9 Snow Cone Machine Picks for the Perfect Summer Treat

A snow cone machine for kids is the ultimate way to get creative and cool down on a hot summer day. These shaved ice treats are fun and easy to make — it’s great for younger kids to make the best snow cone all by themselves! All you need to get making snow cones is a machine (or freshly fallen snow), a paper cone, and some flavored syrup. (Tip: You can even use common household ingredients, like juice mix, condensed milk, soda, an ice maker and real fruit) Snow cones are a versatile treat — with so many different flavors and combinations possible, they’re loved by both kids and grown-up “kids at heart.”

There are many products available that make snow cone machines for kids even more fun, like fancy ice crushing machines, silly straws, and colorful cone cups. We hope you brought your appetite: we’ve compiled a list of our favorite snow cone products below!

The Best Snow Cone Machine Picks

Nostalgia Snow Cone Maker
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Time for Treats Manual Snow Cone Machine
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ZENY Ice Shaver Machine
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Disney Olaf Snow Cone Maker
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Nostalgia 48-Inch Snow Cone Cart
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1. Best Home Snow Cone Machine: Nostalgia Snow Cone Maker

Nostalgia Snow Cone Maker

This old-fashioned, mini snow cone machine brings back memories of simple summer fun, like treat stands at a carnival or seaside pier. Manufacturer Nostalgia is well known for their whimsical appliances inspired by vintage designs, and this great machine is no exception. Small but mighty, the 18″ bestselling snow cone machine can make enough ice for up to twenty 8-ounce cones. It’s the perfect size for home use.  It fits easily on a countertop or roadside stand, and features a convenient shelf for holding cones while they’re being prepared. Includes 2 plastic cones and an ice scoop. If you need flavored syrups and additional cups for a party, upgrade to Nostalgia’s bundle package.

Top features:

  • Whimsical, vintage inspired design
  • BPA-free plastic and stainless steel blades


  • 13.5 x 10 x 17.5 inches
  • 20 8-ounce snow cone capacity
  • Includes 2 plastic cones, ice scoop
  • BPA-free plastic, stainless steel blades & safety switch

Best for: Mess-free snow cone preparation; carnival-themed parties.
Requires: Basic package does not include syrups or additional cups.

2.Fun Snow Cone Cups: Jelly Belly Silicone Cups & Straws

Jelly Belly Silicone Cups & Straws

Reusable snow cone cups are great for families who enjoy these icy treats all summer long. The sturdy silicone cones are BPA-free, and will help you reduce waste and avoid the mess that comes with soggy paper cups. The four cups hold 6 ounces each, and come in red, green, yellow and purple, with four yellow swirly straws. They’re recommended for use with the Jelly Belly ice shaver, but can be used with any snow cone machine.

Top features:

  • Vibrant colors and silly shaped straws
  • The silicone material is virtually stain-proof


  • Cones are top rack dishwasher safe, hand-wash straws
  • Includes four cones, four straws

Best for: Anyone who eats snow cones more than once per season!
Requires: Snow cone maker, ice cubes & syrup.

3. Great Snow Cone Ice Shaver Machine: Hawaiian Shaved Ice Party Package
Hawaiian Shaved Ice Party Package

Forget the piñata — this party snow cone set comes with everything you want and need for the “coolest” summer bash! The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine includes the best-selling home ice shaver, which can be adjusted to make fluffy or crunchy “snow” based on your preference. The secret is in the ice mold. Fill with water and freeze, then place inside the machine for a perfect snow cone, every time. There’s something for everyone: the syrups include blue raspberry, cherry and grape, and come with pour spouts for a mess-free pour. The pour spouts are also ideal for creating multi-flavored snow cones: use them to make three separate sections for a rainbow result.

Top features:

  • Puck-style ice molds ensure consistency
  • Shaver can be adjusted to make coarse, crunchy, or powdery ice


  • 9.75 x 14.5 x 7.75 inches
  • Includes ice shaver & ice molds; three syrups (cherry, blue raspberry, grape) and pour spouts, 25 paper cones, 25 spoon straws
  • Includes 1 year warranty

Best for: Making the perfect snow cone with every use.
Requires: Nothing but ice! This package has everything you need for an awesome summer party.

4. Hand-powered Ice Shaver Fun: Time for Treats Manual Snow Cone Machine

Time for Treats Manual Snow Cone Machine

Take your treats on the go with this manual ice shaver machine from Time for Treats. At just 12.5 inches tall, you can take the snow cone machine to the beach, the park, or anywhere! Does not require any batteries or outlet for operation. Just add ice and a bit of elbow grease, and you’ll have the perfect snow cone in just a few minutes. Kids will love using the hand crank to make their very own snow cone. Use the ice molds or regular ice, and adjust the machine to get your ice just right. Add syrup and voila!

Top features:

  • Portable design is great for travel and trips
  • Can be used with regular ice cubes or included ice molds
  • One of the most compact snow cone makers we’ve seen!


