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The Kiwico and Lovevery subscription boxes make it easy for new parents to select fun toys and help their babies through their development stages. Thoughtfully designed, the kits contain science-based quality toys and activities that are every bit as fun as it’s educational value. Parents don’t have to spend time researching what is the best developmentally appropriate toys or go shopping in search of the best stuff for their precious baby. Honestly, it is more fun to receive a kit in the mail and bonding with your child than spending that time searching for a perfect toy.

Both KiwiCo’s Panda crate and Loveverly’s kit are specially designed for your child’s learning stages. The parent guide gives ideas on different ways to use and play with the toys, and your kiddo will come up with their independent play ideas.

A subscription box is a fun gift for your little one, but which one is the best Kiwico’s Panda box or Lovevery’s Baby Play Kit? We compared Kiwico vs. Lovevery to help you decide which one is best for your baby.

Quick Comparison of KiwiCo vs. Lovevery Range


A wide range of kits to meet all interests. You’ll find something for every child from aged 0 to 18.

  • Wide Range of Subjects To Choose From
  • Individual Kits Available
  • Products For All Ages​
  • 3 – 5 activities and toys per crate

Created to support your child’s advancement and development in the important early years.

  • Subscriptions Shaped Based on Age
  • Individual Courses and Playthings Available
  • Focus On Preschool Children​
  • 8 – 11 toys and projects per box

What is in a Great Toddler or Early Years Activity Crate?

A toddler or early years activity crate is an age-appropriate subscription box with stimulating toys and activities for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. The toy subscription services feature toys and fun learning activities to develop and strengthen child development. 

Early year activity boxes come with at least four toys and a parent guide with valuable information for parents about their child’s developmental stage and how they can engage with their kids using the toys in the crates. The box content is generally based on scientific research for early childhood development. 

The subscription packages vary from company to company, but generally, parents have an option of a month, quarterly, six-month, and annual subscriptions. Most toddler activity boxes are also available as a gift purchase. 

Lovevery Kits: Great Montessori Crates

Lovevery is a certified B corporation, and its sustainability efforts are noteworthy. They use recyclable packaging, and product materials include handcrafted felt, 100% organic cotton, 100% FSC-certified sourced wood, recycled paper, soy-based ink, bio-based plastics, and water-based paint and finishes. The products are not only environment friendly but kid-safe too. 

How Do Lovevery Subscriptions Work?

The Lovevery subscription program delivers stage-based play products to your door every two months for the Baby Play Kit and the Toddler Play Kit quarterly. Lovevery Play Kits are based on the child’s birth date to secure your baby gets the suitable kit for their developmental stage. To ensure the first box is within your child’s age range, you include the baby’s birth date when you subscribe.

Subscriptions last until you cancel your auto-renewing subscriptions, or Lovevery no longer offers products for your child’s age. Prices can change, but currently the pricing is as follows: Up to one year of age, the Baby Play Kit subscription costs $80 per Play Kit and the Toddler Play Kit $120 per Play Kit. Broken down, both play kits cost the same when calculated monthly.  

Recurring prepaid subscriptions are deducted from your credit card when the Lovevery box is shipped.

Lovevery Crate Reviews

With over 2132 reviews on the Lovevery website alone, parents give the activity boxes five-star reviews. Although the boxes are more costly than other subscription boxes, the quality and number of items in each subscription box make it excellent value for the price. 

What’s Included In The Lovevery Play Kits?

Baby Play Kit (0-12 Months)

The Baby Play Kits age range is from birth to 12 months of age. Each subscription box focuses on the next two months of age until the baby reaches one year old. The age-appropriate toys encourage babies to develop and strengthen the skills for that development stage. The subscription boxes are filled with enough unique Lovevery toys and activities to keep your little one busy for two months and beyond.

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  • The Looker Play Kit (0-12 Weeks) centers on the newborn’s sensitivity to light and sound. With high-contrast images and black and white sensory mittens, the Lovevery baby subscription box helps build new brain connections.
  • The Charmer Play Kit (3-4 Months) design inspires babies to explore with their eyes, mouth, and hands. The toys help babies practice both sides of the brain, develop speech and oral motor strength, and encourage social awareness. 
  • The Senser Play Kit (5-6 Months) helps babies investigate their world and encourages them to inspect objects closer. These toys help strengthen and develop fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and language skills. 
  • The Inspector Play Kit (7-8 Months) offers texture toys and toys for stacking, nesting, and exploring object permanence. The toy subscription box includes a first puzzle for problem-solving and fine motor skills. 
  • The Explorer Play Kit (9-10 Months) design focuses on developing coordination on both sides of the body and helps babies experiment with gravity and balance. The board book begins to build emotional intelligence. 
  • The Thinker Play Kit (11-12 Months) encourages babies to define and organize information as they understand concepts at a deeper level. The Thinker boxes for babies include toys for problem-solving,  organic cotton baby dolls for pretend play,  exploring opposites, and helping develop hand strength. 

Lovevery Toddler Play Kits (Ages 13-36 Months)

The Lovevery Play Kits for toddlers start at 13 months of age to 4 years. Each toy subscription box focuses on the next three months of the child development stages. The 3-monthly box contains enough toys and activities to keep your toddler busy until the next package arrives and beyond.

