9 Great Activity and Lego Table Ideas for Creative Makers

LEGO, Duplo, and other well-known brands of building bricks are a classic children’s toy. Most homes have at least one favorite set of building bricks – the one they call the best Lego set for their family.   Kids love them, and parents do too until they accidentally step on a LEGO brick late at night.

A LEGO table and a bucket of small, colored bricks will keep a small child happy for hours. Sure, many kids are quick to pick up an iPad  (or even a favorite Lego video game) when they are bored, but construction toys offer several educational benefits.  The best Lego tables keep everything in one place, help to provide organization options, and are sturdy enough to take play abuse.

LEGO and other building bricks help children develop divergent problem-solving skills. Playing with bricks and building structures teaches hand-eye coordination and spatial skills. Bricks and blocks are an essential part of imaginative play, and children who enjoy creating and making using bricks tend to be better at math in later life. Do not forget that brick and block play promote social skills and cooperation, especially if you provide LEGO tables and a bucket of bricks for two or more kids.

The Best Lego Table Options

YouHi Kids Activity Table with Boards
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Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set 5 in 1
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KidKraft Building Bricks Play N Store Table
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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi-Activity Table
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Duplo Table with Built In Block Storage
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Tot Tutors 2-in-1 Round Plastic Construction Table and Two Chairs
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Kidcraft 2-in-1 Activity Table
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Best All-Rounder LEGO Table: YouHi Kids Activity Table with Boards

YouHi Kids Activity Table with Boards

The YouHi Kids Activity Table is one of the best LEGO tables for kids three years and older. It is the best LEGO table because of its kids-friendly size, versatility, durability, natural color, easy assembly, and lots of storage space. The LEGO table functions as a board games table, crafts table, coffee table, sand table, and a brick table.

When not in use, the LEGO table could be a coffee table in your lounge or the kids’ bedroom with its natural wood color. Display their latest LEGO collection on the removable tabletop for friends to admire. The table is made from high-quality natural pine that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic to kids. Surfaces and corners have smooth finishes to prevent scratching kids’ skin or damaging their clothing. The natural color of the wood makes it an attractive piece of furniture.

The top lid covers the baseplate. Remove the lid to reveal the LEGO game board where kids may create exciting things with their LEGO blocks – say foiling a bank robbery with their best Lego City Police set. The baseplate is also compatible with most brick brands, and projects are effortlessly disassembled from the baseplate.

Closed, the tabletop transforms into a smooth surface for arts and crafts activities or as a desk for homework. The LEGO table also converts into a sand table for hours of sensory fun.

The double storage space is more than most LEGO tables have to offer. The bottom shelf provides lots of room for containers, boxes, a basket, bins, bags, and uncompleted projects. The table also functions as additional storage. LEGO bricks and pieces can be kept safe when covered with the tabletop.

Assembly is easy with the same numbered pieces that fit together.

Best Versatile LEGOS Table: Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set 5 in 1

Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set 5 in 1

The Play Platoon Kids Activity Table is one of the most versatile LEGO tables with storage space. The 5 in 1 activity table comes with two chairs designed for kids from 18 months and up. The LEGO table features everything kids and parents would like in a table. Build to last, the LEGOS table’s versatile design can grow with your child’s interests, hobbies, and activities.

Parents may appreciate the quick setup and the removability of the legs for compact storage. The lightweight and portability make it easy to move the LEGO table outdoors or indoors.  You may even want to set up the table as a permanent play space with multiple activity possibilities.

The storage under the tabletop keeps the surfaces and room neat and tidy. The convenient storage is ideal for storing LEGO pieces, water toys, and craft supplies. Then the toys and crafts are available whenever your kids want to play, and the effortless storage ensures that no pieces get lost.

Whether it is the perfect day for outdoor water fun, indoor sensory clay activities, or assembling LEGO building bricks, the LEGO table is designed for each occasion. The dual-purpose tabletop comes with a baseplate on one side; most building blocks fit tightly on it, including the 25 jumbo building blocks that come with the LEGO table. Turn the tabletop over, and you have a smooth surface for drawing and other craft activities.

