11 of the Best Kids Play Tent Ideas for Fun and Learning

Whether it was a crudely made tent with a sheet thrown over four chairs or something a little more elaborate, we all had one. It was a safe place away from the bogeyman or a horrid sibling, or a space for you, your book and a torch. Unlike when I was growing up, there are so many kids play tent options available. It’s just a case of finding the perfect one.

Tents also serve an educational purpose. From crawling in and out, to play with puzzles or blocks inside, chances are children are developing their motor skills and coordination. It also develops speech and narrative skills in a fun way. With a little imagination a bedroom is turned into a forest, a tent a cave, offering shelter from all the dinosaurs stomping around outside, while a playroom is a kingdom and the tent a castle, keeping the princess safe from a bad-breathed dragon.

Here are my best kids play tent recommendations to educate and entertain.

Best Kids Play Tent Ideas

Pacific Play Tents 60801 Club House
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FocuSun Pop-up Kids Play Tent with Tunnel and Ball Pit
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HearthSong Woodland Wonderland HugglePod HangOut
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Command HQ Tent & Tunnel
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Space Adventure Roarin’ Rocket Play Tent with Ball Pit
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FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent for Kids
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TazzToys Tepee Tent for Kids 
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UTEX 8 in 1 Pop Up Play Tent House
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1. Crazy Forts 69 Pieces

Image of Crazy Forts 69 pieces

Crazy Forts gives kids the freedom to build their play tents. By connecting the balls with the sticks, they can produce any imaginative tent, fort or playhouse. Cover the structure with bedsheets, and it’s ready for occupation.

The simplicity of the concept makes it available to everyone. It is easy to transport to friends or grandma, and it doesn’t take up a lot of storage space. Stay current with the theme or hero of the month by adapting the structure or décor complementing the imaginative dwelling.

Crazy Forts encourages interaction and teamwork between friends. Fashioning the framework inspires creativity and strengthens problem-solving skills. Included in the package are multi-lingual instructions for creating five basic structures.

2. Pacific Play Tents 60801 Club House

Image of Pacific Play Tents 60801 Club House

The clubhouse graphics would motivate any kid to occupy the Pacific Play Tents 60801 Club House. It even has “Private” on top of the entrance to keep out unwelcome guests and siblings. The kid’s play tent is easy to set up by an adult. Irrespective of whether the play tent is stationed indoors on cold and windy days or outside during summer months, kids will have fun.

Mesh top panels and windows keep the tent ventilated. The tent dimensions are 50 x 40 x 50 inches which are large enough for three club members. The 190T 70 deniers high-quality Polyester taffeta avoids rips and tears. The Super Poles are safety-coated so it won’t splinter or shatter.

3. Nona Active Knight Castle Play Tent Set for Kids

Image of Nona Active Kinght Castle Play Tent set for Kids

No connecting poles needed to set up the Nona Active Knight Castle Tent for kids. The sturdy thick polyester tent is set up with Velcro, which makes setting up and pulling down quick and easy.

The tent is large enough for a knight and two friends or a parent and two knights. There’s ample room for stuffed animals and the foam sword and shield. Vibrant colors create a festive atmosphere attracting friends to visit the knight in his castle. Dressed in the red knight’s cape with the knight’s symbol, any child is ready for a quest and adventure.

For better air circulation, the tent castle has two extra mesh windows on the top in addition to the standard two windows and doors most tents have.

4. FocuSun Pop-up Kids Play Tent with Tunnel and Ball Pit


The 3-in-1 pop-up play tent is an adventure just waiting to happen. It has a ball pit, a tent and a tunnel and loads of space. The mesh on the sides allows you to see what’s happening inside and is good for ventilation. The components can be used separately or together, depending on the space available. It literally pops up, packs away quickly and it comes with a travel bag, for storage when it’s not being used. Which is never!

5. HearthSong Woodland Wonderland HugglePod HangOut

Kids Play Tent

This Hugglepod is perfect for just hanging around, indoors or out. It’s cozy and comfy and comes with a wreath of LED leaf lights inside. It’s the perfect space to get swept up in a book or to create an entire fairy world. Otherwise taking a nap in it will do just fine. I can’t guarantee that you won’t want one for yourself.