Is the Lovevery Subscription Specifically Worth the Money

Although Lovevery kits seem expensive compared to KiwiCo and other toy subscription services, the quality is excellent. The toys, books, and other items are high quality, and kids continue playing with the toys, creating innovative usage for them, and combining items in different crates. You won’t need to buy new toys; the subscription boxes are sufficient.

One reviewer made a price comparison comparing the items in the Lovevery vs. KiwiCo subscription boxes and creating similar boxes paying retail prices. When calculating the cost per toy and the value of the box content, he concluded that the Loveverly and KiwiCo boxes were cheaper than creating your own box. 

KiwiCo Boxes and Crates

The KiwiCo Panda Crate and the Koala Crate are in the same age range as the Lovevery subscription boxes. The KiwiCo Panda crate targets babies to two-year-old toddlers, and the Koala crate focuses on toddlers to four-year-old children.  

KiwiCo Subscription Box Reviews

On the KiwiCo website, 29,941 review gives them a 4.7 score. Over 73% of the reviewers gave the KiwiCo crates five stars.  We have a great page with all of our KiwiCo reviews from years of testing – check it out.

What’s Included In The KiwiCo Panda Crate Learning Subscription?

Like Lovevery Play Kits, KiwiCo Crates are also hands-on projects and science-based for early childhood development stages. The crates are also based on the baby’s age, considering the child’s birth date, and the Panda Crates filled with Kiwico toys ship every two months. 

For an in-depth Panda Crate review, visit our Panda Crate review. 

KiwiCo Panda Crates (0-24 Months Of Age)

  • Bond With Me (0-2 Months) helps newborns explore their world, develop core strength, and cognitive skills in a safe and secure bonding environment. 
  • Sense With Me (3-6 Months) engages your baby’s senses, helping them to discover and make connections with fun products the baby can grab, listen to, chew on, watch, and smell. 
  • Explore With Me (7-12 Months) stimulates babies to explore their environment with pull and play activities, develop spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, and hand-eye coordination. 
  • Count WIth Me (13-18-Month-Olds) includes activities and toys that help develop a sense for numbers and lay the foundation for math principles. 
  • Solve WIth Me (19-24 Months) offers puzzles to solve, toys, and activities to sharpen your child’s shape recognition, math, fine motor skills, and build memory. 

KiwiCo Crates for Toddler and Older Children

Unlike Lovevery Montessori boxes, Kiwi Crates appropriate age range from birth to teenagers. Crates for older kids are based on age and interests. 

  • Panda Crate 0-24 months: Explore and Discover
  • Koala Crate ages 2-4 years: Play and Learn
  • Kiwi Crate ages 5-8 years: Science, Art, and More
  • Atlas Crate ages 6-11 years: Geography and Culture
  • Yummy Crate ages 6-14 years: Science of Cooking
  • Doodle Crate ages 14+ years: Create and Craft
  • Tinker Crate ages 9-16+ years: Science and Engineering
  • Maker Crate ages 14+ years: Art and Design
  • Eureka Crate ages 14- years: Engineering and Design

Lovevery vs. Kiwico Boxes and Crates Compared

Both, KiwiCo’s Panda Crate and Lovevery subscription boxes for babies to toddlers age range deliver a new box every two months to your home.  However, the Lovevery toddler boxes come quarterly, whereas the KiwiCo Koala crate delivers one per month.

KiwiCo crates covers a wide range of age subscription boxes from babies to teenagers, whereas Lovevery focuses on babies and toddlers (0-3 years).  

KiwiCo gives specials, offers discount codes, and bulk discounts; it’s good to check the KiwiCo website from time to time to see the latest specials. You get the first month free with a 6-month subscription and annual subscription. Schools and groups get 15% off the price when purchasing 25 or more crates. The Lovevery toy subscription services don’t offer promo codes, discounts, or deals. However, you can save up to 10% by prepaying for your Loververy Play Kit subscriptions.

Currently in 2022, KiwiCo Crates price starts at $18.95, whereas Lovevery Play Kits for babies cost $80 per box. This may change in the future. The price difference is wide – but Lovevery does make up for it with a better quality toy. That’s not to say Kiwi Co crates aren’t great – but they aren’t designed to last years like Lovevery products.

Both subscription boxes for kids offer value-for-money toys, books, activities, and step-by-step instructions. Children will play with the toys long after their age-appropriate date. However, KiwiCo crates, especially for older kids, are more craft orientated. 

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Which is Better KiwiCo or Lovevery?

Both, KiwiCo and Lovvery subscription boxes are worth it; it all depends on your preferences and budget. KiwiCo Crates are less expensive, but you don’t know where the materials are sourced from. Lovevery is more costly compared to KiwiCo, but they promote sustainability and pride themselves on ethical sourcing.

For busy parents, it’s more time-saving to subscribe to the KiwCo subscription boxes and receive the crate every two months. Lovevery crates offer more control because you can pick the crate. You can see exactly what the next crate contains on the website, whereas the KiwiCo website shows examples of sample boxes.

Which subscription boxes do you prefer, KiwiCo, Lovevery, or both?

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