Best Roller Skates For Kids Of All Ages

A kid on roller skates is a happy kid because they have wheels beneath them that take them places. Roller skating is one of the best recreational exercises for all ages, from toddlers to adults. It is an interest that boys and girls enjoy, and it is a healthy way to have fun with friends.

We spent over 30 hours reviewing and researching the best roller skate for kids. The variety available is incredible, and therefore we created a list of the top choices to help parents select the perfect skates for their little one. We looked at skates with a high boot construction and a lowcut boot, with a padded ankle collar, speed skates, the best skate for a roller derby girl, inline skates, and the best kid’s adjustable skate.

Our editor’s choice for the top skating experience is the Chicago Rink Roller Skate because it is an inexpensive, quality quad roller skate designed for young boys and girls. Beginners will not feel like novices and may happily wear the skates even after they have mastered the skills. The design is appealing in a classic way, and the oversized wheels with semi-precision wheels provide more excellent stability. It is overall a great skate.

Our Picks For Best Roller Skates For Kids

Chicago Girls Rink Roller Skate
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Roller Derby Fun Roll
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PlayWheels Disney Princess Kids Glitter Roller Skates
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Chicago Boys Sidewalk Roller Skate
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Roller Derby Boys Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate
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FireStar Youth Girls Roller Skates
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VNLA Vanilla Jr. Tuxedo Jam Skate
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Nsasy Roller Shoes Kids Roller Skates
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Best Overall for Young Girls and Boys: Chicago Girls Rink Roller Skate

Chicago Girls Rink Roller Skate white with oversized pink wheels

The Chicago Girls Rink Roller Skates with its classic design and oversized wheels may lure your child onto the rink for some classic roller-skating fun. Oversized pink wheels and a white vinyl ¾ athletic style boot may appeal to young girls. For boys, the Chicago skates come in a black boot with red wheels. The skates are overall one of the best roller skates for girls and boys. It is designed for indoor or outdoor use, sizing from J10 to 4, and is ideal for beginners, intermediate or advanced roller skaters.

The delightfully pink 60mm composite oversize wheels are made for high impact. With a wide wheelbase, your child may experience stability and a safe ride. The wheels feature an oversized PVC spoke core, 608Z ball bearings, and a double-action nylon chassis and truck. Tighten or loosen the adjustable trucks according to your child’s skating level and experience, the tighter, the better for beginners. The indoor or outdoor composite wheels and semi-precision bearings provide smooth roller skating. A toe stop helps kids stop safely without losing their balance.

A lace and Velcro power strap laces the feet tightly and helps keep the child’s feet in place. A tight, snug fit may avoid blisters because your child’s foot isn’t shifting around in the boot. The high-top boot is made from premium grade vinyl that may seem rigid. It may require getting used to but provides foot and ankle support, which is great for beginners and experienced skaters may also welcome the help.

The roller skate is value for your money and a roller skate your child may enjoy learning with and be proud to wear as an intermediate or advanced skater.

Best Toddler: Roller Derby Fun Roll

Roller Derby Fun Roll pink with yellow and white

If your 2-year-old wants to roller skate, then the Roller Derby Fun Roll with its adjustable sizing is a great pick. It is designed for the smallest skaters with two sizes that start at 7J to 11J and the medium size skate 11J-2 for older kids. By twisting a knob, the skate adjusts up to 5 shoe sizes, which means you won’t have to buy new skates every time your child’s feet grow.

The fun, tractor skate design with bright colors may appeal to toddlers. The low center of gravity provides more balance and safety for toddlers who are learning to skate and recently learned to balance their bodies. Better balancing avoids unnecessary falls that could demotivate a toddler who is learning to skate.

A robust supportive boot with extra-cushy padded liner ensures comfort while skating and better control of the skates. The support for the ankle and foot helps kids feel safe, providing excellent stability; your little one can focus on mastering skating skills without being worried that they would fall.

The kids’ adjustable skates are made from plastic, which is ideal for young toddlers. The urethane wheels with G-Force 608ZB carbon bearings ensure smooth-rolling indoor and outdoor. Brakes on both skates are situated at the back of the skates to prevent the child from falling backward. The reinforced polymer beam frame is sturdy.

Best Princess Skates: PlayWheels Disney Princess Kids Glitter Roller Skates

PlayWheels Disney Princess Kids Glitter Roller Skates pink and purple fits over shoes

The PlayWheels Disney Princess Kids Glitter Roller Skates allows your princes to skate with her favorite Disney princesses. The cute roller skates are decorated with character graphics like Belle, Pocahontas, and Mulan. These roller skates fit comfortably over your toddler’s shoes.

The adjustable skates come with protective kneepads for additional safety. Designed for children aged 3-6 years or 45 pounds, the roller skates fit and adjust to a variety of junior foot sizes. No tools needed for the adjustment; turning a thumbscrew is required to make the skates the right size.

