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It doesn’t matter what grade you teach.

I know how important it is to have an efficient and organized mailbox. Every teacher needs a mailbox system to keep the class organized and running smoothly, provide easy access for students to supplies, and a way to communicate with parents. Take-home folders will get lost unless you can put them in a student’s mailbox.

That’s why I compiled a list of the best classroom mailboxes out there to assist you in selecting the perfect system that works for your classroom use and needs. Whether you’re looking for large cubbies for student mailboxes, space-saving options, or stylish solutions for your teacher’s desk, I’ve got you covered.

After extensive research, our editor’s choice, and my top pick, is the affordable PACON Classroom Keepers. This value-for-money option features 30 cubbies for use as student mailboxes, a labeling area, and a vibrant blue color that adds a pop of excitement that brightens the room. It’s also lightweight, making it easy to move around as needed.

But don’t worry; I’ve included other options as well, such as smaller student mailboxes, cubbies for large textbooks, and space savers you can hang against the wall. So no matter what your classroom setup is like, you’ll find the perfect mailbox system on this list.

Top Classroom Mailboxes Compared

Really Good Stuff Mail Center
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Company Storage Pocket Chart Hanging Wall File Organizer
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Bankers Box Classroom 9 Compartment Cubby Storage
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Durable Desktop Drawer Organizer
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Safco Onyx Mesh Literature Organizer
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SimpleHouseware Magazine File Holde
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SimpleHouseware 6 Tier Wall Mount Organizer
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Best Classroom Mailboxes Reviewed

1. Editor’s Choice For Student Mailboxes: Pacon PACO001318 Classroom Keepers 30-Slot Mailbox

 The Pacon PAC001318 Mailbox Classroom Keepers is the editor’s choice for the best classroom mailbox for an organized classroom. The mailbox system is affordable, durable, easy to assemble, offers 30 slots, and is large enough for various types of mail, file folders, and student handouts. 

Made from corrugated cardboard materials, the colorful student mailbox is lightweight but sturdy. The Mailroom Classroom Keepers mailbox has 30 slots; the Mailbox Classroom Keepers also come in smaller sizes with 10 or 15 cubbies and a Classroom Keeper bookcase. The various options and affordable prices allow teachers to use different sizes to organize all classroom communication, student assignments, papers, files, and much more. The colorful blue boxes will brighten any classroom creating a cheerful atmosphere. 

Each slot has a tab for student names or identifying projects. The slot size is 1,75 x 10 x 12 1/2 inches which is large enough to hold file folders, notes to parents, papers, homework, and other materials. The Mailbox Classroom Keepers’ dimensions are 21 x 32 x 13 inches, and weighs 10 pounds. Although sturdy, the recycled cardboard boxes could sag if slots are heavily loaded. 

2. Best Student Mailboxes For Durability: Really Good Stuff Mail Center Oak Classroom Mail Center with 27 Slots

The Really Good Stuff Mail Center is designed for daily usage by students and teachers. The classroom mailbox will last for years, made from the industrial-grade 0.5-inch wood substrate and laminated with hard-wearing melamine.  

With 27 compartments, teachers can reduce class clutter and keep their classrooms tidy and organized. The Literature organizer works well for mailrooms organization at the office, school, or home. The classroom boxes come with self-adhesive cardstock labels to quickly identify each compartment. By customizing the labels with student names, projects or identifying each compartment, students can quickly find their mail or the project items they need.

 The classroom mail center is available in various color options, blue, oak, and mahogany, to blend well with the classroom decor. Each compartment measures 10 x 11.5 x 2.25 inches and is stacked vertically, so it doesn’t take up much space; the classroom mailbox dimensions are 32 x 12 x 23.5 inches. Teachers can use the individual compartments for file folders and papers, for kids to collect student assignments, homework, parent communication, or charging and storing devices.  

3. Best Student Mailboxes For Space Saving: Compono 30 Pocket Storage Pocket Chart Hanging Wall File Organizer

The Company Storage Pocket Chart Hanging Wall File Organizer is the best classroom mailbox for classrooms with limited space. The file folder organizer hangs against the wall; its small footprint makes it perfect for organizing small classrooms, keeping the office organized, or decluttering the homeschool classroom. 

