11 Cool Kids Chairs for Homework, Playtime and Chilling

Chairs are an essential piece of furniture. Kids are usually happy to sit on the floor as long as they have a soft cushion, but they love having their own chairs. Kids’ chairs can be used for homework, playtime, and chilling out in front of the TV.

Best Chairs For Kids and Children Compared

KEET Roundy Rocking Chair
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Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Chair
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Delta Children Upholstered Disney Frozen II Chair
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Keet Microsuede Children’s Chair
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Urban Shop Zebra Faux Fur Saucer Chair
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When buying a kid’s chair, look for comfort, durability, and a child-friendly design in bright colors. Kids’ chairs are smaller than adult chairs, so they are great for bedrooms. You can also use kids’ chairs in the garden during the summer. Chairs for kids made from hard materials are easy to wipe down and keep hygienically clean, which is helpful if your child likes to eat dinner while sitting in the chair. If you prefer a fabric chair, be sure to spray it with a protective spray to prevent it from getting too dirty.

Kids’ chairs come in all shapes and sizes, so here is our guide to the best chairs for little people.

We’ve got you covered if you are looking for the best desk chairs or even the best desks for kids.

Best Kids Chairs – Great Furniture For Children To Play

1. Best Kids Chair For Rocking Toys: KEET Roundy Rocking Chair

KEET Roundy Rocking Chair Gingham

The KEET Roundy Rocking Chair is one of the best rocking chairs for kids that look like grownup chairs – perfect kids’ lounge furniture for pretend play. The plush seating is comfortable for your toddler, with enough room for stuffed animals and toys. Trendy Gingham upholstered fabric blends well with any bedroom furniture and wallpaper.

This cute chair is just like a grownup armchair, but with wooden rocking legs that look great next to the dresser. The kid’s chair is constructed on a durable wooden frame and upholstered with high-density foam for comfort. These cute rockers are great on the patio, living room, playroom, or the kid’s bedroom. The manufacturer recommends 2-5 years, the perfect size for toddlers and younger children. The rocking chair comes in five different colors: pink, green, brown, lavender, and navy blue.


  • It looks like a grownup armchair for pretend play
  • Various colors to choose from that blend with kid’s bedroom furniture
  • Padded seating with high-density foam for comfort
  • Easy to clean upholstered materials
  • Great kid’s rocker for ages 2-5 years


  • It takes up floor space in small rooms

2. Good Chair For Children Camping: Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Chair

The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Chair is so bright and cheerful that you can’t help but smile when you see it. Children will adore this cute kids’ chair – it has a cup holder in the arm, just like mummy and daddy’s garden chairs.

All water-resistant surface materials are easy to wipe and keep clean. In addition, the sturdy metal frames are long-lasting and durable, with a weight limit of up to 125 pounds.

Kids can easily open and close the chair, and the child-size folding chair also comes with a storage bag in matching fabric. Highly portable, children can carry their lawn chairs to the ideal spot for assembling. The Melissa & Dough foldable chairs are the best kids’ chairs for outdoors, camping, picnics, beach, sports events, or backyard leisure.


  • Bright and cheerful with adorable GIddy Buggy theme characters
  • Good chair for camping, patio, or lawn
  • Convenient built-in cupholder for picnic drinks
  • Lightweight storage bag and child-friendly assembly
  • A well-known brand for toys, accessories, and kids’ furniture


  • Like any good lawn chair, you need to make sure to unfold the chair correctly so the seat doesn’t collapse

3. Top Kids Seating For Little Girls: Delta Children Upholstered Disney Frozen II Chair

Little girls will adore the Disney Frozen II chair from the Delta children’s range of bedroom furniture. The novelty chair is the best kids’ seating for Disney fans, an excellent addition to her Frozen collection.

With this cute Disney-themed kid’s chair, your little girl’s Frozen fashion and interior design dreams come to life. She can even have Frozen I and Frozen II armchairs matching her Frozen bedding, bedroom wallpaper, and accessories.

The modern, plush chair has a hardwood frame, so it is extra sturdy and upholstered in fabric featuring colorful Anna and Elsa graphics. It really is a chair fit for a little princess lifestyle.

These colorful kids’ seats also feature other Disney characters. For example, your child can choose the Minnie Mouse character with a cute ribbon in her hair and on the chair’s side pocket, the Peppa Pig Unicorn if she is a unicorn fan, or the Trolls World Tour with Lotta Love wording design on the padded seat. 


  • Comfy upholstered kids’ chairs with Disney characters
  • Durable hardwood frame with plush, padded seating
  • A fashion statement for a Frozen fan’s bedroom furniture and accessories


  • She could outgrow the characters before she outgrows the chair

4. Great Kid’s Chair For Living Room: Keet Microsuede Children’s Chair

The Keet Microsuede Children’s armchair is made from stylish dark brown microsuede fabric to fit perfectly into any adult room. The child-sized seating is one of the best decorative chairs, miniature for a child but as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as modern adult recliners.