6. Command HQ Tent & Tunnel

Command HQ Tent & Tunnel

Atten-shun! The Command HQ kids play tent and tunnel combo is perfect  for little ones because of the padded mat and washable flooring. The tunnel and tent can be used together, or separately, depending on the reconnaissance mission. It’s durable and can be used outside and folds up and stores easily so packing away isn’t a problem at all.

7. Space Adventure Roarin’ Rocket Play Tent with Ball Pit

Image of Space Adventure Roarin Rocket Play Tent with Ball Pit

Playtime is turned into space exploration time with the very cool rocket play tent. Perfectly sized for a pair of brave astronauts, there’s no end to the adventures to be had. The round mesh windows allow space travelers to search for aliens and they can gaze at the galaxies from the observation deck in the rocket’s cone. It comes with a Milky Way themed carry case for easy storage, but chances are your spacemen will be having too much fun to pack it away.

8. FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent for Kids

Image of FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent

The foldable FoxPrint Princess Castle play tent for kids pops up into a little girl’s dream castle. Decorated with hearts and glow-in-the-dark-stars, the play tent is made for the little princess as a hideaway or to entertain their friends.

With its friendly design, it appeals to the imagination of kids two-years and older as their private space, a place for adventures and dreams. The roll-up door and two windows provide enough ventilation. When assembled, the tent dimensions are 41.5 x 41.5 x 54 inches, which are large enough for your princess having a tea party with friends. When folded it fits in a 17-inch zipper bag and is lightweight for easy transport to grandma.

9. TazzToys Tepee Tent for Kids 

Image of TazzToys Tepee Tent For Kids

TazzToys Tepee Tents for Kids are uniquely designed with 100% natural, non-toxic, unpainted cotton and child-safe pine poles that won’t splinter. High-quality connectors prevent slipping and accidentally collapsing on a child. The kid’s tepee tent is independently lab-tested for a child safety certificate 0-12 by CPSIA.

A waterproof base keeps carpets dry from accidental spills when setting up indoors. When setting up the tent outside, the base is a waterproof barrier between the moist ground and the child playing inside the tent. Parents can safely set up a tent at the beach or on a wet lawn.

The Tepee tent is ideal for any adventure in your backyard, camping in the woods, or going on an imaginative safari. Two double pockets inside the tent are perfect for storing toys, a book, or any other items necessary for an adventure.

10. UTEX 8 in 1 Pop Up Play Tent House

Image of UTEX 8 in 1 Pop Up Play Tent House

Any toddler should have hours of fun in the UTEX 8 in 1 Play Tent; it’s almost like a little village or a maze. With two square tent houses, two tepee tents, and four tunnels, the adventure play is endless. Four kids can each have their tent interlinked with one another. Pets can join in the fun of crawling through the tunnels from one kid’s play tent to the next one.

The tepee tent has a window and door for ventilation, and the square house’s roof opening is perfect for a quick escape. Hours of imaginative play and adventurous games will take place inside the tunnels and tents.

The setup stimulates play and creative interaction. Connect all the pieces or set up separately, depending on the event or play activity. Use it indoors or outside at a picnic or birthday party. The play tent for kids meets ASTM-F963 safety standards and CA 65.

11.  Pacific Play Tents Kids Tree House Bed Tent

Image of Pacific Play Tents Kids Tree House Bed Tent

The Pacific Play Tents Kids Bed Tent is the ideal solution for getting kids into bed. Use the bed tent on the bed or off the bed. A fitted outer-skirt secures the Tent to a mattress on the bed or floor. It’s a great way to transition a child from the crib to the bed or giving a child a camping experience indoors.

Vibrant graphics illustrate various themes like the Tree House, Secret Castle Bed Tent, Rad Racer Bed Tent, and Cottage House bed tent. The kid’s tent fits a full-size bed mattress (dimensions of tent 77 x 54 42 inches), and the 77 x 38 x 35 inches tent fits a twin bed.

Kids can assemble their bed tent under adult supervision. The tent door flaps are secured with Velcro or close for privacy. The bed material is70 denier 190T polyester taffeta with PU coating, which can be placed on a flat surface without a mattress. The materials are flame retardant and meet CPAI-84 and ASTM F963 safety standards.

Have a kid’s play tent you want to recommend? Leave your tips in the comments below!

Feature image courtesy of Flickr, stickwithjosh.

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