Each of the 30 standard-size pockets can hold sheets of paper, construction paper colors for art projects, homework, student assignments, activity sheets, or notebooks. Each pocket has a 5 x 1-inch vinyl window for placing labels to identify the pockets. Six accessory pouches at the bottom of the pocket chart are ideal for holding pens, pencils, and supplies. 

The pocket organizer is made from durable Denier nylon with five steel 0.375-inch Grommets across the top for hanging the storage pocket chart. The hanging file organizer comes with a full money-back guarantee if the teacher isn’t satisfied with the purchase. 

4. Best Student Mailboxes For Books: Bankers Box Classroom 9 Compartment Cubby Storage

The Bankers Box Classroom 9 Compartment Cubby Storage is a great classroom mailbox system to store textbooks, library books, large books, folders, and oversized teaching materials. The individual cubbies are big enough for storing these oversized books and supplies.

The cubby storage boxes are an excellent choice for an elementary school classroom. The vibrant color is great for younger kids, and the cubbies work well as a cubby storage system. Lightweight, the Bankers Box cubby storage boxes are easily moved around in the room; it fits nicely on a shelf or desk so kids can easily reach the cubbies. Placed in the right spot, the smart storage solution provides a central location for books, teaching materials, and paper, easily accessible by the teacher and students. 

The Bankers Box Classroom cubby storage system measures 16 x 0.25 x 13 inches with nine roomy compartments. The sturdy corrugated construction is sturdy for storing teaching materials and books, and channels make it easy to label individual compartments for easy identification. Teachers can use cubbies for parent communication, protection ideas, or as school boxes for individual teachers. 

5. Best Stackable Student Mailboxes: Durable Desktop Drawer Organizer

The Durable Desktop Drawer Organizer is the best stackable classroom mailbox with drawers. With skid-proof plastic feet, teachers who need more than ten mesh trays can stack units on top of each other. I like the various drawer options, from one to five, seven, and ten offers flexibility for stacking, placing them side by side, or inside a cabinet.

The stylish letter-size compartments are perfect for activity sheets, mail, construction paper colors for art projects, or communicating messages to parents and students. Each drawer has a transparent drawer labeling window to label the drawer for easy identification. In addition, the drawers are color coded with cheerful and bright colors, making identification more manageable and pleasant. I like the window inserts because I can exchange labels between drawers.

The drawers slide easily, and children can quickly find what they need with each drawer a different color. The Durable Desktop Drawer Organizer is professional-looking, perfect for keeping the class, homeschool, or office organized.

6. Best Portable Student Mailbox: Safco 9430BL Onyx Mesh Literature Organizer 12 Compartment

The Safco Onyx Mesh Literature Organizer is the perfect desk organizer for letter-size paper, notes to parents, and activity sheets. The neatly designed horizontal compartments look great on a teacher’s desk or table. 

The steel mesh construction with a powder coat finish is durable and sturdy. The letter-size individual compartments measure 9.5 x 12.25 x 1.75 inches and hold up to 5 pounds of file folders, paper, supplies, and mail. Connector clips stack units two high to save space and to increase the number of compartments. 

The Safco Onyx Mesh Literature Organizer comes fully assembled and weighs 18.8 pounds. The black mesh steel blends with room decoration and furniture. The literature organizer is great for sorting papers in the school photocopy room. 

 There are no specified label holders or labeling areas, but teachers can use magnetic labels to identify individual compartments. The 6-drawer literature organizer takes up less space and is highly portable. A teacher can place them in different locations in the class to spread paperwork, supplies, paper, notes, and mail evenly in the room for easy access.

7. Best Student Mailboxes For Versatility: 12 Pack SimpleHouseware Magazine File Holder Organizer Box

The versatile SimpleHouseware Magazine File Holder Organizer Box is one of the best mailboxes to color code the boxes for different purposes. The set of twelve comes in four different colors, blue, yellow, orange, and lime. Teachers who prefer more neutral colors can opt for the black and white set. 

Made from premium quality cardboard, the dimensions are 9.68 x 12.25 x 3.75 inches, ideal for sorting magazines, catalogs, student mail, homework, and paper supplies. The label area is easy to notice. For unique label ideas using photos or images, a teacher can label the entire front section. 