The microsuede upholstery is rugged and capable of withstanding rough play; it comes in five delightful colors. The chair has four wooden legs, which someone must screw in after delivery.


  • Stylish kids armchair in the living room for toddlers
  • Tough microsuede fabric to withstand rough play
  • Comfy lounger with easy-to-clean fabric


  • You need more floor space for the armchair than folding chairs

5. Best Kids Chair For Modern Teenagers: Urban Shop Zebra Faux Fur Saucer Chair

Urban Shop Zebra Faux Fur Saucer Chair

The Urban Shop Saucer Chair comes in a funky faux fur polyester fabric, so it is bound to appeal to kids. In addition, the fun zebra print chair folds up in seconds, so it takes up very little room when not in use. It can even be stored under a bed if necessary.

With a foldable design, the cozy chair is compact to store and easy to carry. It’s the perfect personal space seat to chill in the bedroom, curl up with a book in the living room, or have some quiet time listening to the wind chimes on the patio.

The quality frame is made from sturdy metal and supports tweens and teenagers 8-15 years old. Trends come and go, but this cozy chair fits in any interior-designed room. Few chairs for children make such a powerful statement of simplicity and are also comfortable. It is a truly comfortable chair, so try one out for size!

The saucer-shaped chair is the perfect gift for teenagers. With the folding design, children can carry it indoors or outdoors or store it in a corner to save floor space. Of course, your toddler may drag their stuffed animals everywhere, but don’t be too surprised if your teen slips out to the patio with candles and candle holders from the mantel and their cozy faux fur chair under their arm.


  • A great pick for trendy teens and tweens
  • Comfortable saucer shape for cozy personal time or chill with friends
  • Stylish design compatible with child’s bedroom decor
  • Portable, folding design to store under beds
  • A sturdy metal frame that quickly folds and unfolds


  • Not all children like a zebra design

6. Grea Sensory Seating For Kids: Indoor Hanging Chair for Kids

Indoor Hanging Chair for Kids

The Harkla indoor hanging chair for kids is amazingly comfortable and calming, which makes it the perfect chair for children on the autism spectrum. Use the hanging chair as a sensory swing or therapy chair for a child.

Easy to set up, the kid’s hanging chair comes with ceiling hooks, a carabiner, and a pump. The adjustable strap allows you to adjust the hanging chair to your home’s ceiling height and how high or low you want it from the floor. Designed and constructed for children, it will quickly become your kid’s favorite chair. Just watch how your child transforms from highly energetic and stressed to a calm, happy child.

When they climb into the hanging chair, it snuggles like a bean bag chair, and the slow swinging soothes any child, a safe, personalized space to unwind. Within the cocoon-bag seating, an agitated child feels incredibly secure without restrictions; it’s like a gigantic hug, a great place to relax and find themselves.

They can make swinging in the hanging pod part of their sensory self-regulation routine. Climbing in and out of the hanging chair helps toddlers strengthen their motor skills, and they will love the sensory experience of the indoor chair’s swinging motion. Soft as pillows, the cushioned padded seating and soft fabric enhance sensory experiences, and the materials are durable, can hold up to 150 pounds, and withstand tough play times.

The Harkla’s Sensory Kids Chair is one of the best chairs for kids with sensory processing disorders and youngsters who need a quiet space to relax and calm down. In addition, the toddler chair also comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee. Once your child discovers this chair’s cozy comfort, they will want to stay in it for hours.


  • Best kids’ chair for sensory processing disorders
  • Soft as pillows but a durable hanging bag chair
  • Toddlers strengthen motor skills by climbing in and out
  • Hardware included and adaptable to high or low ceilings


  • Some kids need to adjust to padded pillows; parents can partially inflate the seat to help kids

7. Best Kids Chairs For Tweens: Cosco Products Kids Chairs 4-Pack Pinch Free Folding Chair

Cosco Products Kids 4-Pack Pinch Free Folding Chair

The Costco Products 4-pack folding kids chairs are ideal for craft sessions, meal times, and garden fun. It’s the best chairs for kids to study at desks, be seated at tables for board games, or be pulled from storage for extra guests.

With a pack of four foldable chairs, there are enough seats for everyone at an affordable price. The metal frame folds flat for compact storage or is stacked against the wall in a corner. The folding chair’s pinch-free hinges are the best feature, perfect for independent children who like to do things themselves. In addition, kids can safely collapse the kids chairs without pinching their fingers between the legs and seat; the chair hinges are designed not to close tightly but leave some space if fingers accidentally get stuck when folding the kids’ chairs.

The folding chairs for kids have a strong steel frame with a reinforced tube-in-tube design that’s sturdy and strong. The kids’ chairs look smart with a powder-coated finish that’s very easy to clean. The non-marring foot caps protect floors when tweens drag the chairs. For storage, you can unscrew the legs; however, in usage, the legs can loosen after a while and requires tightening.

