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One of the coolest parts of this job is being able to research toys. I’m always amazed by just how many fun toys there are available these days.

The variety of toys available for babies, toddlers, and older boys are endless. Cool toys for boys range from super-soft toys to Star Wars, LEGO, and other brands for imaginative play.

We’ve researched and created a list of the best toys for kids of all ages, from toddlers to adolescence. Our inventory includes a bit of everything for different ages, including open-ended play constructions kits and fun, engaging toys that help parents set educational goals for their kids. All these cool toys are excellent gifts for boys of various ages.

Best Toys For Boys Compared

Crazy Forts 69 Pieces
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NERF Modulus Regulator Toy
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Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet–Tumbling Hedgehog
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Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Downhill Race & Go Playset
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Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Begins Fantasy Board Game
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LEGO Super Mario Adventures With Mario Starter Kit Course 71360
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Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad
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Cool Toys For Boys Reviewed

Best Construction Toy For Kids: Crazy Forts 69 Pieces

 Combine Crazy Forts with a  couple of bed sheets, and your kids have the coolest indoor shelters and structures for sleepovers and fun times. It is an excellent gift toy for boys to keep them happy and occupied during the holiday season and beyond. With the recommended ages of 5 years and up, the construction toy offers endless play for the entire family. Build a tent, an igloo, a castle, spaceship, cave, tunnel, or obstacle course for your remote control cars. Children can even incorporate furniture and items in the house.

Each kit includes 69 pieces, 25 purple geometrically precise balls, and 44 green building rods to build an entire structure. The instruction offers multiple suggestions to inspire the imagination; your kids can create a new design every time they construct a structure with Crazy Forts. For larger structures, combine multiple kits. 

Connect the balls with the rods to create the frame and cover with bed sheets to complete the shelter. Easy to build, kids from ages five years and up can partake in the creative fun. The materials are sturdy and durable; make sure you connect the sticks to the ball with the arrow at the top for a sturdy construction. (Some packages may have Crazy Forts words instead of an arrow). Twist and push the rods into the holes in the balls at the perfect angles for your pirate ship, cave, castle, or unique futuristic structure. 

If you were looking for cool toys for boys that spark creativity and imagination, strengthen motor skills, and STEM problem-solving skills, then Crazy Forts are an excellent pick. The toy encourages collaboration and social interaction; one of the best gifts for boys for fun with friends and family. The toy is highly portable and doesn’t take up much space when packing for the holidays or going to grandma for a sleepover.  

Recommended Ages: 5 years and up

Cool Toys For Boys Making Music: Orba by Artiphon Portable Synth Looper And MIDI Controller

The Artiphon Orba Portabable Synth Looper and MIDI Controller is the perfect gift for boys who like to create their own favorite songs or soothing sounds. The Orba by Artiphon is a different musical instrument for anyone who enjoys music and creating sounds. Whether you’re an amateur having fun, a song writer-artist,  or a creative musician, you can immediately make music with the synthesizer, looper, and MIDI controller. 

Make songs in seconds with the minimalistic musical instrument in three ways. Orba features preloaded bass, drum, chords, and lead sounds. With its built-in speaker and onboard looper, kids can play the preloaded Orba sounds out of the box. Play anywhere using its speakers, or if your music is too loud for the rest of the family, bypass the speakers and plug in your headphones to the  0.125 inches headphone output.

The handheld device fits in your palm and has eight segments for making songs, pausing, and recording them. Out of the box, Orba comes preloaded with drum, bass, chord, and lead sounds. Create notes with the most subtle gestures. Pick Orba up, hold it, tap with a finger, wave it, shake it, title it, slide it, or play with both hands and Orba picks up the actions with its touch and motion sensors. You’ll even experience vibration feedback. 

Create your tunes and save them using the Orba companion app. Play the song with a single instrument and then layer the instruments to create a song with the built-in looper. Ten built-in preset sounds ranging from 80s video game music to party sounds are ready to explore when making songs. With different tunings and keys, your melody comes to life. 

The Bluetooth MIDI controller connects with your favorite music-making software. Pair the Orba app with your favorite music apps and software wirelessly or use a USB cord. According to the Artiphon website, Orba complies with any MIDI production software and is MPE MIDI class-compliant; you can use the Orba app or the DAW you prefer, including Ableton Live, Studio, FL, Bitwig, and GarageBand.  

Orba is an excellent casual music creation device for music lovers; it is also a brilliant fidget toy for boys who can’t keep still, making it the perfect gift. The small size allows you to carry it in your pocket and take it everywhere, and with the headphone jack, you can create songs even in public.  

