Putting together a list of 10 Inspirational Student Blogs recently was such an eye-opener to the fantastic ways students are using the internet, I couldn’t resist delving deeper and checking out some of the ways they are using social media too! I’ve written before about the brilliant ways Twitter can be used for learning, so if you’re looking for ways to encourage your students of all ages to sign up, look no further than pointing them in the direction of these inspirational Twitter accounts!


Twitter Accounts for Students to Follow

1. New Scientist

The New Scientist Twitter tagline is “If someone in the world has a good idea, you’ll read about it here.” Quite simply, it does exactly that – connects student followers to the very best and brightest of emerging scientific discovery in a clear and accessible way – from “Virtual travel goes 3D” to “The punk bat of South Sudan”!


2. Kid President

This joyful, tongue-in-cheek account sees Kid President take on the world’s problems and have fun doing it! With regular video updates including Kid President’s visit to the Oval Office to meet President Obama, it’s a great inspiration for younger kids to see how they can change the world!


3. TIME for Kids

All the important news stories and current affairs for young people – a great resource for teachers wanting to find a starting point to discuss what’s going on around the world.




A crucial account for students interested in science, engineering or astronomy, but NASA’s tweets are also fascinating for any young people interested and curious about how the world works!



5. Guinness World Records

Perfect for all ambitious student followers, this account is sure to inspire and challenge in equal measure (and perhaps spark a few world record attempts too)! The account encourages questions, so keen students can ask and learn, or enquire about setting a record of their own!


6. Popular Science

Making science fun and approachable, this fantastic feed presents quirky science stories and facts in an engaging manner! Think “Non-evil Harvard scientist begins mind control experiment”! Best for older students, due to occasional references to reproduction!


7. Google Art Project

As well as being a fantastic online initiative, allowing students to explore museums from around the world, Google Art Project has a fun and fascinating Twitter feed with regular information and news from the art world. Pop quizzes (like: “can you guess who painted this picture?”) keep students involved, challenged and entertained!


8. Ben Goldacre

For older students, and particularly budding scientists, this is a must-follow account, revealing Goldacre’s ‘Bad Science’ exposes of scientific misinformation and biased studies.



Which Twitter accounts for students does your class enjoy following? Share with us and with other educators below!


Feature image courtesy of mkhmarketing.wordpress.com. All other images sourced from individual Twitter profiles.


  1. You might add, for those that have varied interests:

    I would not follow them all. Whom one follows, is based one’s needs and interests.

    @ihatequotes — quotes from the world, of course.

    @CTVCanadaAM — Canada’s popular morning show.

    @Quotes_Life — more quotes.

    @medaEinstein — more quotes about Einstein/from Einstein.

    @ThisIsWarBlog — military history.

    @strombodotcom — Canada’s “The Hour” talk show.

    @donttrythis — Adam Savage of Myth Busters.

    @StarTalkRadio — various science topics.

    @Cmdr_Hadfield — Canadian astronaut currently on the ISS. (April 2013)

    @backpacktv — various educational topics.

    @WorldLillie — teacher and traveler.

    @DrGoodword — a new word a day also has a website.

    @princeword — Swedish YouTube video producer.

    @jtotheizzoe — Scvientist, “It’s OK to be smart”, guy.

    @AnaCristinaPrts — educator, blogger, from the middle east. Incredible topics.

    @InternetPatrol — Google: Anne P Mitchell.

    @hiphughes USA civics & History teacher & Youtube video maker, Keith Hughes.

    @AJEnglish Al Jazeera English, stories from around the world.

    ‏ @austinkleon — a writer who draws…

    @brainpicker — Maria Popova. Varied topics.

    @leonot — Leo Notenboom Heavy into tech, the net, computers.

    ‏@mashable — Pete Cashmore.‏

    @LaughingSquid — Laughing Squid‏.

    @FastCompany — Fast Company.‏

    @BadAstronomer — Phil Plait ‏ SCIENCE!

    @bigthink – Big Think.

    @bobrankin — Bob Rankin Tech support, computers, etc.

    @askleo — Leo Notenboom ‏ More tech support.

    @lorenek — Loren Ekroth Better Conversations e-zine

    @ThisIsTrue — Randy Cassingham ‏ Google him.

    @walterbrasch Walter Brasch Social Issues Columnist

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