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Adults may first convince themselves they are artists before they spend money on an easel and art supplies. Kids, however, are all artists. The best classroom teaching easel for classroom use is more than an easel for artists. It is an excellent teaching tool with its versatility, portability, and storage features, assisting the teacher’s teaching style. Teaching easels help students with their reading, writing, and other subject lessons.

We compiled a list of the best teacher easels to help teachers select the best classroom easels. Our editor’s choice is the Copernicus School Classroom Royal Reading Writing Center because it has exactly what you want to engage a child. The writing center features a magnetic dry erase board, a removable double-sided dry erase board, one side with lines, lots of storage bins, a rack for picture books, a foot-adjustable break, pages paws for holding paper, and a locked book ledge. We also included teacher easels for teachers on a budget; double-sided dry erase easels, magnetic dry erase boards, flipcharts, mobile teacher easels, writing centers, and teacher chart stands. 

Best Teacher Easels Compared

Copernicus School Classroom Royal Reading Writing Center RC105
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VIZ-PRO Magnetic Portable Easel Dry Erase Board Flipchart
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Best-Rite TLC-2-Deluxe Teacher’s Learning Center Easel
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ERYOK Kid’s Art Easel With Accessories
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Hape All-In-One Wooden Kid’s
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The Top Classroom Easel Reviews

Editor’s Choice For Teacher Easels: Copernicus School Classroom Royal Reading Writing Center RC105

The Copernicus Royal Reading Writing Center RC105 is the updated, redesigned version of their best seller RC005. Our editor’s choice is this primary teaching easel as the essential teaching tool for the elementary school teacher because of the teacher-driven features. Students use the classroom easel for all subjects, not just for reading and writing. 

The interactive features keep kids engaged and focused on the lesson and activity. The teacher easel features a front magnetic dry eraser surface and a rear removable double-sided dry erase board with lines on one side. Students can practice their writing skills, math manipulatives, read books, and draw with lines on one side and none on the other side of the double-sided dry erase board. Snap-on chart paper hooks hold the paper in place. 

An ultra-safe premium book ledge locks into multiple positions for easy reading. Kids won’t accidentally knock it off, and with various positioning, the shelf is adjustable to the child’s height.  Two magnetic page paws hold book pages in place for easy reading. The improved big book storage rack holds large books, protecting them against being damaged. 

A large middle shelf is conveniently placed to hold art supplies and the two tiny tubs for loose items the students are using; it works well as additional storage space. Beneath the middle shelf, four storage bins provide ample storage spaces for books, worksheets, supplies, and more. The open tubs slide on three-inch casters for easy access. Safety stops prevent the storage bings from spilling content when moving the classroom easel around or during use. The tubs are positioned higher so that teachers don’t have to bend too much but are still low enough for kids to access the tubs and content easily. 

The easel on wheels features three-inch casters for easy transport to the other side of the classroom. Two foot-activated brakes secure the teaching easel in one place, and kids can’t accidentally deactivate the brakes and move the classroom easel. 

The versatility of the Copernicus Royal Reading Writing center makes it one of the best teacher easels for small group activities and individual students staying engaged, learning, and practicing any subject.

Recommended Age: 5-10 years

Dimensions: Front magnetic dry erase board measures 29 x29 x 36 inches, removable magnetic dry erase board measures 25 x 36 inches, and the frame measures  56 x 31,5 x 32 inches.

Best Classroom Easels For Versatility: Little Partners 2-Sided A-Frame Art Easel WIth Chalk Board Magnetic Dry Erase

The deluxe Little Partners 2-sided A-frame art easel is a 3-in-1 easel, the perfect art easel with storage bins for creative learning and play. The classroom teaching easel features a chalkboard, paper roll, and dry erase board to inspire the artist inside your toddler. 

The classroom easel will blend well with classroom or home decor with six color options: espresso, earl grey, natural, olive green, turquoise, and soft white. The art easel is safe for kids; the construction material is paper, chalk and the paint and glue used are non-toxic. The classroom easels meet all the government safety standards, am Greenguard Gold Certified, Montessori Educator Onboard certified, and Forest Stewardship Council certified. The classroom easels were scientifically tested for over 10,000 chemical emissions and VOCs. It is safety tested to ASTM F963-17 and 16 CFY Part 1307 for lead, phthalates, and heavy metals. 

The 3-in-1 classroom easel has a two-sided design featuring a chalkboard and a magnetic whiteboard; the latter is perfect for art projects, and toddlers can practice their number learning and writing skills on the chalkboard. 