It is an excellent piece of furniture for a tween’s homework desk, craft table in the playroom, picnic on the patio, or any room in the house that needs extra chairs for kids.


  • Pinch-free hinges are safe for tweens to use
  • Great kids chair seating for 9-10-year-olds
  • Durable frame that’s easy to clean
  • Portable folding chair for compact storage
  • Cheerful color kids like
  • Non-marring foot caps protect the floor


  • Because the legs can unscrew, they loosen over time with usage and needs tightening

8. Great Camping Kid’s Chair For Preschoolers: Redmon for Kids Folding Camping Chair

Redmon for Kids Folding Camping Chair

The Redmon for Kids folding camping chair is perfect for camping trips. Instead of losing your camping chair each time the kids want to take a rest, let them have their very own outdoor furniture rather.

The Redmon folding chair comes in three different colors: red, hot pink, and blue. The steel frame is durable, and the PVC-coated fabric is nice and easy to clean. It even comes with its carry bag for ease of use; toddlers and kids 5-6 years old can feel grown up carrying their camping gear to the car.


  • Great camping chair for young children 5-6 years old
  • Bright colors appeal to toddlers and young kids
  • Child-size furniture for outdoor adventures


  • Recommended for young children, kids can outgrow the small-sized camping chair quickly

9. Top Stools For Daycare And Classroom: Flash Furniture Plastic Stackable School Chair

Flash Furniture Plastic Stackable School Chair

The stackable plastic school chair from Flash Furniture is ideal for bedrooms, playrooms, or the garden. Made from tough molded plastic, this kid-friendly chair is available in three different primary colors: lime green, cherry red, and blue. It is designed to encourage good posture, and with a 176-pound load capacity, it is suitable for older kids too.


  • Ten chairs in a pack are great for early childhood school seating
  • Solid plastic legs and no arms are ideal for kids’ desks
  • Great budget buy for daycare and schools
  • Ideal seat height for young children at table and desk


  • The price seems high, but for ten kids’ chairs, it is a good purchase

10. Best Designed Child-Safe Furniture For Toddlers: IKEA Mammut Kids Chair

IKEA is famous for its quirky designs, and this cute Mammut kids chair is no exception. Once assembled, the Mammut chairs look great, and kids find them extremely comfortable. The plastic construction is tough and durable, and the cute kids’ desk chairs come in pink, blue, red, and white.

It is also straightforward to clean, which is an important consideration when you have kids. The wide legs of the Mammut chair mean it is nice and stable, so if your toddler loves to climb all over the furniture, this chair won’t fall over.


  • Most comfortable and safe desk chairs for kids
  • Durable plastic materials easy to clean
  • Wide legs safe furniture for climbing toddlers


  • There are cheaper-priced stools and seating available

11. Great Furniture Set For Young Children: Little Tikes Bright ‘n Bold Table & Chairs

Little Tikes Bright ‘n Bold Table & Chairs

The Little Tikes Bright ‘n Bold table and chairs are durable, brightly colored, and great fun for a child’s bedroom. The set is easy to clean – all you need to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth. This Little Tikes table and chair set are ideal for younger children. It is really sturdy, so it won’t topple over if a child decides to climb all over it. Toddlers can use it for meal times, and older kids can sit down to do their coloring or craft activities.


  • Table and chairs from a reliable brand
  • Easy to clean furniture, ideal for younger kids
  • Sturdy furniture that won’t topple


  • The kids chairs and table set takes up more space than a chair under a child’s desk

What To Look For When Shopping For A Desk Chair

Parents can easily spend lots of time and money shopping for a desk chair for their child. To help with the selection, here are some features to consider. 

Ergonomic Right Fit

The right fit in kids’ desk chairs and seats ergonomically promotes the proper posture. Comfortable stools reduce fatigue, and kids will happily sit for more extended periods. Chairs recommended for ages are at the right height and allow children to sit with feet flat on the ground and knees at a 90-degree angle. Although not a lounge recliner, kids’ chairs should be cozy and sit comfortably way back in the chair. 

Easy To Clean

Desk chairs with trendy fabrics for interior design may appeal to kids and are aesthetically pleasing in bedrooms or lounges but aren’t always that easy to clean. It’s not just the seat that requires cleaning when they spill coffee, but the upholstery too.

Kids are messy, and the upholstery of bean bag chairs, sofas, and chairs for toddlers and younger children are cleaned often; it should be easy to remove a spot. For example, you could consider a cushioned seat with decorative upholstery for teen desk chairs but stick to easy-to-clean plastic chairs for toddlers and younger children.

Chair Mobility And Space

Unlike cumbersome lounge armchairs and recliners, kids’ desk chairs should be lightweight and easy to move in available spaces. Chairs with wheels are highly mobile, but most kids consider desk chairs as playthings and may shorten their lifespan due to excessive misuse. Also, consider the floor space to move when shopping for teenage desk chairs with wheels.

We think we have covered all the best kids chairs, but if your children have a favorite chair for homework and playtime, let us know which one it is in the comments section.

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