On a sunny day, remove the tabletop transforming the LEGO table into a water table for water fun. A plug situated in the center allows for easy drainage after play.

The LEGO table dimensions are 20 x 20 x 17 inches, and the chairs are 18 inches high with seats 10 inches off the floor. Three fun, colorful combinations may brighten your little one’s day. You can choose the bright primary-colored table with its red and green chairs or a pastel table with pink, which little girls may prefer. If the primary colors are too bright, the blue and green colored table may appeal more to boys or blend with outdoors or décor.

Best Storage Space: KidKraft Building Bricks Play N Store Table

KidKraft Building Bricks Play N Store Table

The KidKraft Building Bricks Play N Store Table has one of the best LEGO tables for kids with its pinch-free design. With its kid-friendly layout, the activity table provides lots of storage and play surface for multiple kids to engage in building blocks fun.

Three collapsible storage containers slide out for storing LEGO blocks and other building bricks. Kids won’t pinch their fingers when opening or closing the activity table to access the storage bins.

The 35.5 x 19 x 15.4 inches provides ample activity area around the LEGO table for kids ages 3 years to 8 years to play together and engage in fun building projects. With 360 degrees playing space, kids may comfortably move around the table to access their creations from all sides.

When sliding the two tabletop pieces to the sides, the center storage bin reveals its content. Excess building blocks can be stored here for quick access. The purchase includes 200+ building bricks to ensure hours of creative fun the moment the LEGO table is assembled.

Two side storage bins may hold projects in progress to be completed later. The neutral color of the solid wood materials complements a bedroom or playroom furniture. Its durable design means it will last for years and grow with your kids for hours of LEGO play and fun building projects. The base plate is compatible with LEGO blocks, DUPLO bricks, and other building brick brands.

Best Spacious Play Surface: Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi-Activity Table

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi-Activity Table

The Melissa & Doug brand is one of the most popular with parents because their products are made from high-quality materials. The Melissa & Doug deluxe wooden activity table is no exception. This sturdy table has a double-sided play board. One side can be used for LEGO and block play, and on the other, your kids can have a go at arts and crafts, puzzles, or set up a train set.

A 50 x 32 inches sized play surface is large enough for two kids to sit on opposite sides and play together or focus on different activities. The LEGO table’s spacious surfaces allow for various activities, from building with LEGO bricks, art projects, and crafts, or transforming it into a train table. At a 16-inch height, the LEGO table is the perfect height for kids 3-8 years old to sit on the floor and play or kneel at the table.

The table has a large pullout drawer for storage and is easy to carry from room to room. The two panels are removable to make clean easier. The all-purpose play station with its ample storage is perfect for art projects, LEGO models, completing puzzles, or adventures with dollhouses and train sets.

Best DUPLO/Mega Blocks Table: Duplo Table with Built In Block Storage

Duplo Compatible Table with Built In Block Storage

The LEGO Duplo table by Fun Builder is perfect for Duplo and Mega Block construction sets. The table is constructed from solid hardwood and is one of the most durable LEGO tables. It comes pre-assembled; it only takes 5 minutes to connect the legs, which means kids may immediately start building with their bricks at the table.

A central heavy-duty mesh bag keeps playing bricks off the floor. Kids may easily reach into the pocket for bricks or push the blocks into the bag after the play. An optional wood play cover is available for greater versatility. Kids may build with their building blocks on the DUPLO table or enjoy other creative activities on the optional play cover’s smooth surface.

With dimensions of 32 x 16 x 18 inches, the Duplo table is suitable for children aged one year and above. Younger kids can stand at the table, whereas older kids can kneel. This table is built to last!

Best Durable LEGO Table: LEGO Compatible Heavy Duty Table

LEGO Compatible Heavy Duty Table

The LEGO-compatible play table also by Fun Builder is suitable for LEGO bricks and construction sets. The table is constructed from hardwood and is one of the most durable LEGO tables that should last for years. It features two handy mesh storage bags in the center of the table.

