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Snowboarding is fun for the entire family. The variety of snowboards for kids ranges from snowboard toys to larger and more durable boards for older kids and teens. A great choice of a board always begins by getting the right size – without that it’ll be a rough day on the slopes.

I researched and compiled a list of the best snowboards introducing children to the snowboarding experience to save you time. I included the best snowboard for girls, too, because snowboarding is for everyone at any age. The buying guide highlights the features you should consider when selecting a snowboard for your child.

Our editor’s pick is the Burton After School Special Kids Snowboard because it has all the features you want in a snowboard. The Burton brand is dedicated to snowboarding and makes quality boards for little ones to learn snowboarding skills.

What Makes The Best Kids Snowboards + Why

Small in size and easy to ride are key features when shopping for the best snowboard for kids, but what else? Your child’s skill level will determine the type of board, and parents should also consider these key features and characteristics in the buying guide.  

The snowboard length is a critical feature because the size determines how much control your kid will have when snowboarding. When standing on its tip, the snowboard length should reach between your child’s chest and chin. A shorter snowboard is slower and gives beginners and kids at a young age more control making sharp, quick turns, whereas a longer snowboard provides advanced snowboarders with the speed they crave. 

Snowboard size charts include a child’s weight for a more precise board selection. Choose a shorter snowboard for kids, light for their height, and a longer snowboard for heavier kids. Make sure when considering child growth that you stay within the recommended size range when purchasing a snowboard. Buying an adult snowboard or too large a board may be too challenging for a child and take all the fun out of snowboarding.

Snowboards range in width from narrow (8.8-9.6 inches), regular, mid-wide, and wide. Snowboards for kids usually are narrow width, and adult snowboards are from narrow to wide. Snowboard boots or snow boots should slightly hang over the board’s side edge. However, make sure the snow boots don’t have over too much that it drags and your kid loses control. 

Your child’s skill level will determine which of the three types of snowboards is best for them. 

  • Freestyle Snowboards are light, short, wider, and soft flex for easy turning and more responsive to the rider, ideal for beginners. This durable board design works well for snow parks, terrain parks, and halfpipes; its limited edge grip doesn’t make it a good snowboard for speed or carving. The twin-tipped freestyle boards allow forward and backward riding. 
  • Freeride or All-Mountain Snowboards are all-around snowboards with soft flex; beginners can easily maneuver the snowboard. The snowboard tail is narrower, flatter, and shorter than the tip creating a directional shape that primarily steers the board in one direction.
  • Alpine, Carving, Or Race Snowboards are narrow, long, stiff snowboards with a shovel tip at the back; the boards look like large skis and are best for advanced riders. The boards are designed for carving with speed downhill, quick-edge turns, and superior edge-holding power on hard snow; it is not designed for tricks.
  • Powder Snowboards are designed for deep snow; even the placement of the binding inserts caters to deep snow. Many powder snowboards feature rockers for better flotation. 
  • Splitboards are best for climbing snow-covered hills in the backcountry. The board splits in half like skis when climbing uphill and then reconnects for the downhill ride. Splitboards are for advanced snowboarders who enjoy exploring slopes. 

A snowboard flexes in two ways, longitudinal flex and torsional flex. For most riders, the flex along the snowboard’s length, the longitudinal flex, is more critical than the flex across the snowboard’s width, the torsional flex. 

The more flexible the snowboard, the more maneuverable and forgiving is the board when riders make mistakes. Soft flex to medium flex snowboards are better for kids; lightweight riders control flexible boards easier. 

For an ultimate riding experience, the snowboard binding style should match the kid’s riding style and the flex of their boots. The bindings directly connect the body’s muscle movements to the snowboard. 

  • Strap-In Bindings are responsive and the most common type of binding. The foot slips into the binding, and it’s easy to tighten the straps securing the foot. 
  • Rear-Entry Bindings have a re-inforced highback with a single strap at the toe. The highback closes on the boot when you slide the foot into the strap.
  • Burton Step-On Bindings are designed for the Burton Step On boots; the snowboard boots click into place when you slide them into the bindings.  

Wooden core, plastic, and solid wood are the most common snowboard materials. A beginner snowboard made from plastic is the perfect beginner board for young riders. Adult snowboards are wood core boards for better performance and durability, and a wood care board is the perfect board for kids who are more advanced in snowboarding. 

Extruded bases and sintered bases are the two types of polyurethane materials used in snowboard bases. Extruded bases are cheaper than sintered bases, easy to repair, and have low maintenance. Sintered bases are more durable, faster, stronger but require waxing. 