One on each side of the easel, two trays keep the dry erase markers and art supplies within reach of little hands. Four spill-proof paint cups, an eraser, and paper clip holders come with the classroom easel. Strategically placed, the side paper clips hold artwork in place for drying. Positioned at the top of the art easel, the paper feeder with a roll of paper feeds the paper within reach of your little one. The roll of paper is included in the purchase. 

The lower storage tray includes two lined fabric bins for storing more oversized items and is reachable from both sides of the double-sided easel. Above the bins is another storage shelf for kids who need more room for storing their dry erase markers, paint, and art supplies. 

The Little Partner 3-in 1 learning classroom easel is the best and perfect art studio for youngsters at home or school.  Made from durable materials, the art easel comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Recommended Age: Toddlers

Dimensions: 23.9 x 19.8 x 51.13 inches 

Best Basic Teacher Easels For Portability: VIZ-PRO Magnetic Portable Easel Dry Erase Board Flipchart

The VIZ-PRO Magnetic Protable Easel Dry Erase Board Flipchart easel is a traditional teaching easel for teacher demonstrations or office presentations. VIZ-PRO is a leading manufacturer of visual display media at reasonable prices.  The compact easel is the perfect interactive tool for limited space.

An aluminum alloy bracket with an anti-tilt triangle ring keeps the entire easel stable during use. The moveable easel is lightweight, and its collapsible design makes it convenient for transport, storage, and portability. The silver aluminum alloy frame is scratch-resistant, durable, and sturdy. 

The magnetic writing surface offers a smooth writing experience, and with dry-wipe, the dry erase markers are easily wiped clean. The adjustable easel has a height range between 46 inches and 64 inches tall. The teaching easel is functional at the proper height for adults and children, perfect for a class setup where the teacher and students use the flipchart. 

The portable multi-use easel is affordable, and included in the purchase is a pen tray, two hooks, and a movable hook for hanging paper. The dry eraser marker tray is detachable with an effortless clip-on or off to the edge of the whiteboard. Attach chart paper to the basic easel with the movable plastic hook; it holds the hanging flipchart pad and is stable during use. 

The VIZ-PRO Magnetic Easel Flipchart Whiteboard easel is a product for homeschool use, daily lessons, and a portable educational tool for limited teaching spaces. 

Recommended Age: Children, Adults

Dimensions: The magnetic mobile standing whiteboard with flipchart easel specifications are 36 x 24 inches for the magnetic board and 34 xx inches writing surface. Also available in large 48 x 24 inches size. 

Best Classroom Easels For All-Around Teaching: Best-Rite TLC-2-Deluxe Teacher’s Learning Center Easel

The Best-Rite TLC-2-Deluxe Teacher’s Learning Center Easel is your best classroom easel option for an all-purpose teaching easel on wheels. The cool features are perfect for one-on-one instruction or small group lessons in private, public schools, or homeschool classrooms. 

The mobile classroom is one of the best learning tools for an early childhood educational environment. The dry erase whiteboard surface doubles as a magnetic bulletin board. A magnetic accessory pad has permanently fused 1-inch penmanship lines for children to practice their writing skills. The write n wipe whiteboard cleans easily, and the magnetic pads add to the versatility of creating learning opportunities using the classroom easel. Teachers can use magnetic letters at the same time as the lined pad to inspire children to practice their writing. Removing the magnetic pad with lines creates a clean whiteboard for teaching more subjects in the classroom.

A wire big book holder will hold books, chapter books, and picture books safely out of the way until teachers and students are ready for story-time. A middle shelf is conveniently placed to store books, single sheets, a flip chart paper roll, and materials easily accessible for the teacher and children. The storage shelf has a built-in pencil tray on each side for convenience.

Four hooks hold the flip chart paper in place, and the red blow-mold plastic tray can hold markers, pens, and paint cups. The tray conveniently attaches with sturdy hooks. The four colorful tubs in red and blue are made from recycling materials and offer easy storage for more classroom materials and books.

Best-Rite makes quality products for daily use in the classroom or at home. The TL-2 Deluxe Teacher’s Learning Center frame is white-powdered-coated steel. The four wheels feature 2-inch locking casters for movability across the classroom floor and locking the teaching easel in place. It stays steady when children use the learning center, and the teacher can conveniently move it closer to children for interactive learning activities.

The TL-2 Deluxe Teacher’s Learning Center is a great gift for teachers in lower grade classrooms, home school parents, and daycare centers.

Age: First-grade students and older

Dimensions: The Best-Rite Cart Easel Teaching Center dimensions are 30 x 26.75 x 55.5 inches. 

