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Choosing the right bathtub for your infant can be harrowing. You want a baby bathtub built with both safety and convenience in mind. After all, all the safety features in the world won’t matter if the tub is too tricky to use with your baby.

But there are a lot of choices when shopping for bathing tubs for babies. It’s hard to know which one is the best.

We’ve spent hours researching products and pouring over reviews to find the best baby bathtubs you can buy in 2020. While our full findings our below, we’ve found the best all-around baby bathing tub is The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe due to its versatility and ability to grow with your child.

I’d encourage you to read on – we’ve identified other great choices that might work for your child’s specific needs. Some babies need more support – other families might need an inflatable option. Read on for more information.

Top Picks for The Best Baby Bathtubs

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub
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Angelcare Baby Bath Support
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Mommys Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection
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Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather
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Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Tub
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We’ve included our tips on features to look for when looking for the perfect baby tub for bath (and play.)

Feature Choices For A Baby Bath Tub

Most baby bathtubs have certain features in common, which focus on the baby’s safety and comfort. The manufacturers also consider how to make it easy for parents who bathe their infant so that they may enjoy these special moments.  Here are some items to look for as recommended by experts in the field.

Non-skid Surfaces

Non-skid surfaces keep babies safe and should be on the inside and outside of the baby bathtub. A wet baby is slippery, and you don’t want the baby to slip or slide in the water and accidentally drowning. Neither do you want a slippery bathtub that moves out underneath you while you are bathing your baby. Non-skid surfaces may prevent nasty accidents and injuries.

Many basin tubs have bath seats, or supporters inside the tub to avoid babies from slipping and sliding. A bath seat and a seat insert also help infants who are learning to sit, to stay upright. Others have mesh slings to cradle babies, especially newborns.

Head and Shoulders Support

A tub with head and shoulder support keeps the baby’s head upright and safely out of the water; it frees up both hands for bathing the baby. The support allows babies to relax in comfortable positions during the bath. Many tubs are designed with an incline that will enable babies to recline at an angle for more comfort and safety.

Room for Growth

A newborn grows fast and may quickly outgrow a baby bathtub that is too small. You don’t want a big bathtub either because it increases the risk of the baby slipping downward or sliding to the side. Bathing a baby in a too-large tub could be challenging for new parents because the parent has to wash the baby and, at the same time, support their heads above the water. Bathtubs that are the right size for the child also functions as a support avoiding sliding to the sides, or slipping downwards because their feet have nothing to push against.

Quick Dry and Drain

Baby bathtubs should dry quickly to avoid mildew forming. Plastic bathtubs dry the quickest. Many baby tubs have a drain hole with a plug that drain bathwater. Make sure the water outlet is situated in a convenient place for easy draining.

Make sure the design of the tub complements the way you want to use it. If you are going to use the baby tub in the bathroom’s tub or the kitchen sink, you don’t want the plug situated at the bottom of the tub out of your reach.

Storage and Portability

Most infant tubs have a type of sling hook to hang the tub against the shower wall or on the towel rack. Inflatable tubs deflate and fold into compact sizes that take up minimum storage space. Some bathtubs fold flat for secure storage and portability.

Temperature Indicators

Some baby tubs have temperature indicators showing you if the water is too hot for your newborn. The thermometer could be designed in the drain plug that changes color, indicating the water temperature.

Keep in mind it is safer to add the water in the tub before you place the baby in the bathtub. If the water is too hot and the baby is already in the tub, you may injure and burn their delicate skin.

Best Overall: The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub in light blue with grey mesh sling

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe is overall the best baby bathtub to grow with your child from a newborn to a 12 months old toddler. The baby bathtub supports three growing stages of your baby until they are one year old or a maximum weight limit of 25 pounds.