A sturdy plastic frame is made for long-lasting outdoor fun. The strap buckles that secure the foot in the skate is also designed for heavy use. The Disney princess theme with sparkling glitter may appeal to any young toddler princess and motivate her to learn to roller skate.

The simple-to-use toe stop brake on each skate assists toddlers to slow down and stop safely. Beginner skaters may find the brakes useful and easy to apply; they can slow down and stop whenever they wish. A set of kneepads may prevent injuries and scrapes to the knees when the toddler falls, which will happen while learning the ropes. The kneepads fasten with Velcro fasteners that adjust for a secure fit.

Other Disney themes to choose from are Disney Frozen, Minnie Mouse, or for little boys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Best Young Kids: Chicago Boys Sidewalk Roller Skate

Chicago Boys Sidewalk Roller Skate black with red and blue

The Chicago Boys Sidewalk Roller Skate is one of the best roller skates for kids and, overall, the best roller skates for young boys and girls. These iconic Quad Sidewalk skates from Chicago is a classic and designed for gliding.

The skates feature four premium oversized wheels with semi-precision bearings for a steady and enjoyable ride indoors or outdoors. High-quality laces allow kids to tighten the boot for the best fit for their feet. The controlled high-top boot provides optimum safety and ankle support most beginners desire.

Wheels and toe stops are plastic, which makes the skate lightweight and inexpensive. Plastic can break, but for young kids whose feet are still growing, it is not too problematic. Parents will have to replace the skates to fit bigger feet comfortably and aren’t always that keen to spend a lot of money on expensive skates that the child outgrows in a year.

With a lace up front and a fold-over Velcro strap, the skate is easy to pull on and off. The laces tighten the boot, and the Velcro strap at the top secures a tight and comfortable fit.

Best Plastic Adjustable: Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate

Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate red and black

If you were looking for an affordable beginner pair of skates, then the Roller Derby Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skates is the best kid roller skates that grow with your child. The plastic shell of the adjustable roller skate protects the cloth boot inside, which is removable for cleaning.

The reinforced polymer frame and lightweight chassis ensure no unnecessary weight added to the skates; extra weight may slow down or hinder the skater. The chassis has real trucks and cushions, making it easier for young kids to turn and control their movement. Polyurethane wheels with standard G-Force 608ZB carbon wheel bearings give a smooth ride on sidewalk surfaces outdoors or rink skate indoors.

The supportive boot, which is washable, has a padded lining that sits comfortably and snug. A thick padded tongue helps for a better fit. The boot has no laces to tie. If you have an independent kid, the kid-friendly cam-lever buckles may appeal to them. Kids can pull on the roller skates and tie the boot without adult assistance.

With a push of a button, the skate adjusts up to four sizes. The medium skate adjusts from 12J to 2 and the large from 3 to 6. If your daughter doesn’t like the black and red or blue and orange skates, the Roller Derby Girls’ Trac Star skates are available in pink and mint or a blue, white and pink color combination.

Best Roller Derby Skates: FireStar Youth Girl’s Roller Skates

FireStar Youth Girl’s Roller Skates white with pink

The FireStar Youth Girl’s Roller Skates is the best roller skates for kids who are interested in Roller Derby. A family member may be active in this sport, or your child aspires to join one of the Junior Roller Derby League teams. Yes, some leagues accept roller skaters as young as 8 years old.

Irrespective, if your child is going to take part in the sport, or is interested in roller skating with friends, the FireStar skates are one of the best roller skates for kids. The sports shoe design has Velcro straps and a lace closure boot. The combination of classic laces and a power strap ensures a secure and comfortable fit preventing the foot from shifting in the boot. The boot’s sports design comes with synthetic uppers with cushioned liner and a padded collar for luxurious comfort.

Roller Derby skaters must have excellent control of their skates and the ability to move and turn tight and fast. The patented Torsion Beam chassis of the roller skates provide that excellent control not only for athletes but your child when skating on a sidewalk surface area or at the rink indoors. Both skates have non-marking toe brakes for that perfect stop and slowing down. The wheels are made of urethane with 608Z Excellerator bearings that provide smooth rolling over sidewalk bumps and cracks.

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Best Inline Skate: Papaison Adjustable Inline Skates or Kids

Papaison Adjustable Inline Skates or Kids black with purple

The Papaison Adjustable Inline Skates is the best inline skates for kids who want to learn skating with rollerblades. A child who is used to the ice rink may prefer a pair of rollerblades to quad roller skates. Although most kids may learn easier with roller skates with four skate wheels, the Papaison Adjustable Inline skates are designed to give novices the best ankle support, stability, and control while mastering their skating skills.