  • Directional Boards ride in one direction and are excellent for speed. Freeride and carving snowboards have directional shapes.
  • Directional Twin Snowboards are great for all-around riders that enjoy snow park fun and mountain snowboarding.
  • True Twin Boards are the best kids’ boards for pipe riding and terrain parks. The board is symmetrical with no difference whether you ride forward or backward.  

Best Kids Snowboards Compared

Burton After School Special Kids Snowboard w/Bindings
Check price at
Flexible Flyer Avenger Kids Beginner Snowboard
Lowest Price
Check price at
Emsco Group Freeride 110 Beginner Level 2 Snowboard 1069T
Check price at
Lucky Bums Kids Beginner Plastic Snowboard
Check price at
Geospace The Original Sledsterz Kids’ Snowboard
Check price at
Burton Chicklet Girls Snowboard
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Emsco Group Graffiti Snowboard
Check price at

Our Take on the Best Snowboards For Kids Reviewed

1. Editor’s Top Choice: Burton After School Special Kids Snowboard w/Bindings

As the name indicates, the Burton After School Special Kids Snowboard is our editor’s choice for after-school snowboarding fun. The Burton brand is all about snowboarding, and the After School Special Kids board is one of the best snowboards for beginners for balance, effortless control, and playful, all-around fun. 

Type And Shape

With a twin shape, the kid’s snowboard is symmetrical for easy balancing and allows beginners to spin and stomp without requiring many stability skills. Whether riding regular forward or switching, the snowboard is easy to ride and will make novices look good.

A flat-top bend design with rocker features provides continuous edge control and balance, and stability that beginners and younger kids need. The nose and tail kick up, ensuring a catch-free ride as the edges lift off the snow preventing ends catching allowing toddlers and young riders to focus on their riding experience. 

Material And Size

Burton’s classic Fly 900G wood core material constructs a lighter board; using two wood species creates a 10% lighter board without losing its pop, flex, or strength features. The extruded base requires no maintenance, and the board isn’t too fast for little ones. 

The three board sizes 80, 90,  and 100 cm covers a weight range from 25 pounds to 55 pounds. 

Binding And Flex

The symmetrical design of the twin flex snowboard makes it easy for inexperienced riders to balance themselves throughout the ride; it doesn’t make a difference whether they are snowboarding forward or switching backward. The Biax Fiberglass offers a soft flex and a terrain park-friendly board. 

Fully adjustable bindings in kids’ sizes are premounted in a beginner-friendly stance; toddlers can hop on and ride. Although it is recommended that kids wear snowboard boots for snowboarding because the kid’s snowboards are usable with snow or without snow, it doesn’t matter what type of boots the child is wearing. 

The Burton After School Special Kid’s Snowboard is an excellent board for toddlers, beginners, and kids who enjoy having fun snowboarding without worrying about speed. Although a more expensive board than other snowboards on the list, the Burton brand is a quality brand, and the After School Special Kids snowboard is designed specifically for kids and the way kids manage the snowboard.  

2. Best Kid’s Snowboards For Backyard: Flexible Flyer Avenger Kids Beginner Snowboard

The Flexible Flyer Avenger Kids Beginner Snowboard is an excellent pick for parents who don’t want to pay a lot of money for a snowboard their kids will use in the backyard. Much like most kids sleds, these snowboards are made for hills not mountains. The affordable price makes it worth introducing a child to snowboarding without spending a lot of money on a toy if they aren’t truly interested in continuing with the sport.

Type And Shape

The twin-shape snowboard with its rocker features is designed as an entry-level snowboard for young kids and beginners. The symmetrical shape and flat profile between the feet ensure a balanced ride, and the youth snowboard is easy to control and forgiving when novices make mistakes while learning essential skills. 

Material And Size

 The plastic material makes it perfect for young kids and for playing in the backyard or local sledding hill. However, the snowboard is more than a toy snowboard; it is made from blow-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for durability. The board has no metal edge that can harm young kids. 

Snowboard dimensions are 37 x 8 x 3 inches and support a maximum rider weight limit of 135 pounds. The easy-to-ride snowboard is designed for riders ages 5 to 8 years old. 

Binding And Flex

The ratchet-style bindings adjust for a better and snug fit accommodating a wide range of boot sizes, perfect for growing kids. No dedicated snowboarding boots are required; the bindings accommodate snowboard boots and regular snow boots. For a better foot grip, the non-slip surface is molded beneath the bindings. 

