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The perfect teacher desk is the desk that works best for you; it complements the grade you teach, your teaching style, and the classroom furniture. Some teachers prefer sitting at a traditional desk while others like a standing desk. 

 After spending hours researching the best desks for teachers, our editor’s pick is the Lorell Double Pedestal desk. It is a sturdy desk with lots of storage and work surface, teachers can lock away items, and the value is excellent for the price. Our list includes traditional teacher desk alternatives like ergonomic standing desks, mobile carts, and desk converters. We also listed teacher desks that accommodate multiple monitors and desks in a variety of styles and colors. 

What Makes A Great Teacher Desk + Why

When buying the ideal teacher’s desk, you want to consider the teacher’s teaching style, classroom layout, and how the desk is used. Here are some features to consider.

The material and design of the teacher desks should be sturdy; you don’t want the desk to shake while presenting a class. Neither should the teachers’ desk collapse with expensive equipment on it nor scatter small items everywhere. Adjustable desks should be sturdy at all adjustment heights. 

Consider the desk size, the available floor space, and the placement of the teacher desk in the classroom. Does the desk size and shape complement the classroom setup and your teaching style? 

The desk size determines the surface area. Some teacher desks offer a good amount of working surface without taking up too much floor space. Is there enough free surface space to work from after placing the essential items on the desktop? 

Do you need to store items at the teachers’ desk, or is the storage space in the classroom sufficient? 

Check out the safety features if teaching younger classes; avoid teacher desks with sharp corners. Does the desk offer a drawer or shelf to keep unsafe items out of young, curious students’ reach?

If you need to lock items away, then consider teacher desks with lockable drawers. Alternatively, use other lockable storage items in the classroom.  

Know how much you want to spend and find the best teacher desk at that price. Compare the value for the price.

What kind of warranty does the manufacturer offer? Some teacher desks come with a one-year warranty, and others with a lifetime limited warranty. Consider the warranty and price; if the price is high, you want a decent warranty on your investment. A manufacturer’s warranty can be requested if not easily found on their website.

Best Desks For Teachers Compared

Lorell Doube Pedestal Desk
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Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk
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Lorell Fortress Series Walnut Top Teacher’s Pedestal Desk
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Stand Steady Tranzendesk 55 Inch Standing Desk
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Sew Ready Charcoal/White 27″ H 3-Drawer Mobile Storage Organizer Cart
Lowest Price
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Top Teacher Desks Reviewed

Editor’s Choice: Lorell Doube Pedestal Desk

The Lorell Double Pedestal Desk is our editor’s pick because the teacher desk looks professional, is sturdy and durable, with a large desk surface, two pedestals with storage for files and smaller items, and a lockable drawer. The simple design should complement any grade-level classroom, business, or government office.  

Made for years of daily use, the high-performance steel construction has a double frame, reinforced inner structure. The pedestal desk design features an inch thick laminate desk surface that is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant. The steel and laminate materials clean easily. 

The teacher desk is part of the Lorell Fortress Series and comes in three colors. The black walnut, mahogany, and putty-oak desk color options offer flexibility for light to dark decor. A modesty panel allows teachers to sit comfortably behind the desk, and the three-quarter height provides room to stretch legs. 

With ample storage, teachers can have classroom supplies and files on hand. The double-pedestal teacher desk has two drawers on each side and a lockable center drawer with a core-removable lock. Two drawers are file drawers that hold letter-size files. The drawers feature full-extension, ball-bearing slides, and full-width integrated drawer pull. 

The teacher desk fits easily in a classroom with its rectangular shape, and the 24 x 30.8 x 60 inches dimensions don’t take up too much floor space.  It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Best L-Shaped Adjustable Desk For Comfort: SHW 55-Inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Computer L-Shaped Desk

The SHW Electric Height Adjustable L-Shaped teacher’s desk is the type of desk a teacher can sit or stand at the entire day. It blends well with school classroom furniture, fits in corners, and accommodates electronics. 

Designed for comfort, the L-shaped desk adjusts for sitting and standing positions, allowing teachers to alternate back and leg muscles between sitting and standing positions. It also offers alternating teaching styles—the desk legs transition from sitting to standing height using telescopic adjustment. A fully motorized lift system adapts from 28 inches for sitting to 45 inches for standing. 

The L-shape supports the arm comfortably in a natural position when working on the laptop or keeping the arm in a resting place. Teachers are more comfortable, and the shape and height adjustment offers flexibility in the school classroom; it may even contribute to classroom management styles and student behavior. 

The teacher stands within a comfortable curve, like a kidney table. Unlike a kidney table, the other two sides are straight to fit in a corner. If the class uses a kidney table for students’ activities, this desk will blend in with the classroom furniture.

No messy cables or wires on the desk. Grommets keep the desk tidy and organized, and the under-table management basket holds the wires. Floors in K-12 schools, at home, or in the office aren’t always a flat surface; the screw-in leveling glide stabilizes and levels the desk as if standing on a flat surface. 

The L-shaped corner desk is an excellent pick for the school classroom at an affordable price and has five color options. The desk has a one-year limited warranty. 

Best Teacher Desks For A Computer Tower: Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk

The Sauder Edge Water Computer desk with its computer tower cabinet is an excellent pick for teachers who work with a desk computer. The rectangle-shaped, double pedestal teacher desk also features storage drawers, a slide-out shelf, and enough desktop space.

With the dedicated cabinet to the left, a vertical computer tower stores neatly inside; teachers don’t have to find space or give up legroom for it, and the tower is out of sight. Teachers with laptops can use the left pedestal cabinet for extra storage, adjusting the shelf for taller items. The adjustable shelf adapts to the computer tower height, optimizing the rest of the space in the cabinet. 