The building surface is brightly colored and works equally well with Duplo blocks as well as LEGO bricks. This LEGO play table is sturdy enough to cope with toddlers climbing all over it, but it is recommended for children aged 5 years and above. It is also made in the USA like the DUPLO table that is designed for younger kids. Whereas the DUPLO table’s mesh bag is in the center, this LEGO heavy-duty table has two separate mesh bags to the sides.

Best Toddler LEGO Table: Tot Tutors 2-in-1 Round Plastic Construction Table and Two Chairs

Tot Tutors 2-in-1 Round Plastic Construction Table and Two Chairs

The Tot Tutors 2-in-1 round plastic construction table, by Humble Crew, comes with two plastic chairs. It is designed for toddlers and small children. The block friendly surface is suitable for all leading brands of construction bricks and building blocks.

The table comes with a plastic convertible cover so that the surface can be used for other activities, for example, arts, crafts, and writing. When removed, this activity table’s sturdy plastic construction makes it extremely easy to clean, so if your child opts to do some painting, you do not need to worry about the mess.

There is a useful storage space in the center of the LEGO play table, which can be used to store your child’s bricks and LEGO pieces. The smooth top covers the LEGO base plates and storage, keeping the activity table tidy.

Best Deluxe Wooden LEGO Table: Kidcraft 2-in-1 Activity Table

Kidcraft 2-in-1 Activity Table

With storage, the LEGO table, the Kidcraft 2-in-1 activity table, is compatible with LEGO products, but it comes with a handy set of LEGO-compatible play blocks. The table is solidly made from wood, and its deluxe espresso color may complement any bedroom or home decor. It has rounded edges to prevent any accidents with toddlers.

The table is two-sided. When the top is flipped over, it can be used with the provided 30-piece train set. It is light enough for kids to flip the board back and forth between having fun with the train set or building with the 200 LEGO-compatible building blocks also included in the package.

There is a handy storage area underneath the playboard, so your child can keep their blocks and trains safe and sound. Although the LEGOS table requires assembly, it is packaged with detailed step-by-step assembly instructions that are easy to follow. Weighing only 2.2 pounds, the sturdy LEGO table moves effortlessly from one room to another in your house. If your kids like playing in the living room with their building blocks, the LEGO building table’s luxury design may blend in with the rest of your furniture; it may even function as a side table when kids aren’t using it.

Best DIY LEGO Tables: Peel-and-Stick LEGO Compatible Baseplates (4-pack)

Peel-and-Stick LEGO® Compatible Baseplates

You can transform any ordinary play table into a block construction DIY LEGO table with these peel-and-stick LEGO-compatible base plates. Simply peel off the backing tape, and in a few minutes, you have a significant construction DIY table. No glue is required!

Multiple packs can be used together for larger tables. The baseplates can also be cut to size to fit rounded corners or odd-shaped tables. There is no limit to creating a DIY Ikea LEGO table with storage bins. These 4-pack base plates come in nine colors to blend with any room’s color scheme in your home.

The adhesive is construction grade, so it is incredibly long-lasting; therefore, do not change your mind once you have stuck these plates down!

If you prefer not permanently sticking baseplates to a surface, then the LEGO baseplates are the best alternatives. A classic green LEGO base plate measures 10 by 10 inches, which is large enough building space for kids’ projects when playing with LEGO building blocks.


Feeling inspired? Well, it turns out that there are plenty of DIY LEGO table ideas to get your kids playing without breaking the bank. YouTuber Uncle Jessy shows how he turned a cheap coffee table into the perfect construction table for his kids. Check out the video below and the plans and instructions here.

Check out the video below and the plans and instructions here.

We think LEGO is one of the best ways to get kids playing and learning together. With a table to store the pieces in, your blocks are less likely to go walkabout, and a set space encourages collaborative play. Any thoughts or ideas? Leave us a comment below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, regan76.


  1. This is so awesome. I was thinking I’d just have to make my own Lego table from scratch to get something with good dimensions to hold white baseplates, but this is way easier, not to mention cheaper and probably even better looking! Thank you!

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