The Flexible Flyer Avenger Kids Beginner Snowboard is an excellent choice for beginners to learn snowboard balancing, riding, turning, and stopping; it is also great for adventurous riders to practice tricks.  With the adjustable bindings, kids don’t have to wear dedicated snowboard boots, perfect for little kids.

3. Great Board For Young Riders: Emsco Group Freeride 110 Beginner Level 2 Snowboard 1069T

The cool graphics decorating the Emsco Group Freeride 110 Beginner Level 2 Snowboard will entice any child to jump on the snowboard for a smooth ride. The kids’ snowboard design is ideal for boys and girls introduced to snowboarding and learning the skills. 

Type And Shape

The freeride style is easy to ride and popular as an entry-level snowboard. The trendy graphics gives the snowboards a professional look, while the symmetrical shape and softer flex ensure an easy ride and maneuverability for young riders learning the tricks and skills.  

Material And Size

The twin shape kids snowboard is constructed from fiberglass composite polymer materials and molded with high gloss graphics. The foam super grip stomp pads are non-slip, offering excellent traction when riding. The beautifully designed boards are sturdy and will last a while. 

The board size is 43.5 x 11 inches and supports a weight limit of 95 pounds. 

Binding And Flex

Step-in bindings are flexible and adjustable to various snow boots; riders don’t need to wear a specific snowboarding boot. The soft bindings provide a secure and comfortable fit; the included bindings look like the type you find on waterskis. 

The Emsco Group Freeride 110 Snowboard is a great entry-level snowboard that not only looks great but provides key features for young riders to enjoy a playful ride.  

4. Best Entry-Level Kids Snowboards: Lucky Bums Kids Beginner Plastic Snowboard

The Lucky Bums Kids Snowboard is an excellent gift for kids learning to snowboard. The bright pink or blue boards with included bindings will entice any boy or girl to learn snowboarding safely in their yard or practice basic skills on the nearby snow-packed sledding hill.  

Type And Shape

A traditional snowboard cut with glossy bottom and soft edges makes this one of the best snowboards for beginners on packed snow with a good sledding slope. The snowboard design inspires intuitive learning and building confidence to become an experienced rider. 

Material And Size

The plastic kids’ snowboard is constructed from quality materials and doesn’t include any metal edge that can cut a child. Without metal edges, the boards aren’t designed for ski resorts and chairlift-accessed snowboarding.

The snowboards come in two sizes; the smaller board measures 38 inches (95 cm) for riders ages 4-7 years, and the 48 inches (120 cm) board for snowboarding enthusiasts nine years and up but not exceeding 6Y shoe size. 

Binding And Flex

The pre-mounted adjustable bindings feature a durable latch system for a secure fit, holding boots safely in place. The bindings support various snow boot sizes and types; kids don’t have to wear a pair of dedicated snowboarding boots. 

With its quality construction and two-size options, the Lucky Bums Kids Snowboard is an excellent pick for preschoolers to tweens to enjoy a fun ride on the nearby sledding hill.

5. Top Kid Board For Speed: Geospace The Original Sledsterz Kids’ Snowboard

The Geospace The Original Sledsterz Kids’ Snowboard is the best board for little rippers who like speed and fun while improving their snowboarding skills. The board comes in various colors at an affordable price and is an excellent choice for intermediate riders to enjoy snowy hills.  

Type And Shape

The shape and design make the board easy to turn, and; the board has more of a directional shape than a true twin shape giving the board speed for intermediate riders and courageous beginner riders. A child who mastered the basics of snowboarding will enjoy the easy steering and the faster board on their nearby sledding hill. 

Material And Size

The quality board is constructed with super-strong polymer to last for many winters of fun. The board size measures 10.5 x 3.4 x 40 inches, making it a shorter board than many snowboards but thick for durability. The bright boards will be easy to identify with different color options, red, blue, green, and purple. The shorter board is recommended for riders aged 6 to 12 years. 

Binding And Flex

Bindings play a vital role in snowboarding function and securing the child; the manufacturer improved the Sledsterz bindings in 2019 for more secure fastening. The adjustable bindings have three settings for boot sizes and are reversible for goofy foot riders. The binding doesn’t require a child to wear a pair of dedicated snowboarding boots for a smooth ride; children can wear their favorite snow boots. 

The Geospace Original Sledsterz Kids board is an excellent gift for children interested in snowboarding and ready to spend some time with the family on snowy hills.   

Best Kids Snowboards For Girls: Burton Chicklet Girls Snowboard

The Burton Chicklet Girls Snowboard is the best entry-level board for girls interested in learning snowboarding and improving their skills. The snowboard is perfect for soft and playful snowboarding in the park, on the nearby sledding hill, or on all-mountain terrain.  

