7 Science Kits for Kids–Putting the Fun back in Science!

We all remember how much fun it was in science class to create that erupting volcano or to come up with our own science fair project each year. If kids are given the opportunity, they would love to create and experiment on their own and STEM science kits for kids give them that chance. Kids love hands-on activities and many learn better by touching, feeling and doing instead of just reading about it in a textbook. With these seven science kits for kids, your youngsters won’t be bored on those rainy days and they will be learning all about science while they have fun!

Super Science Kits for Kids to Explore

My First Mind Blowing Science Kit by Scientific Explorer
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Be Amazing! Toys Big Bag of Science
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Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set
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SmartLab Toys Ultimate Secret Formula Lab
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Science Wiz Inventions Kit
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1. My First Mind Blowing Science Kit by Scientific Explorer

first-science-kitMy First Mind Blowing Science Kit is a great way to get your child started in the world of science exploration. They will love that this comes with 11 activities to try out. Of all the science kits for kids out there, this one is definitely a consumer favorite. There are 20 pieces within this kit which will help kids learn about proper use of science tools and chemical reactions by allowing them to conduct their own experiment. This kit includes many STEM features and is reasonably priced, which parents will love. Kids will need the supervision of an adult while engaging with this kit but they’ll be having so much fun, they won’t know they’re learning at the same time!

Best For Ages: 6–8

Approx. Price: $24.99

2. Be Amazing! Toys Big Bag of Science


Be Amazing! Toys Big Bag of Science brings science to life kids, with over 70 activities to do and the supplies to do them. The bag is convenient for storage of all tools and supplies while the kit is not in use and because it zips up easily, kids can tidy up themselves. The kit features a step-by-step lab booklet which allows kids to feel like independent scientists and the accompanying cartoon graphics are fun and bright, which adds to the wackiness! Kids will learn about science while putting these experiments to work in real life and this will only further solidify the scientific knowledge picked up. This is a science kit for kids that parents appreciate for integrating STEM learning with fun. The cool science tools, such as test tubes, geyser tubes, a magnifying glass and so many more, will have kids feeling like true scientists.

Best For Ages: 4–10, with supervision

Approx. Price: $40

3. Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Discovery Kit

electronics-kitSnap Circuits Electronics Discovery is designed with older children in mind. This kit encourages forward thinking with cause and effect in mind, which gives kids a well-rounded experience. There are over 100 exciting electronic circuit projects to build, which will provide hours of entertainment. Projects include a working siren, a flashing light and a photo sensor. This kit comes with a completely illustrated how-to guide and has an online manual as well. The color coded pieces easily snap together, which allows kids to work independently with ease.

Best For Ages: 8+

Approx. Price: $35

4. Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set

primary-science-kitLearning Resources Primary Science Lab Set includes brightly colored, chunky science tools, which young children can handle and explore easily; they won’t have any problems pouring into the wide mouthed beakers and test tube or using the funnel. Wearing the goggles will have them feeling like a true scientist and because the pieces are so big and chunky, the risk of losing pieces is reduced over some of the other science kits for kids. This great kit comes with activity cards which explore the senses, physical science, living and non-living things and the different processes involved in science. Overall, this is a wonderful introduction for kids to science.

Best for Ages: 3–6

Approx. Price: $30

5. National Geographic Explore Crystals Science Kit

na-explore-crystalsNational Geographic Explore Crystals Kit satisfies the curiosity of youngsters with an interest in rocks and rock collecting. This kit includes ten geodes which break open to reveal gorgeous minerals. The learning guide is a perfect opportunity to work along with your child to discover and learn all about what geodes and minerals are. Parents will trust that the information their child is learning is accurate since National Geographic is such a trusted name and source. The kit has safety goggles included to protect your little one’s eyes when they are busy breaking open the geodes. In order to display their discoveries, the kit also comes with three display stands.

Best For Ages: 6–15

Price: $25

6. SmartLab Toys Ultimate Secret Formula Lab


SmartLab Toys Ultimate Secret Formula Lab provides hours of experimentation fun for kids to enjoy. If you are looking for science kits for kids which allow loads of hands-on activities, this is the kit for you. With over 40 different exciting experiments to test out, kids learn and have fun doing so. By using the included chemicals and a few common kitchen ingredients, kids can create things such as The Amazing Breathing Marshmallow. The set up is very professional looking, with beakers, test tubes, pH strips, a test tube holder and so much more. Kids will be thrilled by the realistic tools and the scientific results of their work.

Best For Ages: 8+

Approx. Price: $35

7. Science Wiz Inventions Kit


Science Wiz Inventions Kit is an easy to follow kit with colorful illustrations and instructions, which caters to all ages. Parents enjoy creating these scientific inventions as much as their children.  There are four inventions to create and test out, including the materials to do so. Because the book also mentions typical household objects, kids can invent things using things they find around the house too. Since we are in the age of technology, Science Wiz includes access to their online portal for purchasers.

Best For Ages: 8–80

Approx. Price: $20


Have you or your kids got a favorite science kit they are enthralled with? Let us know in the comments below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Chris Penny.

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