A form-fitting mesh sling insert supports and cradles your newborn.  The mesh sling inserts into the baby bathtub and has a headrest to ensure the newborn doesn’t slip into the water. New parents may stress less at bath time because they know their newborn is safe. The hammock insert supportive and comfortable feel may help your newborn feel safe while getting used to their first bath times. The sling also avoids older babies up to 6 months from slipping and sliding sideways in the bathtub.

Older babies do not need the mesh sling. By removing it, the baby baths in the baby bathtub. The padded headrest supports the older baby’s head keeping it above water. The comfortable reclining position allows the baby to lie on their back in shallow water.  The bump at the lower end of the bathtub prevents the baby from sliding into the water.

As the baby grows to a toddler, the baby bathtub is large enough for the toddler to sit upright in the infant tub with enough room for water play.

The ergonomically designed baby bathtub fits any sink size, single and double sinks. The anti-slip pads are made from mildew-resistant material, and the mesh sling is machine washable and dryable to ensure a cleaner bath. A special drain plug changes color when the water temperature is too hot for the baby’s comfort. The bathtub fits across the bathroom bathtub making it easy to drain the bathtub after bathing the baby.

Best Supportive: Angelcare Baby Bath Support

Angelcare Baby Bath Support in white with grey mesh surface

The Angelcare Baby Bath Support makes handling your tiny newborn to 6 months old baby effortless when bathing the baby in the bathroom bathtub. The bathtub support is used in the adult bathtub, and mommy can bath their newborn without the concern of the baby sliding into the bathwater. The bathtub support also fits in sinks larger than 23 x 14 inches for parents who may prefer not straining their backs by bending over to bathe the baby.

It is ergonomically designed for babies to have a comfortable bath time experience. The slight incline allows newborns to recline in a relaxing manner so that they can enjoy bath time. The baby bath support is made from 100% plastic, which is sturdy enough to keep the shape and support a baby up to 20 pounds. A soft bottom lip keeps the baby positioned and prevents sliding downward.

If hygiene is your concern, then this type of baby bathtub design is the best for babies up to 6 months old. The top mesh material is mildew resistant, and the drain holes rinse soapy water immediately away. With the fast draining of the water, the bathtub support dries quickly. When hanging from the built-in hook, there’s no water dripping on the bathroom floor, creating a slippery surface.

The built-in hook solves the storage space issue in small bathrooms with limited space.

Best Cuddly Sink: Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath

Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath white with yellow centre

The Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath is one of the best alternatives to baby bathtubs, making bath time a comfortable bathing experience. The lotus flower-shaped design is super soft and cuddly to ensure a pleasant, snuggling experience for your baby during bath time. The cuddling feeling may relax your little one, especially if they do not like getting wet.

Four fully contoured petals cover the cold sink and provide a soft seat that cradles newborns and babies up to 6 months. With a center of 8 inches in diameter, the design uniquely embraces the baby’s body, providing a safe and snug environment.

The Blooming Bath Lotus baby bathtub measures 33 inches from petal tip to petal tip, ensuring it fits in kitchen sinks of all sizes. The elegant petal design, with its white trim, gives a clean, simple look. The baby bathtub comes in six colors that blend in with the home décor.

Plug the kitchen sink, insert the Blooming Bath, and run the water. Pool warm water to the water level you feel comfortable with before placing your baby on the petals. Afterward, wring the excess water and dry for 10-15 minutes in the dryer. Alternatively, hang the tub on the hangtag to dry. This baby bathtub is also machine washable.

Best Travel: Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection

Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection white with green froggies

The Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub is one of the best baby bathtubs for parents who enjoy traveling. The convenience of fitting the baby tub in the diaper bag allows parents the freedom to travel and always have a bathtub handy. You may want to extend a visit to grandma’s, but it is your baby’s bath time. With the inflatable tub, you can bathe baby without having to rush home.

If you don’t want to bathe your darling in a hotel or motel bathroom tub, inflatable baby tub with its Froggie design is one of the best solutions. Inflated, the bathtub fits in most bath sizes. The tub deflates and folds so small you could even fit it in your purse.

