Tech Savvy Teacher

Are you a plugged-in, twittering ed-tech expert, or a terrified technophobe with a dusty blackboard? If you think you’re brave enough to find out, test yourself against these top ten signs you’re a tech savvy teacher…how many will you tick?!

You’re a Tech Savvy Teacher If…

1. You think PowerPoint is as outdated as flared trousers and lava lamps – your idea of a fantastic slideshow involves moving images, embedded audio and a zooming overview of the whole presentation. No speech you give is complete without Prezi or Sliderocket and you leave your students cheering for more!

2. Games belong inside your classroom not out. Playground? What playground? Your pupils are learning about running their own company with SimCEO or even creating their own online games using Sploder.

3. You don’t own a single book…because you’ve upgraded to the world of online textbooks and e-books! From perusing ancient texts on Project Gutenberg to finding free textbooks at Flat World Knowledge, your reading is exclusively carried out online.

4. You’ve been blogging since everyone else still thought a blog roll was a type of toilet paper and your class blog on global learning community ePals gets thousands of hits per week.

5. Your class routinely visits the Sahara Desert, the Rocky Mountains and the Arctic Circle…no, you’re not a billionaire, nor the master of health and safety forms; you just take your students on incredible virtual field trips using Google Earth, Opentopia and Gigapan.

6. Your dropbox is your castle. You use it to store files from worksheets to collected assignments and its security is paramount to your teaching reign!

7. You teach all over the world without ever leaving your classroom. Using tools like Collaborize Classroom and Think Quest, you collaborate with students on education projects worldwide.

8. You can’t remember what a dictionary looks like. Why would you need one, when you’ve been using online tools like Visual Dictionary to enhance the experience of learning new definitions for years?

9. Your students are all published authors. Because you use fantastic online publishing platforms like Tween Tribune, Bitstrips and Mixbook to get them creating lasting projects they can be proud of, from news articles to stories to comic strips.

10. You’re the best connected teacher in your school. With online teaching communities like Edutopia at your fingertips, you’ve always got the scoop on the latest news, technology and resources before anyone else.


What makes you a tech savvy teacher? Share your favourite resources with other educators and let us know what we’re missing using the comments box below!


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  1. Great article!
    Most teachers are very far behind in using technogy in their classrooms on a daily basis.
    The trouble is not that there are no tools, but that teachers haven’t been introduced to them in a way that will make their jobs easier.

  2. I don’t believe that teachers need more professional development, teachers should want to be fluent in using technology, gaining strategies, and using techniques to make them teachers. Therefore there should be no professional development.

  3. I’d say that professional development is needed – but it must be in a way that is meaningful and relevant to the teacher. It must improve how they teach, or else it will be ignored. IMO, the best way to do that, is by getting other teachers to share and inspire their experiences and tips. And, not online – but in person, by visiting each other’s classrooms, or Teach Meets (or similar).

  4. “3. You don’t own a single book…because you’ve upgraded to the world of online textbooks and e-books! From perusing ancient texts on Project Gutenberg to finding free textbooks at Flat World Knowledge, your reading is exclusively carried out online.”

    I don’t think so. I like technology like anybody else. I spend my working hours infront of a screen. When not working, I really don’t feel like doing recreational reading from one, too. I’ve tried it before and it isn’t for me.

    1. I agree. It is hard to get relaxed when sitting in front of a screen. Particularly if that is where you spend a lot of the working day.

      Have you tried an e-reader (Kindle, etc.)? Have to say, I was reluctant for years, as I love a paper book, but since converting I would have a hard time going back.

      Thanks for the comment.

  5. This is not being a tech savvy teacher this describes a teacher from another more advanced planet.

  6. The kids are slready tech savy and using these types of resources and tools. A teacher will never keep students attention or earn their respect if they don’t stay ahead of the kids.

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