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Minecraft is one of those rare games that both educators endorse and kids love to play. Maybe it’s the cubic heads, the flying pigs, or just the ability to create anything you want, it has hit the sweet spot between education and fun.

So, what is the best way to start playing Minecraft and take advantage of this wonderful exception to the ‘edutainment’ rule? Well, lucky for you there are a LOT of different options! Here are 17 of the most popular:

Minecraft Xbox 360Consoles

1. Minecraft Xbox 360

Designed specifically for the 360, Minecraft Xbox 360 edition is one of the best Minecraft experiences possible. With up to 8 players and split screen options, it’s a great way to play together.

2. Minecraft PS3

With rumour circulating around Minecraft for PS4 and PS Vita being available late next year, the PS3 version is available and ready to try. One of the best constructive games the console has to offer.



Minecraft Pocket Edition is the tablet/phone version of the popular game. Identical in gameplay and concept, the app is a great option for Minecrafting on the go.

Minecraft App3. iPad and iPhone App

4. Android

5. Kindle Fire



The original and the most flexible Minecraft experience, the game is supported on all major Operating Systems. At $26.95 USD (€19.95/£17.95) it is a very reasonable price for such an immersive game, but if cost is an issue and you are looking for Minecraft for your school or class, consider looking up education packages with minecraftedu.com.

6. Windows

7. Mac

8. Linux

9. Web Browser

A limited but free Minecraft experience that can be played from any modern browser.

10. Raspberry Pi

A free and experimental version of Minecraft for your Raspberry Pi.

11. Oculus Rift

Although it seems the project will go no further, the idea of playing the great game using Virtual Reality is still super cool!


Real World

Minecraft Book12. LEGO

A match made in heaven…. A video game about building with blocks is the perfect match for a toy for building with blocks.

13. Books

There are over 1,000 Minecraft related books currently listed on Amazon! That’s a lot to choose from. Here are some of the most popular:

Minecraft Paper14. Papercraft

A really cool and creative alternative to playing video games, this could be just the answer to getting your kids away from the screen.


15. Action figure

Another alternative to harness the creativity of Minecraft away from the computer.


Minecraft Ocelot16. Cuddly Cubes

Yep, just like Angry Birds, Minecraft has hit that video game tipping point where we want to cuddle the characters. With Baby OcelotsBaby Pigs and even everyone’s favourite Creeper, you can bet there’s something soft from the blocky world that your kids will love.


Minecraft Costume17. Face to face

And finally, perhaps the most impressive/unbelievable way to play Minecraft is as the characters themselves. Yes, you can put on your Steve Head and pop out to the shops, or dress in your favourite Creeper Hoodie for the next family get together. There certainly is no better way to show off your minecraft madness!


Are you playing Minecraft Xbox 360 or are you getting dressed up? Let us know how your are playing the game in the comments below.

Feature image courtesy of Flickr, post-apocalyptic research institute. Product images courtesy of Amazon.

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