Keep Your Tots’ Toys in Order with These 7 Little Tikes Toy Box Options

Toys are both a blessing and a curse. Play is an essential part of learning and childhood, but no one knows pain like a parent who has just stepped on the wrong side of a loose Lego. With every new “must-have” toy on the market, that collection continues to grow. Perhaps your child’s toys are neatly stored in a play room, or maybe they’ve taken over every corner of your living space. No matter how you’re currently handling a potential “toy overload,” you may find that a new toy chest is a welcome addition to your organizational arsenal. Check out some of our favorite practical and unique toy chests below!

7 Toy Chest Storage Solutions To Manage The Mess

Tot Tutors Toy Storage Organizer
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Disney Minnie Mouse Deluxe Toy Chest
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Sauder Pogo Bookcase & Footboard
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Jumbo Toy Hammock
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Little Tykes Primary Colors Toy Chest
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Ninja Turtles Multi-Bin Toy Organizer
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1. Tot Tutors Toy Storage Organizer

If you’re looking for the ultimate organizational solution for all of those small-parts toys, then look no further than the Tot Tutors Toy Storage Organizer. At 31″ by 34″ inches, this storage unit allows you to organize toys by type, color, size—you name it! It comes with twelve storage bins (four large, eight small) that can easily be removed from the rack for easy play and clean-up time. The unit is available in five color collections (primary, pastel, espresso, summit, and friends) so you can find a unit that fits any playroom theme.

Dimensions: 34 x 11 x 31 inches

2. Disney Minnie Mouse Deluxe Toy Chest

Is your little one a Disney fan? Then consider the Minnie Mouse Deluxe Toy Box to store all of their Disney-themed toys. Recommended for children ages 3-8, it’s designed to meet the challenges of childhood with safety features and a scratch-resistant surface. The bright, graphic design covers every visible surface of the chest, with bows, hearts and Minnies galore! Cutout handles on both sides make it easy for you to carry the box when playtime relocates to another room. Manufacturer Delta Children also offers four other designs to choose from: Princess, Dora, Cars, and Mickey Mouse.

Dimensions: 23.5 x 14.5 x 21.5 inches

3. Sauder Pogo Bookcase & Footboard

The Sauder Pogo Bookcase & Footboard elevates the average toy chest to an elegant and versatile piece of bedroom furniture. The bookcase/toy chest doubles as a footboard and has plenty of storage for all of your child’s most beloved playthings and bedtime stories. The 32″ x 41″ chest is available in a soft white or oak finish. Adorable ID tags allow you to customize and personalize this unique storage solution.

Dimensions: 41.1 x 15.5 x 32.8 inches

4. Jumbo Toy Hammock

Is your child’s bedroom turning into a stuffed animal menagerie? With this Jumbo Toy Hammock, you’ll be able to wrangle all of your child’s plush animals from their bed, the couch, and anywhere else they may have escaped! This hammock-style solution frees up space on the floor for other furniture, and stretches to accommodate even the largest toy animal collection (up to twenty pounds)! The hammock includes dry wall anchors and hooked screws for quick assembly.

Bonus tip: Turn clean-up time into a game. How quick can your child throw all of their stuffed animals into the hammock?

Dimensions: 72 x 48 x 48 inches

5. Little Tykes Primary Colors Toy Chest

Large, sturdy and colorful, the Little Tykes Primary Colors Toy Chest puts all of your children’s toys right at their fingertips. This easy open-and-close model will hide toys from view while remaining accessible to little hands. The chest offers six cubic feet of storage, with two trays underneath the chest to store smaller, easy-to-lose toys. The lid can’t snap closed, so adventurous kids can climb in and out of the chest without getting stuck inside. Fans of the product describe it as “very durable” and “easy to clean.”

Dimensions: 23.2 x 38.4 x 22 inches

6. Folding Storage Ottoman

Looking for a toy chest that’s a bit more inconspicuous? The Folding Storage Ottoman will blend perfectly in a living room space that often doubles as a playroom. Store or hide toys, blankets, books and more inside. Close it up, and the box turns into extra seating or a comfy footrest. The compact, foldable design is easy to assemble and breakdown—simply expand or collapse! The faux leather finish is easy to wipe down and provides an elegant alternative to cloth or plastic storage solutions. SONGMICS offers the ottoman in beige, brown, and black–and for the more adventurous decorator: neon green!

Dimensions: 43.3 x 15 x 15 inches

7. Ninja Turtles Multi-Bin Toy Organizer

Heroes in a half shell! This Ninja Turtles Multi-Bin Toy Organizer will encourage any TMNT fan to participate at clean-up time. Designed for children ages 3-6, the unit stands at just over 2 feet tall and will help “morph a messy room into a clutter-free zone!” The graphic, primary design features Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello in action, and some favorite phrases from the series. The organizer includes six wood and fabric bins of various sizes, so you can store all of your favorite toys from big to small. Delta Children offers many other designs, including, Frozen, PAW Patrol, Spongebob Squarepants, Sesame Street, Hello Kitty, Spider-Man and more!

Dimensions: 26.6 x 7.3 x 14.4 inches


Let us know if you’ve found any quirky and practical toy chest or toy storage solutions for a bed- or playroom!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, donnierayjones.

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