Recommended Ages: 11 years and up

Super Fun Toy For Action: NERF Modulus Regulator Toy

 NERF fan or not, the NERF Modulus Regulator Toy is one of the best toys for cool games where firepower is a must. With the SwitchFire technology, the NERF Modulus Regulator adapts to the situation during a battle or mission. Older kids will think twice about battling against 8-year-old boys and their blasters. 

Optimize your battle strategy with SwitchFire technology’s three firing modes, single-fire, burst-fire, and continuous-fire. With a flip of the switch, kids can take their time and aim to hit their target, firing one dart per trigger pull. Switch quickly to burst-fire for a blast of several darts or rapidly unleash all the darts on your opponent. 

Ready for high-performance action, the blaster, features 12-dart clips and 24 Elite darts. Load both simultaneously, one in the blaster and the other in the storage stock. An indicator light warns when the clip is empty, and it’s time to reload. 

Your warrior kids can customize the blaster for each mission or battle. The Nerf Modulus Regulator blaster features a swivel handle, a short barrel-scope, a long barrel-scope, and the storage stock for extra ammo. The swivel handle stabilizes shots during rapid-fire, and the detachable stock ensures you he’ll not run out of ammo during an action-filled battle.

For newbies to NERF blasters, the package includes instructions, and for the veteran NERF fans, there is a complete NERF Modulus system creating over 1000 combinations. These upgrade kits are sold separately.  Although kids toy, parents will be tempted to join the battle with their NERF toy; there’s a whole line to choose from. It is a great gift to encourage outdoor play and for some serious fun adventures. 

Recommended Ages: 8 years and up

Great Toy For STEM Skills: Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet–Tumbling Hedgehog

 The Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet-Tumbling Hedgehog is an excellent holiday toy for your budding engineer and kids who enjoy STEM-related challenges. Hedgehogs are cute, and this robotic hedgehog has its cute actions, but first, your child has to assemble it. 

Building a robot from scratch has its challenges, especially if it is the first robot your kid is building. However, the full-color instruction manual guides your child step by step, and the 40-page manual features a comic about Nuna, the tumbling hedgehog. The comic should motivate your child to complete the project so that their robotic hedgehog can do some cool things.  

Although recommended for 7-year old boys, kids may require assistance in building the more intricate parts of the robot. The robot kit contains 172 building pieces made from plastic and metal screws and springs that hold the components together. According to the manufacturer, the estimated building time is about two hours, but it depends on the individual and how much adult assistance they receive. 

Your child’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills will be challenged and strengthened during the building process. While assembling the robot toy, kids learn about the inner mechanics of their pet hedgehog, how the gears, motors, and sound sensors work together when your hedgehog tumbles and responds to the clapping of hands. 

Completed, the amazing pet hedgehog is ready to astonish your audience. It is programmed to respond to handclaps. You control its movements with the number of claps; the pet robot is ready to perform when you switch it on. Clap once, and hedgehog curls up into a ball, tumble backward, fall asleep, and wake up again. Clap multiple times, and the hedgehog rolls back repeatedly, once for each clap of hands. Sometimes, your hedgehog needs some encouragement to move, clap your hands to motivate it. 

If you were looking for some cool toys for boys, this tumbling pet-hedgehog robot is a fun, educational toy to engage 7-year-old boys this Christmas and holiday season. While having fun, they learn about robotics and develop their STEM skills. 

LED lights the hedgehog’s eyes when it is ready to roll. The hedgehog motor requires four AAA batteries, not included in the sale. 

Recommended Ages: 7-14 years

Hottest Toys For Racetrack Crashing: Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Downhill Race & Go Playset

The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Downhill Race & Go Playset is a hot toy in the list of cool toys for boys; the ultimate toy for crashing and smashing your way to the finishing line and for Monster Trucks and Hot Wheel cars enthusiasts. 

Downhill isn’t always easy; the over four-foot-long race track hides obstacles that send opponents crashing instead of crossing the finish line. It’s all about being first to reach the trophy cup; there’s only one winner, the rest…goes flying. Whoever gets to the trophy cup at the finish line first triggers the track to collapse, sending the slower competitors flying in all directions. You may have survived the obstacles, but another challenge lies ahead; the racetrack narrows towards the finish line, setting you up for some crashing, smashing fun. 