The right pedestal has two drawers with metal runners and safety stops. Store the European size or letter-size hanging files in the lower drawer. In the center is the flip-down molding shelf for the keyboard and mouse; the shelf also has metal runners and safety stops. 

Sauder is an American company that manufactures sustainable products; the teacher desk materials are engineered wood with a laminated finish. The Estate black finish with its solid wood accents looks professional and is easy to clean without damaging the wood. The classic design teacher desk measures 59 x 23.25 x 29 inches, comes with a modesty panel, a spacious tabletop, and the affordable price makes it perfect for the school classroom, a home office, or business. Sauder products come with a limited warranty for five years against defects in materials or workmanship. 

Best Desk Converter For Dual Monitors: Flexispot Standing Desk Converter

The Flexispot Standing Desk Converter is one of the best teacher desk alternatives for teachers. The desk riser transforms a teachers’ desk into a standing desk with ample workspace; the two-tier design accommodates two monitors, a laptop, and a keyboard. 

The desk-converter rises vertically and doesn’t require a different footprint to change up and down. A single hand control situated on the right side easily adjusts the height between 4.7 inches and 19.7 inches. The integrated air technology with the gas spring hovering system and innovative X-lift structure ensures a safe and smooth transition when raising or lowering the desktop. 

Two monitors comfortably fit on the thirty-five-inch tabletop space, and any size keyboard should fit on the oversized u-shaped keyboard tray with enough room for the mouse. An easy one-step attachment and quick release allow teachers to use the desk riser with or without the keyboard tray. Using the space for other items gives teachers more flexibility in adapting to different topics and teaching styles.

The installed rubber on the frame and keyboard tray protects the base instructor desk from scuffs and scratches. The waterproof surface cleanses efficiently. The Flexispot Standing Desk Converter comes with a 30-day risk-free guarantee and a 5-year warranty.  

Best Traditional Desk For Preschool & Kindergarten: Lorell Fortress Series Walnut Top Teacher’s Pedestal Desk

The Lorell Fortress Series Walnut Top Teacher’s Desk, with its rounded corners, is an excellent choice for preschool, kindergarten, and school classrooms where safety is essential. The rounded corners are safe for young children; they won’t hurt themselves when accidentally bumping into the desk. Teachers will also appreciate the rounded corners; even adults get bruises from walking into sharp edges. 

The professional-looking teachers’ desk is practical and functional, with lots of storage space, desktop surface area, and a modesty panel. The double-pedestal desk offers four drawers, two on each side. Each pedestal features a file drawer for letter-size files. Drawers lock to secure school supplies and open and close with full-extension ball-bearing slides and full-width, integrated drawer pulls. The locking center drawer features a core-removable lock to secure valuable items.  

Student desks and teacher desks must withstand rigorous use for years and years. The Lorell Fortress Series double-pedestal teacher desks are sturdy, constructed from high-performance steel with reinforced, double-frame structures. The laminated surfaces are scratch-, water-, and stain-resistant. With its black walnut finish, the traditional desk meets or exceeds ANSI/BIFMA standards and is Greenguard certified. The manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service. 

Best Standing Desk For Tall Teachers: Stand Steady Tranzendesk 55 Inch Standing Desk

The new and improved Tranzendesk standing desk is an ergonomic solution for tall teachers and teachers who need lots of desktop space. The height-adjustable sit-to-stand desk is also perfect for online teaching. 

With an adjustable crank, the teacher can transition the desk for sitting to standing positions throughout the day; the crank fits on both sides and doesn’t limit placing the desk or a teacher’s preference to being left or right-handed. Turn the crank to the perfect height and adjust the teacher desk to 46 inches; the full-size standing desk is 55 inches.

Teachers who use multiple items on their desk, from monitors, laptops to accessories, will appreciate the spacious nine square feet desktop surface. There is ample room for all the items and working space for the teacher. Supporting up to 70 pounds, the heavy-duty desk can handle a double or triple monitor setup. A strong steel base, telescoping legs, and leveling feet ensure a sturdy desk that stays steady at different heights. 

The modern design with its minimalistic black frame looks great in the classroom, business, or working from home. A matte finish and rounded corners make it safe for classrooms with young kids. The ergonomic desk comes with a one-year warranty. 

Best Teacher Desk Alternatives For Mobile Workstation: Sew Ready Charcoal/White 27″ H 3-Drawer Mobile Storage Organizer Cart

The Sew Ready Mobile Storage Organizer Cart is one of the best teacher desk alternatives for teachers moving away from the traditional desk. The office cart has a dual function; it is perfect as a mobile workstation, and the drawers offer storage. The small footprint is ideal for small spaces in classrooms. 

Each cart features two pull-out drawers and one large bottom drawer. Metal framed labels help the teacher identify the drawer content. However, if the teacher needs more storage to minimize clutter, they have the option to add another office cart or as many as they need. They can easily buy four or more products before the price becomes comparable to the cost of a teacher’s desk. With the option of 3-drawers, 4-drawers, or no-drawers, a teacher can store all their content and have clean desktops.

The powder-coated steel frame with four casters wheels is sturdy and durable. The lockability feature ensures the mobile workstation doesn’t move around while in use. The wheels steer the carts effortlessly into empty spaces for storage or accompany the teacher in the classroom. 

The mobile organizer cart is an excellent solution for an elementary school teacher who wants school supplies at hand and has a specific teaching style that doesn’t require a traditional desk. 

What type of desk do you prefer when teaching your students?

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