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Many teachers need a solution for organizing their classrooms and cart small things, supplies, and heavy items between classrooms. Rolling carts for teachers are the best solution for an organized classroom, to store supplies, and to stay organized while transporting a combination of books, binders, toys, teaching materials, and small items between home and school.  

We researched for hours and constructed this list of the best rolling carts for teachers based on the teacher’s needs, type of classroom and layout, and how accessible the contents on the rolling cart should be to students. We included a teacher rolling cart for storage, a cart with locking wheels, rolling carts for organizing the classroom, a folding cart, and simple design but highly effective rolling carts for teachers. 

What Makes The Best Rolling Cart For Teachers + Why

The best rolling cart for teachers has the features and characteristics that suit the teacher’s needs, the classroom layout, and whether the cart will be stationary, moved from classroom to classroom, or portable for commuting between school and home. Consider these qualities when selecting a rolling cart for your needs. 

The best teacher cart layout organizes your teaching materials so that you can easily access what you need without having to rearrange the entire content. The cart for teachers should be large enough to hold everything but not too bulky; it should also have storage space for smaller items like pens and markers. 

Open shelves allow students to see what is on each shelf when using the rolling cart. However, a cart with a lid or zip keeps a teacher’s stuff private.

Carts with vertical drawers and shelves offer lots of storage but take up less floor space, ideal for small classrooms. Check the classroom layout and how close the desks are to each other; a bulky cart requires more room to maneuver inside the classroom. 

Preschool teachers and elementary school teachers would prefer an activity cart with bright colors and lots of baskets and bins easily accessible to students. The ideal utility cart for teaching older kids could be a rolling storage cart, carts with extra compartments to store art supplies, or a drawer rolling cart keeping the classroom organized and tidy. 

Teachers often cart books, binders, and heavy items; the rolling cart materials must be sturdy and durable to support the weight. Make sure the rolling cart construction will withstand daily use for years.

Quality wheels and an extendable handle require less effort to tote teaching materials from place to place. Low handles will affect your back; if the handles aren’t extendable, make sure it is the right height for your length. 

The rolling cart should be lightweight so that it doesn’t add to the weight; teaching supplies, especially books and binders, are heavy. Rolling carts with wheels push easier, and a collapsible rolling cart doesn’t take up much space when stored in the classroom, car trunk, or closet. The combination of lightweight and collapsible makes the rolling cart easy to transport from one classroom to another, from school to home, and to carry up a flight of stairs. 

When collapsed, a portable rolling cart must be small enough to fit in your car trunk, whereas a cart that stays in the classroom can be bulkier depending on the available floor space. Sometimes you need to compromise on the amount of storage for portability. 

Rolling carts for teachers feature different organization systems. The perfect cart for classroom use and student accessibility features multiple trays or bins for sorting items, open shelves for quick identity, and storage options. With two or four wheels, this type of cart for teachers can often only move back and forth within the classroom setup.

Rolling bags are sturdy with wheels and retractable handles to transport classroom supplies over long distances, perfect for commuting from home to school. The teaching bags on wheels feature a main compartment and extra storage compartments to organize different items. 

Classroom organizers support a weight capacity of 80 pounds and more. Baskets, bins, and shelves keep teaching supplies organized and easily accessible to students and the teacher. The cart is made from durable materials that withstand handling by students and various ways.

Transportation carts are constructed with lightweight materials, adjustable telescoping handles, and heavy-duty wheels for transporting the teaching materials over long distances. These types of carts generally come with multiple pockets, sleeves, and pouches for organizing the content; zippers and snap closures keep teaching materials secure when loading and unloading for transport. 

Best Rolling Carts For Teachers Compared

Seville Classics 10-Drawer Multipurpose Mobile Rolling Utility Storage Organizer
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ECRA4Kids ELR-20702 4-Tier Metal Rolling Utility Cart
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DESIGNA 3 -Tier Rolling Cart
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Great Rolling Carts For Teachers Reviewed

Best Overall Rolling Carts For Teachers: ECRA4Kids ELR-0549B MemoryStor Universal Rolling Cart And Organizer Bag Set

The ECRA4Kids MemoryStor Universal Rolling Cart with its telescoping handle is one of the best rolling carts for teachers who cart classroom supplies between classrooms and their home office. It functions as a rolling storage cart with over 30 storage compartments to stay organized, perfect for transporting supplies on a daily basis. 

When not in use, the rolling utility cart folds flat for easy storage in a closet or the trunk of the car, ready for multipurpose use like grocery shopping when not carting teaching supplies.  Folded flat, the teacher cart is barely three inches thick, taking up minimum space, fitting easily in small spaces, the car seat, closet, under the teacher’s desk, or against the classroom wall. 

An adjustable telescoping handle locks in three positions, adjusting to the teacher’s height; you can pull the rolling cart comfortably without straining your back. The retractable handle extends to 23 inches in height, and the locking mechanism keeps it in the extended position. 

The combination of a rolling cart and teacher bag ensures all your stuff is always with you and transported easily; a budget-friendly portable office. The rolling bag holds all your office supplies, books, files, craft supplies, binders, and pens to effortlessly take work home and not forget to bring the books or papers to class the next day. The saddlebag-style canvas cover features zippers and hook-and-loop closure to keep content safe, and the canvas material protects it from rain. 

The ECRA4Kids MemoryStor Universal Rolling Cart, with its ample storage space, and foldability is perfect for the average teacher on the move. The folding cart supports a weight capacity of 65 pounds. 

Best Rolling Carts For Small Classrooms: Seville Classics 10-Drawer Multipurpose Mobile Rolling Utility Storage Organizer

 The Seville Classics 10-Drawer Multipurpose Mobile Organizer, with its colorful design and vertical shelving space, is one of our favorite carts for small classrooms and tight spaces. The storage and small footprint maximize the vertical space, and the removable flat top tray keeps content secure during movement and functions as additional teaching space. 

