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Teachers create inspirational bulletin boards throughout the year; the bulletin boards are beautiful for classroom decor, always appropriate, and motivating to students and teachers. Bulletin boards with motivational quotes will inspire learners in all grades and any classroom.

We created a list of the best inspirational bulletin boards to spark ideas and creativity. We included back-to-school bulletin boards, bulletin boards with quotes from famous and successful people, and ideas teachers can use to inspire learners in K-12 grades.

Inspirational School Quotes Bulletin Board Ideas

The More You Dream The More You Achieve – Michael Phelps

the more you dream the more you achieve michael phelps inspirational bulletin board

Michael Phelps is an inspiration, and this is one of the best motivational quotes for pupils in middle school and older to inspire them to dream big. With 23 Olympic gold medals, Michael Phelps, an American competitive swimmer, is the most decorated Olympian and truly an inspiration. Despite being diagnosed with ADHD in 6th grade, it didn’t stop him from achieving his dreams; he was ten years old when he held the national 100-meter butterfly record. 

Until You Spread Your Wings, You’ll Have No Idea How Far You Can Fly – Napoleon Bonaparte

until you spread your wings youll have no idea how far you can fly

I’m sure Napoleon Bonaparte would be delighted to see how his saying is quoted with beautiful butterflies on a classroom motivational bulletin board. The French military leader and emperor conquered most of Europe in the 19th century.   

I Have A Dream – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

i have a dream bulletin board

An excellent interactive motivation bulletin board idea using the famous quote to inspire students.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist minister and led the movement to end segregation; he had a dream, and Dr. Martin Luther King accomplished his goal. Middle school to high school teachers can motivate their students to achieve their objectives by writing them down and posting them on the bulletin board, inspiring them and classmates every day. 

You Can Find Magic Wherever You Look. Sit Back And Relax, All You Need Is A Book. – Dr. Seuss

you can find magic wherever you look dr seuss buletin board

The inspirational board with a quote from Dr. Seuss could encourage a child to grab their favorite book or discover new things with “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” the last book published in Dr. Seuss’ lifetime. Famous cartoonist and author Dr. Seuss wrote over 60 books; his first book was rejected 27 times, but he didn’t give up. 

Back To School Bulletin Board Ideas

Attitude Is The Mind’s Paintbrush; It Can Color Any Situation

attitude is the minds paintbrush it can color any situaiton motivatonal bulletin board

Brighten your classroom with this inspiring back-to-school motivational bulletin board and motivate students to have bright, colorful attitudes for the school year. The teacher used paint samples to create the back-to-school bulletin board.

This Is A New Year. A New Beginning. And Things Will Change – Taylor Swift

this is a new year. a new beginning and things will change

One of the best back-to-school bulletin board ideas that can encourage and stir enthusiasm in students for the new school year. Quoted by American pop and country music singer-songwriter Taylor Swift who became famous at the age of 16 with hits like “Young belong with me.” She has sold over 200 million records worldwide, is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, and was named Woman of the Decade. 

Don’t Try So Hard To Fit In, And Certainly Don’t Try So Hard To Be Different…Just Try Hard To Be You. – Zendaya

dont try so hard to fit in

Movie actress and singer Zendaya Coleman started her career as a child model and backup dancer. Recipient of numerous accolades, she can inspire students to be themselves and not worry about fitting in. Using quotes as back-to-school bulletin board ideas is a way teachers can help students overcome their back-to-school nerves.   

Use What Talents You Possess: The Woods Would Be Very Silent If No Birds Sang There Except Those That Sang Best! – Henry Van Dyke

bird themed bulletin board back to school

The bird-themed back-to-school bulletin board display will make any student feel welcome to be back at school. Dr. Henry van Dyke was an American educator, author, poet, clergyman, and diplomat. He wrote popular Christmas stories like “The First Christmas Tree” and “The Other Wise Men.” In 1913 his former classmate, President Wilson, appointed him Minister to Luxembourg and the Netherlands. 