Connect a 1:64 scale Monster Truck at the front of the racetrack transporter set and convey the racetrack and competing Hot Wheels cars and Monster Trucks to the racing venue. The transporter easily folds and unfolds into a racetrack. The racetrack-transporter playset comes with a Monster Truck and Hot Wheels car; there’s ample room to store your other Hot Wheels Monster Truck toys too.  

Boys enjoy games where they can crash and smash, and here is the toy designed for that purpose. Instead of smashing their other toys, parents can give their kid a toy to play with that he is allowed to race, crash and smash endlessly. Your kid will be delighted with you and the kids in the neighborhood too.

Recommended Ages: 4-8 years

Best Board Game For Boys: Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Begins Fantasy Board Game

The Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Begins Fantasy Board Game demonstrates that board games are cool toys for boys even with all the technology available today. The board game is ideal for two to four heroes who enjoy adventure, the thrill of board games, and Dungeon & Dragon fans.

Those who enjoy the fantasy role-playing game will recognize the game concepts of battling iconic D&D monsters, exploring dungeons, and the ability to customize their character. Whether you’re familiar with Dungeons & Dragons or not, this is a cool toy for boys ages ten years and up. 

In this cooperative fantasy game, players work together as they journey through the lands of Neverwinter. Each player selects their plastic mini-figure representing the heroes in the gameplay. With endless replayability, new adventures await with each game. The party comprises heroes who choose their journey and which Boss they want to fight in the end. Will it be Felbris the Beholder, Orn the Fire Giant, Deathsleep the Green Dragon, or The Kraken? 

If your children are looking for a quick entry into the world of Dungeons & Dragons, then this board game is the way to go. The storytelling features make this one of the top cool toys for boys. The role of the storyteller, the Dungeon Master, changes with each move. Each player takes a turn narrating the adventures, battles and as Dungeon Master also acts as referee during their turn.  In this classic game, the heroes are tough and excellent at problem-solving and creative thinking.

Recommended Ages: 10 years and up

Great Interactive Toy For LEGO Fans: LEGO Super Mario Adventures With Mario Starter Kit Course 71360

The LEGO Super Mario Adventures With Mario Starter Kit Course is designed for hours of creative and competitive fun; cool toys for boys who wondered what would happen if two well-known brands, LEGO and Super Mario (Nintendo), came together in real-time. 

Download the app for step-by-step instructions, and your kid is ready to build and play with the collectible LEGO set. This starter kit features a Super Mario LEGO Minifigure that kids can play with when adding expansion packs.

The object is for Super Mario to collect virtual coins as he runs and jumps across the LEGO bricks obstacle course; he needs to land on the Question Block to win coins. The Start Pipe at the beginning and the Goal Pole at the end register the completion of the course. LEGO Mario has a color sensor and LCD screens in his mouth, eyes, and belly that recreates 100 different instant expressive responses and sounds, creating a realistic effect. The speaker plays iconic sounds, and music kids will recognize from the video game. 

Kids rearrange the Starter Course any way their imagination inspires them with the LEGO bricks, the Question Mark Block, Goomba figure, and Bowser Jr. Add LEGO Super Mario Expansion Sets for more challenging levels and create intricate games to play with friends. 

With the quality LEGO Super Mario Starter Course, your child brings the Super Mario 3D world into his room. He has a superhero character that moves and acts as the character in the videos. The LEGO set is one of the best open-ended play games for a boy to enjoy alone or with friends. The expansion packs make cool gifts for a boy for future birthdays and Christmas gifts.

Recommended Ages: 6-21 years

Great Drawing Toys For Boys: Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

With the Crayola Light, Up Tracing Pad, boys can draw superheroes, sports characters, and more, irrespective of whether your son is an artist or can’t draw at all. Over 100 traceable images inspire kids to create their masterpieces. 

Kids can start drawing out of the box; the tracing pad comes with a graphite pencil, ten tracing sheets, ten blank sheets, and 12 short colored pencils. Parents, make sure you have three AA batteries for the tracing pad ready when your boy unpacks the box because he will want to start drawing immediately. 

The LED lights at the top and the lit surface create the tracing lines kids can copy. The white-lit background is easy to see with low lighting, on camping trips, or glow-in-the-dark toys. If your boy has built a Craft Forts shelter, he can play with the Tracing Pad inside his self-created tent. 

Creative kids aren’t limited to the included tracing sheets; they can find their images from photographs, comic books, or magazines. With over 100 traceable images, kids can create and customize scenes and color and embellish the traced design with the included colored pencils.  

Recommended Ages: 6 years and up

Which of these toys for boys is the perfect toy for your son?

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