An integrated thickened shell and frame system combined with a lower center of gravity gives skaters more control and better stability. Reinforced lateral support provides excellent ankle support for your child. The strategically shaped and placed pads in the boot, cradles your child’s feet. Ample cushioning in the liner and the tongue protects the feet in all movements while creating a pleasant plush feel. Your child’s feet should not tire quickly in these snug boots.

The reinforced aluminum frame provides stability and a safer skate experience. The high-speed mute ABEC-7 bearings are made from premium quality carbon steel for smooth skating even as a novice. The high-rebounded 82A polyurethane wheels ensure a cool ride with full illumination the moment the wheels start rolling. No batteries are needed to keep those wheels lit up; the rolling movement powers the lights.

A triple protection system makes sure that your child’s feet fit comfortably in the boot. Stable shoelaces tighten areas around the foot. The durable hook and loop straps with the high-strength safety buckle securely close the boot and protect your child’s ankles and feet.

The inline adjustable skates also adjust to 4 sizes to keep up to date with your growing child. The roller skate sizes vary from small to extra-large, which means your child, your teenager, and you may all enjoy skating with inline skates.

Best Speed Skate: Lynex Apex Kids Quad Roller Skates

Lynex Apex Kids Quad Roller Skates black with green

The Lynex Apex Kids Quad Roller Skates are real speed roller skates for kids. The skates look like quad skates that older kids wear but are designed for younger and smaller feet that start at the size J10. It is a quality skate at a reasonable price.

Little feet may tire less in the comfortable padded boot. A child who has mastered roller skating may want to try speed skating. Speed skating boots are cut lower than the high boot beginners prefer. The Apex Kids Quad skate boot is cut for speed skating. A Velcro strap is adjustable to secure your child’s feet fit snugly in the boots.

The skate features lightweight polymer plates and ABEC-5 carbon speed bearings that won’t wear out even after years of skating pleasure. At the price point, the durability of the bearings may surprise parents.

The skates also come with wheels designed for the harder surfaces of indoor roller rinks. Your child may also skate and practice their skills in basements or smooth garage surfaces with these skates.

If your child is an experienced skater at a young age or has small feet, then the Apex Quad Skates are one of the best roller skates for kids you may find. The skates are non-adjustable, one size skates, which means typically better quality skates that last longer.

Best Jam Skates: VNLA Vanilla Jr. Tuxedo Jam Skate

VNLA Vanilla Jr. Tuxedo Jam Skate black low cut boot

If Brandon Perea is your child’s hero, then the VNLA Vanilla Jr. Tuxedo Jam Skates could be one of the best birthday gifts you can give your child. Jam skating is about footwork, dancing, rhythm, and fun! The VNLA rhythm skates are designed to help your child accomplish their jam skating dream.

The soft padded interior of the leather boot may keep your child’s feet secure and protected against jam skating abuse and injuries.

Skate like a pro with the features the skate has to offer. The skates come with Vanilla Genuine Backspin Tuxedo 62mm, 95A hardness indoor wheels for jamming indoors. The backspin wheels are designed for maximizing your kid’s moves indoors. The wheels provide a strong grip and phenomenal roll so that your kid may complete the perfect trick. If your child wants to jam outdoors too, the skates support outdoor wheels for jamming.

Instead of the standard toe stop, the jam skates feature low profile Vanilla Jam plugs that are pointed for the perfect spins and complicated moves. A low-profile toe stop is ideal for tricks because it will not get in the way while performing tricks.

The skate also comes with Vanilla Gorilla nylon plate with upgraded aluminum trucks equipped with a micro-adjustable lock nut, washer, and 8mm axles. The micro-adjustable lock nut allows minute adjustments for the perfect personalized fit to enable your child to reach their potential without being restricted by the skate.

Best Sneaker Wheels: Nsasy Roller Shoes Kids Roller Skates

Nsasy Roller Shoes Kids Roller Skates pink
The versatile Nsasy Roller Shoes Kids Roller skates are unique. Kids may love the combination of being a standard pair of sneakers and also a pair of roller skates. The funky sneakers with LED lights are already appealing, how much more sneakers transform into roller shoes. Kids have three options, wearing trendy sneakers with LED lights, rolling with one wheel, or skating with two wheels.

With 20 colorful design options and LED flashing soles, who wouldn’t want a pair as a Christmas or birthday gift? Your kiddo may find the perfect pair with their favorite color scheme. The sneaker is covered with a breathable mesh that reflects and gives a radiant appearance in the dark.

Fully charged, the LED lights work for 6-8 hours and take about 2-4 hours to recharge with the included USB cable. The LED switch and charging interface is situated at the front of the shoe below the Velcro strap.

When you want to change your sneakers into the inline type of skates, press the heel button. The back wheel pops out. By pressing the button and the wheel simultaneously, the wheel retracts. Kids may move with the one-wheel skate or insert a second wheel into the front slot that is covered when not in use.

