walk in the park. With 3.6 million possible combinations, only one is right. Great for learning the mechanics of the more advanced Rubiks Cube, this stickerless version is durable, fast, and smooth. Two thumbs up!


7. Meffert’s Gear Ball


Get your cogs turning with the Meffert’s Gear Ball. This awesome teaser adds a new twist to the typical Rubiks Cube – literally. As you rotate one part of the puzzle, gears spin, moving colors around on other sections, too. This added mechanic really sets it apart from its rivals. To find the solution, you’ll have to get your head in gear!


8. Shengshou 5×5 Cube


Tired of the 3×3? If you’re looking for a bigger challenge, look no further. The Shengshou 5×5 Speed Cube earns rave reviews for its sleek operations, durability and complexity. With 4×46×6, 7×7, 8×8, 9×9, and 10×10 cubes also available, you can choose your own challenge or work through the whole series. So, step up a level and take it for a spin today!


9. MF8 Petaminx


The most complex puzzle on the market today, period! The MF8 Petaminx is tough enough to keep you up at night! With 12 surfaces, 9 layers, and 3.16*10^996 permutations (that’s 316 followed by 996 zeros!!), I challenge you to find a greater challenge! Only top level cubers need apply!


10. LanLan Curvy Copter Puzzle Cube


Get your head in a spin with the LanLan Curvy Copter Puzzle Cube. This crazy shapeshifter curves at corners, turning in a counter-intuitive manner that can really get you bent out of shape. If you’ve already mastered the Rubiks Cube, this will truly test your mettle. Highly recommended!


11. DreamPark Pyraminx Pyramid Cube


Solve the mysteries of Ancient Egypt! Well, not exactly, but the DreamPark Pyraminx Pyramid Cube would even have King Tut stroking his beard in bafflement. Shifting in and out of shape as it turns, this head-scratcher will keep you occupied for hours on end. Mind-boggling fun with a triangular twist!


Now it’s your turn! Are you a fan of any of these Rubiks Cube style puzzles? Do you agree with our choices or was your favorite brainteaser not on the list? Let us know in the comments section below!


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