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Halloween is such a fun holiday for decorating your classroom. You can do spooky decorations like spiders and monsters. Or you can focus on the fun stuff side of Halloween, like dressing up and getting candy.

We have searched all the Pinterest boards and classroom idea websites to help you find the best Halloween bulletin board ideas for you. We hope these ideas inspire you whether you teach preschool, middle school, or anything in between. Most of these bulletin board ideas would look great on a classroom door with just a few dimensional changes.

We’re posting pictures and links back to the original source so you can find what you need to create genuinely eye-catching Halloween bulletin boards.

Let us know if you have other ideas that should be on this list!

Preschool Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas

Preschool teachers can usually showcase the children’s crafts on bulletin boards. Here are some great craft ideas that we think you’ll love.

Batty About Preschool

This fall bulletin board Halloween idea is from: https://terrificpreschoolyears.blogspot.com

You can’t go wrong with a billboard that has googly eyes! That’s one of our favorite parts about this Halloween bulletin board that features a bat for each of your kids. They aren’t name tags in this examples – but there’s another idea if you want to go that route.

The bat’s teeth are also a nice touch and super cute. This is one of those bulletin board ideas that would look great in a kindergarten classroom as well..

Your students will get a chance to show off their fine motor skills in placing their bats’ eyes and teeth. Any kid will love the cute bats. 

Pumpkin Patch

You can never go wrong with a Halloween pumpkin patch. You can create one giant pumpkin (as seen here) or a bunch of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns for the full effect.

What we like about this Halloween bulletin board is that you can be as simple or complex as you’d like. You can have students decorate pumpkins or just display pumpkins that you can reuse each year. 

All Wrapped Up

This bulletin board idea found at: http://terrificpreschoolyears.blogspot.com/

Mummies aren’t our favorite thing about Halloween, but I think we can handle these cuties. Again, the googly eyes take this craft to a new level of fun.

With this Halloween bulletin board, each child gets to showcase their pasting abilities as they decorate their mummy. Each student will use white squares of tissue paper to glue onto a paper doll. We also liked the title “All Wrapped Up.” 

Little Monsters

little monsters
Found on Pintrest

Everyone knows that Halloween is about monsters. But this bulletin board display has cute monsters, not the scary kind – perfect for your preschool classroom.

The fun thing about this bulletin board is that every monster is different. Your students can pick the shape and size of their monster and give them any kind of features they desire: horns, fur, antlers, multiple eyes, and more.

Web of Friends

From Pinterest.es

This “Web of Friends” is one of our favorite Halloween bulletin board ideas that’s great for preschool teachers. It captures the essence of the spooky holiday without being too scary for the younger children.

You have the added bonus of making a craft with your hands and googly eyes. What could go wrong?!

Classroom Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas

For older students, such as elementary or middle school, here are some more classroom Halloween bulletin board ideas to check out. 

Ghostly Identity

While we know that most teachers might be annoyed by the title of this bulletin board, the concept is a great one. 

We presume there are some drawings or pictures under those ghost sheets, and it’s a great way to engage people in the hallway. Plus, students can decorate the ghosts too. We especially like how each ghosts’ eyes are different!

Spooktacular Work

haunted house bulletin board
From: MrsOKnows

Halloween and haunted houses seem to go hand-in-hand. So why not decorate your bulletin board with a giant, scary haunted house? And we like the additional touch of ghosts floating in the scene. 

The best part about this Halloween bulletin board idea is that you can display anything your students are currently working on. Because we know it’s “spooktacular.”

Wrapped Up In Learning

This item is another mummy-theme bulletin board that’s perfect for Halloween. It’s a straightforward design when this time of year can, at times, be anything but simple.

Notice the purple background of this particular bulletin board. We’re pretty sure that it can be any color, but the purple does add a nice, spooky touch. We think black or yellow could also work; we don’t recommend red (for obvious reasons). 

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is a favorite Halloween movie for many teachers and their students, so this bulletin board idea is a perfect pop-culture reference for your classroom or hallway.

We especially like the silhouettes of the Sanderson sisters and the title of “Smell Children Learning” – it’s a perfect nod to the (classic?) movie that we all love so much. You can also purchase the pieces from TPT if you want to help out a fellow teacher.

Trick or Treat

From doodlebugsteaching

This Halloween bulletin board is another one of our favorites because of its classic elements. It displays candy corn and the practical title of “Trick or Treat.” 

We’re unsure if the candy corns’ long legs are part of the trick or the treat, but we dig their look and think students will enjoy creating these funky creatures. They are almost as cuddly as Halloween squishmallows!

Library Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas

We didn’t forget about you, librarians! We know that you have bulletin boards to decorate for Halloween too. Or, if you’re an English teacher, these Halloween bulletin board ideas can work in your classroom too.

Get Caught In A Good Book

get caught in a good book bulletin board
From kleinsclass.wordpress.com

“Get Caught In A Good Book” is the perfect message for a library bulletin board. We enjoy the 3D element of this Halloween-themed board – the spider pops! Although you don’t necessarily need to decorate it in 3D, a flat 2D spider would look just as good.

You can also take this bulletin board to the next level by adding more spiders – one for each book. These books can either be Halloween-themed or books you want to highlight for the young readers in your school. 

A Book a Day Keeps Monsters Away

Do you recognize some of these monsters? We see characters from “Where the Wild Things Are” (a fantastic book by Maurice Sendak) and Sesame Street – both solid advocates for reading.

What’s great about this Halloween bulletin board is that you can add any monster (or black cat) that you wish. If you teach in a middle or high school, you can use age-appropriate monsters such as Dracula or werewolves. Or create unique monsters and still promote a strong message.

Batty About Books

From: Melissa Meidinger

Although this Halloween bulletin board idea displays books about bats, it’s more the messaging that we approve. “Batty About Books” is an excellent title for a pro-reading, spooky bulletin board in your library or classroom.

However, we’re confident that you can display any books on this board and still have a great-looking bulletin board.

The other element we love about this board is the happy-go-lucky-style bats. It makes it much easier to use in an elementary school.

Undead & Well Read

Buzzfeed pinned this Halloween bulletin board on a Pinterest information article about how awesome librarians are – and who are we to argue?

This zombie-themed board is clearly more appropriate for older students, but we appreciate its uniqueness and gruesomeness. “Undead & Well Read” is a fantastic Halloween bulletin board idea for librarians or teachers in middle school. 

Maybe if the zombie wasn’t so scary, then those in elementary school can also display it.

Don’t Be Scared to Try Something New

While this scary bulletin board doesn’t specifically say anything about the library or reading, we think that you can add a creative writing twist to make it fit.

Instead of displaying brains, hearts, bats, and other scary items, display books that children may not usually read. This bulletin board is a great way to encourage students to pick up a book and try something new – a great message for a library bulletin board during the Halloween season.

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