Buying Guide/FAQ For New Skate Shopping

What are some signs of high-quality when searching for the best roller skates for toddlers and kids?

  • Look for a high-top boot. This will help with your child’s stability.
  • For toddlers, pick quad skates over inline for the most stable footing.
  • The kid’s feet grow so quickly. Product life isn’t likely to come into play—unless you have multiple children.

Are laces important for skates, or is Velcro ok?

Velcro straps secure the foot in the skate and help with ankle support. Laces, however, may tighten the boot around the foot in ways straps cannot. Velcro is more manageable for kids to handle than locking buckles or a lacing system that requires adult assistance.

How much should I expect to spend on beginner roller skates

You can purchase toddler and beginner skates for under $50, or you can spend over $100 for a quality non-adjustable quad skate or inline skate.

Kids’ feet grow quickly, and spending a lot of money on recreational skates they outgrow within a year is not always worth it. You can spend $60-70 and buy a pair of adjustable quad roller skates that will last a while.

Can you tell me the benefits a kid gets from skating?

  • Skating is a hobby that can last a lifetime. Your child may start young and still be roller skating as an adult.
  • Roller skating is an excellent exercise your kids may enjoy indoors or outdoors. They can roller skate anytime.
  • Once your child has mastered skating, they can participate in sports like roller derby, ice hockey, and skate hockey, which requires skating with roller skates or ice skates.
  • Skating may strengthen your child’s ankles, knees, and legs. It also helps improve their balance, and it is a hobby that requires focus.

What safety equipment should my skating kid use?

A helmet, knee pads, wrist pads, and elbow pads are critical to where when roller skating. The helmet should cover the back of the head to avoid concussions and other injuries when they fall.

Make sure the roller skate’s toe stopper is large to make it easy for your child to stop.

How tight should leather-boot skates be on my child? DO I need to “break them in”?

Leather roller skates have a break-in period. Initially, the leather may feel stiff and uncomfortable. To avoid blisters, allow the child to skate for short periods frequently until the leather has molded to their feet.

Skating with damp socks for an hour may soften the leather and shorten the break-in period.

Can you tell me how fast kids’ feet grow each month? Each year?

A child between the ages of 3- and 6-years’ feet may grow 0,039 inches (1 mm) per month, which is about a half an inch per year. Adjustable roller skates may adjust 3-4 boot sizes, which means parents do not have to buy new skates every year.

Do roller skates for kids come in regular shoe sizes, or something else?

Most roller skates come in standard shoe sizes to make it easier for sizing. Roller skate sizes for toddlers and young kids are marked with a J for juvenile and goes up to J13. The bigger kids’ skate size starts at 1 and sizes up to 6 and then crosses over to adult sizes.

Is a 2-year-old too young to begin to skate? What age can a child learn to skate?

If a child can walk, they can roller skate. A two-year-old that is steady on their feet can learn to skate under parent supervision. Parents know their kids and should decide when their child is ready for the skate rolling experience at a skating rink or outdoor.

How do you stop when skating?

Most quad skates have toe stops at the front of the roller skates, whereas inline skates’ toe stop is situated at the back of the skate. Toe stops assist skaters in stopping by slowing the skater down when pushed or dragged.

Is it easier for a kid to rollerblade or roller skate?

Roller skate or quad skates with four wheels are easier for beginners to balance and stay steady during the learning process. Most kids learn to roller skate on quad skates. The exception is kids who have experienced ice skating. They learn easier on inline skates or roller blades because they are used to the narrow blade of an ice skate.

What’s the best way to teach a child to roller skate?

The best way to teach your child to roller skate is to skate with them and have fun together. When your child puts on a pair of skates for the first time, have them test it indoors until they feel comfortable to go outside. Make sure they can safely stand on the roller skates before allowing them to adventure outdoors.

You may take your child for skating lessons, ask advanced skaters to teach them, or teach them yourself. Teach your child the importance of wearing safety equipment. Then show them how to stop correctly, skate forward, fall, and get up again.

What are the different types of roller skates?

Quad Skates

The two main types of roller skate are quad skates and inline skates. Quad skates have four wheels, two at the front, and to at the back. Roller skates are ideal for jam skating and roller derby skating.

Inline Skates

Inline skates require more ankle strength than quad skates. The skate has four wheels that run in the middle of the skate in the same way the blade of an ice skate runs. Inline skates or rollerblades are used for recreational skating, roller hockey, and racing.

Depending on the type of wheel, both quad skates and inline skates are used indoor or outdoor.

Which roller skates are best for beginners?

Beginners learn easier on quad skates because it provides better stability than inline skates. Novices may find they tend to lean the inline skates in or out to help with stability. However, ice skaters may find inline skates easier than quad skates because ice skates require the same type of balancing. Kids who are used to inline skates may learn quicker to ice skate than others.

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