  • 6.8 x 8.2 x 12.5 inches
  • Includes manual ice shaver and molds
  • Hand crank

Best for: Portable snow cone making.
Requires: No batteries or outlet required. Does not include syrup or cups.

5. Kids Ice Cream Apron

This adorable ice cream apron will make using your snow cone machine even more exciting for kids. The handprinted designs are created by the SoEMMA shop on Etsy. The apron can be personalized with your child’s name, in a number of different fonts, in either blue and red, or pink and blue. You can even purchase a set — one for you, and one for your little one. Set up a roadside snow cone stand on a hot summer’s day and enjoy!

Top features:

  • Can be personalized with your child’s name, in a number of unique fonts
  • Choose from two different color combinations


  • Available in preschool, junior & adult sizes, or combo of adult and preschool or adult and junior
  • Natural color twill fabric with adjustable buckle neck tie

Best for: Making your kitchen assistants feel extra special!

6. ZENY Ice Shaver Machine

ZENY Ice Shaver Machine

ZENY’s industrial style ice shaver machine takes snow cone making to the next level. It’s made from anodized aluminum with a heavy cast base, which prevents rust and keeps the machine in place during use. The high powered machine can crush ice or frozen fruits in just minutes, without the use of an ice block mold. The bowl at the base of the machine rotates as the ice is crushed to prevent build-up and overflow from the side. Despite it’s serious crushing power, the machine is designed with safety features that stop it from operating when the arm is not engaged.

Top features:

  • Heavy duty construction can last a lifetime
  • Make a high volume of crushed ice in just minutes
  • Safety features to keep people out of harm’s way


  • 16.7 x 12.4 x 10.7 inches
  • Non-rust anodized aluminum casing and hopper
  • Safety features

Best for: Making snow cones (or other icy treats) for a large crowd.
Does not include syrup or cups.

7. For Disney Fanatics: Disney Olaf Snow Cone Maker

Disney Olaf Snow Cone Maker

Do you want to build a snowman?! You can at least build a delicious snow cone with this Disney-themed snow cone maker from the movie Frozen. Featuring the lovable character Olaf, this snow cone maker is sure to be a hit with younger children and fans of the film. It’s easy to use, with one-touch operation, so you can make it an interactive part of a Frozen-themed birthday party. Check out the product listing for flavor suggestions, like classic cherry-vanilla or unique additions like watermelon-basil or pickle juice. When you’re done making your snow cones, add the front panel back on to show off Olaf.

Top features:

  • Removable front panel
  • Easy, one-touch operation
  • Machine holds individual snow cone in place during use


  • 13 x 11 x 18.5 inches
  • Includes Olaf ice shaver, 2 ice molds, and 6 paper cone cups

Best for: Fans of Frozen…and frozen desserts!
Requires: Does not include syrup.

8. Perfect Stix Snow Cone Cup Kit

Perfect Stix Snow Cone Cup Kit

Expand your frozen dessert possibilities with these snow cone accessories from Perfect Stix. The set includes 50 cups, 50 spoon straws, and 54 candy spoons in a variety of different colors and flavors. While giving a bunch of kids at a birthday party extra sugar with their snow cone might seem crazy, they’ll be sure to love the unique candy spoons, which are made from a popsicle stick and a sweet coating. They are also recommended for use with ice cream and gelato.

Top features:

  • Unique candy spoons add extra flavor and sweetness to snow cones
  • Colorful designs


  • Includes 50 cups, 50 neon colored spoon straws, 54 candy spoons

Best for: Adding a little something extra to your snow cones.
Requires: Snow cone machine, ice, syrup.

9. Nostalgia 48-Inch Snow Cone Cart

Nostalgia 48-Inch Snow Cone Cart

Step right up to this carnival snow cone treat cart from Nostalgia. The brightly colored snow cone machine is a hit at birthday parties and community or school events. It’s a large capacity machine that can make up to 48 8-ounce snow cones at a time, just using regular ice cubes! The stainless steel blade is made to handle years of easy summer fun.

The cart is designed with bicycle wheels and a pull handle that make it easy to transport to and around your event. Prefer a more stationary option? The ice shaver component can be easily removed for countertop use. The cart also comes with an ice scoop, which can be stored (along with other snow cone supplies) in the handy compartment at the base. Combine this snow cone cart with other Nostalgia products to bring creative concessions to your next event!

Top features:

  • Large size and capacity is perfect for big events
  • Mobility: classic concession cart design with wheels and handle


  • 19.5 x 48 x 13.75 inches
  • Includes cart, snow cone machine, drip tray, ice scoop
  • Easy to assemble

Best for: Community carnivals and events; backyard parties.
Requires: Does not include syrup or cups.

[BONUS] DIY Homemade Snow Cones

These fresh fruit snow cones from Gemma Stafford, are a quick and easy way to do snow cones at home. Healthy, fun and full of fruit, these are a great way to get kids playing with nutritious ingredients in the kitchen.


Have a snow cone machine that is the best of the best? Let us know your recommendations in the comments below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, mealmakeovermoms.

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