Type And Shape

The twin shape board provides freestyle mobility, and the symmetrical shape ensures perfect balancing irrespective if she rides the board regularly or switches. A convex base offers a flat profile between the feet for additional stability, the flat part always touching the snow. The upturned edges prevent the edge catch and thus the inevitable embarrassing wipe-out.

Material And Size

The Fly 900G Core is the classic tip-to-tail wood core for a lightweight board with the strength and durability you want in a snowboard for your precious princess. The extruded base requires no waxing or maintenance and the Biax fiberglass creates a torsionally soft flex and park-friendly feel. 

A wide variety of sizes makes it easy to pick a snowboard for your toddler or older kid. Board size varies from 80 to 130 cm, and weight ranges from 25 pounds to 100 pounds.  

Binding And Flex

The Easy Bevel provides a super soft flex that allows the child to spin and stomp, making mistakes along the way; perfect for learning to balance and maneuver the snowboard. The twin flex is excellently symmetrical for that balanced ride and effortless switching like a pro. 

Your baby girl can be out there in the snow with the family; pre-drilled holes at the tip allow parents to attach the Riglet accessory. The retractable leash will enable parents to pull young ones if they aren’t ready to snowboard independently.  

The Burton Chicklet Snowboard, with its convex base, upturned edges, and super soft flex, is the perfect board for girls and lightweight little rippers. It is a simple board with great graphics for fun in the snow, and at the same time, your precious girl is learning snowboarding skills.

Best Quality Board For Taller Kids: Airhead Sportsstuff Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard

The Airhead Sportsstuff Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard is an excellent board for taller and older children. The kid snowboard is built like a traditional adult snowboard for durability at an affordable price for children starting their snowboarding journey.  

Type And Shape

The laminated wood bottom provides a smooth ride and speed for enthusiastic children. The multilayer machine-pressed wood creates a robust composite board that will last. The twin shape with a flat center for stability and curved tips to avoid edge catch makes it a perfect snowboard for beginners. 

Material And Size

Like adult boards, the Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard is a solid-hardwood structure that can endure entry-level riders’ handling of the snowboard. Constructed for durability, your children will enjoy the board for a few winter seasons. The boards are designed for older children and taller children; the three size range is 90 cm (35.5 x 8.5 inches), 110 cm (43.3 x 9.5 inches), and 130 cm (51 x 10.5 inches). Parents can order boards according to the child’s height and weight; the weight ranges from 35-60 pounds for the 90 cm, 50-100 pounds for 110 cm, and 80-150 pounds for the 130 cm snowboard. 

No metal edges ensure a safe board for beginners but are not designed for resort use. 

Binding And Flex

The adjustable hook and loop bindings provide a secure fit and easy access when the snow is waiting, and there’s no time to waste. The EZ Adjust Velcro bindings and heavy-duty webbing ensure a tight fit with boots strapped to the board for safe riding down the slopes. A child can easily take off the snowboard and walk uphill in their snow boots and then quickly attach the strapping system to their shoes for a fun ride downhill. 

The Sportsstuff Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard is a durable board at an affordable price that will provide hours of fun with the family; an excellent gift for your child. 

Great Board With Customized Design: Emsco Group Graffiti Snowboard

The Emsco Group Graffiti Snowboard is ideal for beginners and children who enjoy decorating their boards. With its unique feature where kids can customize and design their graphics, the snowboard is a sturdy board that doesn’t require special boots.

Type And Shape

The twin shape board is comfortable to ride and helps novices with balance and control. The simple board is easy to use, and the board surface is a canvas for graffiti graphics. Kids can color the existing graffiti with permanent markers or design exceptional graphics, making their board unique and special.

The shape and design help kids adjust to balancing on a snowboard and practicing their snowboarding skills.

Material And Size

The graffiti snowboard is made from solid-core polypropylene that is durable and can endure handling by young snowboarders who are learning the art of snowboarding. The snowboards are made in the USA and are recommended for riders aged 5 to 15 years old with a 95 pounds weight limit.

Binding And Flex

The step-in bindings adjust to snow boots sizes for youngsters and tweens. The binding snap into place for a secure and safe fit for kids of all ages; children won’t fall off the board while learning new tricks and maneuvers.

The EMsco Group Graffiti Snowboard is one of the most durable entry-level snowboards for kids. The unique feature of designing their board’s graffiti makes it an excellent gift for boys and girls interested in snowboarding.

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