The baby tub is made from 100% phthalate-free and has a drain plug at the bottom of the bathtub for draining the water. It is the perfect size for kids from 6 months to two years old. With three separate valves, the inflated bathtub is sturdy and supports your little one. The air-cushioned tub comes with an optional saddle horn that prevents infants from sliding around in the tub. It is large enough to have fun.

Best Adjustable: Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather

Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather triangle stripes in blues and green

The Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather is one of the best baby bathtubs that focus on the baby’s comfort when you bathe your baby. The 3-position recline allows for adjusting the padded backrest to the most comfortable reclining position for your newborn.

Together with the soft mesh sling, your newborn is lying in a relaxed position while being bathed. The adjustable reclining lever works effortlessly snapping into place. A built-in headrest supports the baby’s head and shoulders, and with the mesh sling, the baby is cradled securely.

The infant bathtub works when bathing the babies in the bathtub or for sink bathing in the kitchen.  With the footrest and reclining options, the tub can sit high in the water for sponge baths.

The baby tub folds flat for convenient and compact storage and portability. The fabric can be washed in a washing machine.

Best Convertible: Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub with green inserts

The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub is a convertible baby tub that grows with your baby from a newborn to toddlers. The baby tub is designed to transition with your baby and to support their bodies with each stage. It also assists mom to bathe the baby without any mishaps comfortably.

During the first stage, a soft mesh sling cradles the newborn as they adapt to being bathed. With just the right amount of water at the perfect temperature, the hammock supports the newborn. When the newborn has outgrown the mesh sling, it is removed and replaced with the baby stopper insert. The foam backrest of the baby stopper insert is soft against the baby’s skin and allows the baby to lie at a slight incline lifting the baby’s head. The foam surface and recline prevent the baby from sliding into the water.

The baby stopper insert converts to sit-me-up support when the baby wants to sit up but isn’t strong enough to support their body during the bath time. It supports unsteady sitters, making it easy to bathe the baby and allows babies to splash water without toppling over. At the toddler stage, remove the sit-me-up supporter to give toddlers ample room for fun, water play, and some bathing too. The squeeze bottle and whale scoop may quickly become fun water toys when Mom isn’t using them for rinsing the soapy water from the baby.

The drain plug allows the water to drain while the baby is sitting in the baby tub. Reach under the tub and push the cap upward. It is one of the best baby bathtubs to assist moms when bathing their little ones and keeping the baby safe and comfortable.

Best Versatile: Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Tub

Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Tub in blue whale shape

The versatile Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Tub grows with your baby supporting your child from head to toe from newborn until the child weighs 25 pounds. The baby tub adjusts in three stages, supporting your baby through each stage.

A dual-layered mesh with comfort edge construction cradles newborns from head-to-toe. The sling locks into a higher position for full-body support of your newborn to 3-months old baby or a weight capacity of 15 pounds. In the lower position, the mesh is rolled up to create a secure seat for infants 3-6 months old or a maximum weight of 20 pounds. The sling-adjusted cushioned seat supports infants learning to sit and need the support to keep them steady and upright in the sitting position.

When the baby has the strength to sit upright, the sling is removed to enlarge the bath space. The baby tub’s non-slip texture avoids babies 6 months and older from slipping or sliding in the baby bath. There is enough space in the baby tub to bathe your baby and for them to play; no uncomfortable bumps in the tub that hinder your baby’s movements.

The handy drain pug drains the water. The plug is star-shaped, complementing the Moby fish design. The hidden swivel hook hangs the baby tub out of the way on the shower bar, showerhead, or towel bar.

What is your favorite baby tub to make bath time fun, safe, and pleasing to parent and baby? Do you like the inserts that fit in a bathroom sink or kitchen sink, or is your preference tubs that fit in the bath? Are there features that you deem essential that we didn’t list?

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