Motivational Bulletin Boards And Classroom Decoration

Be Yourself Bulletin Board Ideas

be yourself inspirational bulletin board

A fun, inspirational bulletin board idea that motivates students to be themselves. The colorful paper draws your attention to words describing good characteristics students can identify with or aspire to accomplish.  

Kids of Character Club’s Inspirational Bulletin Board Display

kids of character motivational bulletin board

An amazing idea! The inspirational bulletin board is covered with students’ motivations. The Kids of  Character Club created mini-bulletin boards by writing and decorating a motivational thought. Posted on the larger bulletin display, it reminds and inspires them and their classmates.

Are They Failures Inspirational Bulletin Boards

are they failures inspirational bulletin board

The teacher used six famous people who didn’t allow failures to stop them from becoming successful. The inspirational bulletin board inspires learners to face the obstacles in life. The teacher used the motivational board as an activity to discuss how students can use failures to succeed. 

The Power Of Yet Mindset Bulletin Board

the power of yet

The English word “yet” is only three letters but a powerful word that can change an attitude and behavior. It is the perfect board to motivate students to try their best and not have a negative attitude and mindset. Teachers can include the bulletin board in classroom activities or let it speak for itself.

Success Is Not Always What You See Bulletin Board Ideas

success is not always what you see bulletin board

A perfect board idea to motivate students in all grades K-12. The simplicity of the board speaks volumes; teachers can use the bulletin board to help students understand that going through the process may take longer, but the reward, in the end, is worth it. 

Classroom Themes Bulletin Boards

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

mirror mirror on the wall bulletin board

One of the best interactive bulletin boards to motivate students to see themselves as precious and unique. Although people associate “Mirror mirror on the wall” with the evil queen in Snowhite and the Seven Dwarves, she was misquoted. In the movie, she said, “Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all.” However, in the end, the result is the same, the mirror didn’t lie, and neither does the mirror in the motivational bulletin board. 

Growth Mindset Posters Bulletin Board

growth mindset bulletin board

A hall of fame of motivational quotes. The clever idea is a conversation starter and a motivational bulletin board for students to return to throughout the year. The bulletin board comprises nine printables; these motivational posters promote the concept of a growth mindset.

Superheroes Motivational Posters Classroom Decor

everything i need to know i learned from my heroes bulletin board

Superheroes are unique and different, just like the students in a class; teachers in any grade can use the bulletin board set as classroom decor to brighten the classroom and motivate students to excel. Each of the superheroes’ inspirational posters has a motivational message.

  • Captain America: Do not stay around to get praise for something you did for someone. Just be humble.
  • Spiderman: Accept responsibility; with great power comes responsibility/
  • Batman: Training your mind is as important as training your body and vice versa.
  • Superman: Know your weakness and work on them. 
  • X-Men: We all have different strengths. Working as a team is much more effective.

More Quotes For Inspiring Bulletin Board Ideas

Life Is 10% What Happens To You And 90% How You React To It. – Charles R. Swindoll

life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it charles r. swindoll

The quote relates to attitude and its impact on life. Although people can’t change the inevitable, their past or circumstances, they choose daily regarding their attitude. Pastor Charles Rozell Swindoll is an educator, author, and radio preacher.

Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You Can. – Arthur Ashe

start where you are. use what you have. do what you can. arthur ashe

Arthur Robert Ashe Jr. won three Grand Slam singles titles. He was the first African American male tennis player to win the U.S. Open, the Wimbledon singles titles, rank No. 1 in the world, and earn introduction into the Tennis Hall of Fame. Arthur Ashe excelled in tennis; it began by learning the game and practicing; learners should follow his example and start where they are and move forward.

It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done. – Nelson Mandela

it alway seems impossible unitl it's done

Former President of South Africa, Nelson R. Mandela, was an anti-apartheid revolutionary and philanthropist. He received more than 250 honors, including the Nobel Peace Prize. He spent 27 years in prison until President F. W. de Klerk released him in 1990, and the two of them negotiated an end to apartheid, resulting in the multiracial election where Nelson Mandela became president. Students who struggle with subjects like math or reading might be inspired not to give up even if the problem seems impossible.

Which of these inspirational quotes and ideas is your favorite?

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