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Close your eyes and just imagine the trees blooming, the birds singing, the smell of grass and —– all your students diligently working on your state testing booklets. Hmmm, the daydream turning to a nightmare does not have to be the case and this is the creative way that we found to help motivate students to have fun and get ready for testing.

On Twitter, I mentioned we were taking vocabulary words to get ready for our MAP test. Another teacher in my PLN mentioned that they had been creating words using Quizlet (iOS, Android). We had already used that program and so the students were ready to go.

We printed four different lists and they highlighted ten different words that they wanted to explain. But then they went one step further and provided examples. Everyone was interested in using different programs and apps. Some are more comfortable on the iPad, and another on the Chromebook. We have started using Edmodo and some wanted to use Blendspace.  The results are spectacular and we wanted to share them.


30 hands on the iPad



Play the game


The students showed each other their work and shared it with other classrooms.  Technology has opened so many new and exciting ways for students to show what they know.  So once again when it is time to close your eyes and imagine spring and especially spring testing, instead of nightmares, your daydream will be filled with flowers.


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, toolmantim.

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