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The National Geographic Society was founded in 1888 “to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge“. Its mission, to inspire, illuminate and teach is a very noble cause, and a cause that few National Geographic Channel viewers would be aware of. Staying true to its founding principles National Geographic has embraced digital extremely well and in turn provides a huge set of versatile and engaging resources that can be used to inspire, illuminate and teach students about the world around them.

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A Quick Look


In Practice

1. Ideas, activities and lessons

The education arm of National Geographic houses hundreds of digital teaching resources ranging from pdf educator guides to full blown lessons plans. Resources are categorized into grade suitability and are searchable based on audience (educators, families, students) and individual subject.

2. Five thousand plus amazing videos

With one of the largest video collections on YouTube, the National Geographic channel is a go to source for high quality, HD video on nearly every topic under the sun. Videos vary from short extracts through to full length documentaries. It’s also worth checking out National Geographic Kids for younger students.

3. The best photography in the world

Famous for some of the world’s most iconic photographs, National Geographic continues to publish breathtaking images from the world’s most remarkable locations. Whether you are looking for images to inspire your class or a little daily serenity yourself, the National Geographics Instagram feed delivers a non-stop stream of beauty and awe.

4. Online games and apps

As well as static digital resources, National Geographic also develops a number of interactive resources you can use with your students. There are games challenging science and engineering, learning about animals through to vocabulary and family fun. There are also a number of national Geographic Apps available for both iOS and Android.

5. This day in geographic history

If you are looking for a way to begin integrating these resources or just looking for a little regular trivia and general knowledge, National Geographic has resources created for each day of the calendar year. Try starting your class’s morning with a little fact about the day or have students see what geographic events occurred on their birthday.


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Feature image courtesy of Flickr, MIKI Yoshihito.

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