Best Classroom Easels For Toddlers: ERYOK Kid’s Art Easel With Accessories

The ERYOK Kid’s Art Easel is an excellent easel for toddlers; the adjustable height feature adapts with your growing toddler. The all-purpose teaching easel with storage bins will inspire two-year-old toddlers to create masterpieces, and older kids will enjoy practicing daily lessons at the easel.

The double-sided magnetic board features a chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other side. The paper roll at the top feeds the paper for drawing and painting. The multi-functional design accommodates two kids simultaneously.

With hexagon screws, the adjustable-height feature adjusts the easel height from 31 inches to 55.5 inches to accommodate growing toddlers and kids of various ages. Rubber feet steady the easel on the floor. The easel folds for storage when not in use.

Four layers of precision panels construct a sturdy wooden easel that will last. With contact surface coating, galvanized iron sheet, high-density fiberboard, and the moisture-proof coating, the easel is protected from bulging, bubbles, absorption and reduces reflectance and dust. The result is a clear easy to use surface that is easy to wipe clean.

Storage cups and the two large bins offer lots of room to store toys, supplies, books, and other essential items your toddler likes. The apron and other accessories will inspire any toddler to explore their creative imaginations. Included in the package are numbers, animals, crystal shapes, and alphabet letter magnets. Six anti-dust hexagon-designed chalks are easy to hold in small hands, and the wrap-paper keeps little hands clean. A detachable magnetic eraser wipes the boards clean after use.

The ERYOK Kid’s Art Easel is the perfect gift for toddlers or young kids ready to explore their artistic and creative talents. While kids are having fun, they develop and strengthen their hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and visual-spatial skills.

Age: 2 years and up

Dimensions: The ERYOK Kid’s Art Easel measures 32 x 22.9 x 4.1 inches with a board size of 21.7 x 21.3 inches and an adjustable height of 31 to 55.5. inches.

Best Flannel Board Teaching Easels: Educational Insights 3-in-1 Portable Easel

The Educational Insights 3-in-1 portable easel is one of the best classroom easels for teachers who use a flannel board, magnetic board, and whiteboard. The compact tabletop easel is the perfect portable easel and doesn’t take up floor space.

The versatile presentation easel offers three products in one; the magnetic board and whiteboard are two-sided. Teachers can use magnetic letters and flashcards on the magnetic board during lessons or use the whiteboard option for demonstrating and explaining concepts. A unique flannel board is perfect for story-time and illustrations to spark young students’ imaginations. The write n wipe easel is easy to clean using a dry eraser; one reviewer used a paper towel or tissue.

Easy hook-and-loop fasteners keep the easel sturdy during use. The portable easel is compact enough for taking it home or to another class; the easel folds with a Velcro flap handle for carrying. A simple-fold design doesn’t take up much storage space, and teachers can use the easel on a desk, table, or floor. The compact design is ideal for small groups or one-to-one tutoring.

Teachers who travel, move teaching tools from classroom to classroom, or am on a tight budget, will appreciate the value for money 3-in-1 portable easel with a flannel board, whiteboard, and magnetic board. It is an excellent gift for a Pre-K teacher who engages students with felt board stories.

Age: Pre-K and older

Dimensions: The product dimensions are 20.8 x 16.9 x 1.1 inches, and the mobile easel is about 20 x 15 inches.

Best Wooden Art Easel For Creative Kids: Hape All-In-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel

The award-winning Hape All-In-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel is the best classroom easel for crafts, art, painting, and drawing. The all-inclusive easel features a magnetic whiteboard, erasable chalkboard, and a refillable paper roll.

With three adjustable height options from 37.5 inches to 43.5 inches, the easel is the right height for toddlers pre-K to elementary school kids. The easel features the magnetic whiteboard and the chalkboard on the other side with a paper roll on top. The knobs are the perfect size for little hands to independently turn the screws to feed paper and tighten to hold the paper in place.

The double-sided easel allows two kids to create simultaneously at the easel. The purchase includes three paint pots and holders and the refill paper roll; the paint pots fit snugly in the shelf’s holders.

Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award for 2014, the Hape All-In-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel is the best birthday gift for young artists and kids who like to draw and paint because it is fun. The art easel assembles quickly and is made from child-safe materials. The durable wood and child-safe paint finish easel are sturdy, and kids will enjoy it for years.

Age: 3-8 years

Dimensions: The Hape art easel measures 21.6 x 17.7 x 43.4 inches and is height adjustable.

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