Exploring YouTube EDU for a Wealth of Free Lesson Material


Over the years, YouTube has slowly evolved from being a classroom novelty to becoming a classroom staple for many educators. Whether you are looking to YouTube for quick and easy explanations, engaging animations or just relevant class material, there is no better place to start than YouTube’s official ‘Education’ channel.

YouTube EDUName: YouTube EDU – www.youtube.com/edu
Pricing: Free
Compatibility: Web / Tablet / Phone
Access: No signup required
Privacy: Private (privacy policy)

A Quick Look

In Practice

1. Find the right grade level

YouTube’s education channel is broken down into three sub-channelsPrimary & Secondary Education, University and Lifelong Learning. Each of these categorize videos into the appropriate grade bracket and then down further into specific subject areas. Do make sure to explore a little outside of your own specialization, as there are all sorts of gems hidden in each sub-channel that can really add to a well-rounded learning experience.

2. Search within the channel

Once in a particular channel you are able to use the specialized search field in the channel menu to search for specific keywords within that channel. This is extremely useful as searching YouTube in its entirety can often yield vaguely relevant or inappropriate results. This gives the security of knowing that any video returned from the search has been vetted by YouTube as being appropriate for educational use.

YouTube Channel Search

3. Video topic introductions

Once you have found the perfect video or set of videos, try using them as the hook to get students interested or excited about a topic. Pointing students to a visual explanation or a series of puzzling questions can be an engaging way to pave the way for genuine interest and fascination. Overview videos can also offer a good summary of a subject and help put the topic into context and allow students to see real applications and understand the relevance of further study.

4. Flip it

With some videos on YouTube Education lasting over an hour in length, a whole lesson could be over before a video is viewed in full. Try using this as an opportunity to ‘flip the classroom’ and have students watch lengthy videos at home or in their own time. Class time can then be used to discuss the video further and answer any questions that may arise.

5. Integrate into class work

Being the largest library of online video (by far), YouTube is integrated into a number of different platforms, adding whole new levels of functionality to just watching video. Try using TED-EdEducaon or EDpuzzle to add assessment and additional resource to your videos.


Links and Next Steps

What YouTube channels do you find most useful for educational resources. Let us know in the comments below.

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