 The 10-drawer cart features two polypropylene drawers in each color scheme, red, green, orange, violet, and blue. The drawer contents aren’t visible outside, making it private from prying eyes, but easy access for students and teachers. Easy to remove, the drawers slide unattached through metal channels for students to use at a desk and then to return to the organizer cart when done. The removable tray allows for the storage of large objects in the top drawer. 

With tall handles, it is easy to push and pull the classroom cart to the perfect spot during class or store it against the classroom wall or in a corner.  The four 1.5 inch casters make the cart moveable, and the two locking casters stop the cart and keep it stable in one spot.

The frame is industrial-strength tubular steel finished in chrome with flat handles, and the drawers are pearlescent opaque polypropylene with color-matched pull knobs. Measuring 13.63 x 9.5 x 2.6 inches inside, the drawers are deep enough to hold a ream of printer paper. The weight capacity of each drawer is 3.3 pounds, and the removable top shelf supports up to 16.5 pounds.  

The 10-drawer rolling carts offer ample space for classroom teachers to store art supplies, craft supplies, books, notepads, and other small items. Brighten the classroom, bedroom, or offices with colorful drawers or use the rainbow colors to color-code content. Although the 10-drawer cart offers plenty of space, teachers who need more or fewer drawers can opt for the 6-drawer, 8-drawer, or 15-drawer cart. If you prefer a more neutral tone than the brightly-colored cart, you can opt for the white, frost white, black, or grey colored rolling carts.  

Best Portable Rolling Cart For Teachers: Educational Insights Teacher Tote-All

 The two-toned Educational Insights Teacher Tote-All with easy-grip handles offers a bunch of storage space for carting materials between the school, the car, and home. With a lightweight construction, smooth-running wheels, collapsible handle, and folding features for easy storage, the two-wheeled collapsible handcart is a great choice for teachers. 

It is a budget-friendly option for carrying larger items and heavy loads, supporting a weight capacity of 77 pounds. A teacher can add their briefcase with the rest of the materials inside the transport box. Storage is a pleasure; the collapsable tote folds flat and measures 1.7 x 3.2 x 16.2 inches folded and fully opened, the tote measures 17 x 15.2 x 16.2 inches. 

Stock the collapsible rolling storage cart with cleaning supplies, teaching materials, groceries, or transform it into a collapsible shopping cart; the uses are endless. The retractable handles extend to 39.4 inches ensuring a good posture when pulling the cart; taller teachers will appreciate the cushioned handle that extends for their comfort. 

The duo-tone, yellow and blue color easily assembles into a cheerful cart carrying everything a teacher needs from day to day and more. 

Best Rolling Carts For Storing Classroom Supplies: ECRA4Kids ELR-20702 4-Tier Metal Rolling Utility Cart

 The ECRA4Kids 4-Tier Metal Rolling Utility Cart is the perfect rolling cart to organize items in the classroom, office, or any room in the house. With open shelves, students have easy access to the shelf content, perfect for arts and crafts. 

Although the shelves aren’t designed for larger items, they are height adjustable during assembly offering flexibility for storing various sized objects and materials. A plastic liner secures small items on the shelf, and the liner prevents accidentally spilled fluid like paint from dripping through to the other shelves below. Each shelf has a weight capacity of 20 pounds offering the flexibility of storing small items and heavy books or papers. 

The vertical storage design and the smooth running four-casters make it easy to push the cart in the corner and pull it forward when needed. Two locking casters secure the rolling cart in one place, preventing it from moving when students are selecting or replacing items. 

The rolling cart is sturdy and withstands everyday use, made from a powdered coated alloy steel frame and shelves. The construction materials are certified and safety tested, and the anti-rust finish ensures longevity. 

The rolling cart with its organizing possibilities, locked wheels to keep it in one place, the heavy-duty capacity of 20 pounds per shelf, and adjustable shelf height for storing various sized items, make it an excellent choice for a teacher who prefers everything in one place. Its effortless mobility and small footprint make it perfect for the classroom, hallway, bathroom, and tight spaces. 

Best Rolling Carts For Online Teachers: DESIGNA 3 -Tier Rolling Cart

The multi-use DESIGNA 3-Tier Rolling Cart is an awesome rolling cart for an online teacher and a teacher with limited working space. The stylish, well-designed rolling cart with locking wheels has everything close at hand and organized so that the teacher can focus on the video lesson. The functionality works great for a virtual or physical classroom. 

The compact design stores surprisingly a lot of stuff, your entire office on wheels. The 3-tier utility cart’s sturdy construction will last teachers for years. Each shelf supports up to 20 pounds and measures 16 x 11.94 x 3.37 inches for optimal storage. 

Three storage accessories organize small objects for easy access and keep them separate from larger items. One is perfect as a pen holder and the other two to store stationery supplies. The peg side panel is ideal for attaching these storage accessories, out of the way but close at hand. Another excellent feature is the round magnet box for storing small office supplies like paperclips. 

Four heavy-duty casters with two locking wheels move the cart effortlessly and lock it securely in one place, even against a slope. The utility cart is constructed from thick metal, creating a solid frame, and the bright finishes won’t chip or rust. The utility cart surface is finished with high-temperature paint with no smell, non-toxic, and the anti-rust features shield against damp environments like a laundry room. 

The big challenge is deciding where you want to use it; it’s one of the best rolling carts for the virtual classroom,  school, office, kitchen, bathroom, pantry, laundry, kids toys, or a medical cart; the possibilities are endless. The heavy-duty DESIGNA 3-Tier Rolling Cart is one of the most stylish, functional utility carts to store and organize all the teaching materials for day-to-day use. 

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