Sitting very comfortably in the ‘Goldilocks zone’ of document cameras, the AVer F17HD (Amazon) finds the perfect balance between rich interactive features and excellent value for money. With a 5MP camera, 32x zoom and both remote and onboard controls, the camera gives real flexibility (both figuratively and literally) while stepping a delightfully small footprint on your classroom space.

Versatile, compact and extremely well-built, the F17HD from AVer offers high-end specs for a surprisingly impressive price. Let’s take a look!

In the box

AVer F17HD Document Camera - In the box
AVer F17HD Document Camera – In the box

The F17HD is a very well-equipped document camera. With remote, quick-access control panel, and both HDMI and VGA capabilities, it will slot easily into any current classroom setup. Acting as both the capture lens and smart hub for displaying, controlling, switching and optimizing video, the AVer F17HD requires nothing more than a projector or screen for sharing content with your students. The full package includes:

  • F17HD document camera
  • 3′ USB cable
  • VGA Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Remote Control (including 2 x AAA batteries)
  • Quick Guide

AVer F17HD Camera

AVer F17HD - Camera
AVer F17HD – Camera

Similar to AVer’s U70 model document camera, the F17HD’s camera is mounted on a bendable ‘gooseneck’ arm, allowing the camera to be swivelled and maneuvered to any required angle. This not only provides much more free and easy movement, it also allows the camera to fold in on itself and lock into the side of the control panel. This lock mechanism keeps the whole device secure as well as doubling as a strong and comfortable carry handle for the camera.

The F17HD’s 5 megapixel camera offers 32x digital zoom for focusing on important areas of documents or zooming in on details. The video is displayed at 1080p making the camera ideal for displaying on HD TVs or computer monitors. And with an inbuilt LED lamp, controlled by either remote or control panel, the camera works perfectly in dark or dimly lit spaces.

Onboard controls

AVer F17HD Camera - Onboard controls
AVer F17HD Camera – Onboard controls

The control panel of the AVer F17HD sits on the sturdy base of the document camera. The tactile buttons displayed on the panel provide all the quick access functionality to keep presenting simple, trouble-free and reliable:

  1. POWER – Turn unit on/standby mode
  2. CAMERA/PC – Switch video signal between camera or computer
  3. LAMP – Switch overhead light on/off
  4. FREEZE/STOP – Pause/resume image display in camera mode
  5. ROTATE – Rotate image by 90°
  6. CAP/DEL – Capture picture in camera mode
  7. PLAYBACK – View captured still images files
  8. ZOOM IN/OUT – Adjust image magnification
  9. BRIGHTNESS – Adjust brightness of live view
  10. AF – Adjust focus automatically

Remote and extras

AVer F17HD Camera - Remote control
AVer F17HD Camera – Remote control

The wireless IR remote control for the F17HD includes and adds to the functionality of the onboard controls but (as one would expect) gives a lot more flexibility for movement around the classroom. With batteries provided and a compact and clean design the remote sits comfortably in hand and allows a much more engaging and interactive way to present in class.

One very useful bonus feature of the F17HD is the SD Card slot located on the side of the control panel. This allows a 1GB-32GB SD Card to be loaded into the unit for storing and transporting still image captures from the camera.


AVer F17HD Camera - Software
Sphere2 and ClassSend software

The F17HD comes with two free software packages from AVer:

  • Sphere2 – Sphere2 is a complete presentation, content development and sharing software solution. Easy to navigate tools to present live video, control the F17HD document camera, annotate, manipulate, record and share.
  • ClassSend – The ClassSend app encourages 1 to 1 classroom engagement by allowing students to use their Chromebooks, notebooks or tablets to interact directly with lesson content from theF17HD document camera.

In the classroom

With the ability to deliver both a camera view and a screenshare view, the F17HD is a very versatile tool in the classroom. Whether it’s flicking between a live chemistry experiment on the camera to the theory behind the reaction in a slide deck, the remote and control panel make context switching simple and fast. There are opportunities to have students take responsibility for presenting part of the lesson or presenting their own work on camera. Remember, this is a tool only limited by how you choose to use it for learning.

AVer also provides a detailed library of free document camera based lesson plans across multiple disciplines (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Art & Music, Social Studies) and grades.

Tech Specs

Document camera

  • 5 megapixels (1080p)
  • 32X Digital Zoom
  • Frame rate – 30fps
  • Built in LED lighting


  • HDMI input/output
  • VGA input/output
  • Mini-USB 2.0 (Connect to PC)
  • SD card slot
  • IR Remote control

System requirements

  • Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows 8 (32/64 bit), Windows 10 (32/64 bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.9 or above (Intel based)
  • Chrome OS 29 or above

For more detailed technical specifications, check out the AVer F17HD datasheet.

Last words

The AVer F17HD meets the lofty standards of a hi-spec camera but with a price tag that makes it much more affordable for schools and classrooms. With physical controls on both the remote and panel, the document camera can be used with little to no set up and the chances of issues while presenting are greatly reduced. This is a massive plus when working with big classes and on limited resources.

With a compact and robust design and free software for screencasting, manipulating and sharing video, the AVerF17HD is one of the best HD cameras available. And with an all-inclusive five year warranty it should certainly be a front-runner for any school looking to upgrade engagement in their classes.


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