Another versatile solution is to stack the twelve-pack horizontally for a different way to store and access the supplies. The premium quality cardboard is lightweight, easy to transport, and decoration ideas are only limited by the teacher’s imagination. 

8. Best Student Mailboxes For Walls: SimpleHouseware 6 Tier Wall Mount Document Letter Tray Organizer

The SimpleHouseware 6 Tier Wall Mount Organizer is perfect for private offices, high school classrooms, and homes where you want to keep workspace free. The wall mount organizer hangs against the wall or rests on a flat surface. Teachers who have wall space can mount several against the wall. 

Five tilted trays offer easy access to the A4 or letter-size paper, mail, files, folders, and documents. The horizontal bottom tray is excellent for stationery supplies or desk accessories. Easy to assemble and transport, the letter trays are durable, steel mesh construction.  

The modern, attractive wall mount organizer is a great solution to file ideas, create lessons, mail, flyers, and papers for quick access. An organized space makes life simpler and more manageable. A teacher can mount the organizer too high for younger kids in grade school to grab the contents but low enough for adults to access the mail, letters, and lesson plans. Keep in mind that there are no label holders or name tags areas; you will have to create your own solution or use magnetic tags. 

9. Best Wood Student Mailboxes: PAG Wood Desktop Literature Organizer Adjustable File Sorter Mail Center

The PAG Wood Desktop Literature Organizer is an excellent solution for school classrooms, private offices, hobby craft areas, or mailrooms organization. With 27 compartments, teachers can use the cubbies for individual students, sorting projects, organizing tablets, arranging art supplies, or holding flyers to take home. 

Made of sturdy Melamine board, the student mail organizer is strong, durable, and wear-resistant, suitable for years of withstanding daily use. The company video demonstrates the strength and load-bearing capacity with two adults standing on top of the mail center. The materials comply with U.S. safety standards and are CARB and EPA certified. 

Individual cubbies measure 10.35 x 11.8 x 2.08 inches, and the overall dimensions of the 27 cubbies are 31.5 x 12.02 x 21.65 inches. The mail center solution comes in three attractive colors, brown, retro brown, and retro white. 

10. Best Classroom Mailbox For Teacher: Safco Onyx Mesh 8 Sort Vertical Desktop Home Office School Organizer 3253BL

The Safco Onyx Mesh 8 Sort Vertical Desktop Organizer is an excellent equipment solution to keep a teacher’s desk organized. If you don’t like filing, but like a tidy desk, this vertical desktop organizer will save you time and effort and keep your desk clean. 

The stylish organizer will hold textbooks, files, lessons, binders, devices, and projects teachers work on. The cubbies are perfect for containing student assignments, activity sheets, or instructions for students in a higher grade. 

Constructed with industrial-strength steel wire with a powder coat finish, the desktop organizer is sturdy, will last for years, and is an attractive desk piece. The powder coat finish prevents chipping, and the steel mesh construction provides airflow, reducing dust buildup.  

The organizer measures 19.25 x 11.5 x 8.25 inches. With no assembly required, the cubbies are ready to use out of the box. 

What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Classroom Mailboxes

Individual teachers organize their classrooms differently, but most use class mailboxes for class management tools. An excellent mail solution is a box that functions well for the teacher and students. When selecting the best classroom mailbox for your classroom, consider these features and characteristics. 

Materials influence the durability and sturdiness of the classroom mailbox. Cardboard boxes may be the cheapest but aren’t as sturdy as plastic mailboxes. Wood shelves may look better than plastic, and mail trays and wire baskets could scratch the surface without rubber feet.

A classroom mailbox in vibrant colors brightens up the classroom. Makes sure the color and finishes fit in your classroom theme and decor. Finishes vary from oak, cherry, espresso, plastic, cardboard, and chrome finishes. Mail systems come in bright, retro, or wood colors.

Labels help kids identify their student mailboxes, especially younger students. Make sure the boxes have label holders or space to label individual boxes for quick identification. Classroom mailboxes used for assignments, letters, and fliers don’t necessarily require labeling. 

Class sizes and available space may determine the overall size of the classroom mailbox. Do you have enough space for your classroom use? In small classrooms, the mailbox can be wall or over the door organizers. Some student mailboxes will fit in the bookcase, leaving counter space free for other equipment. 

The size of the individual student mailbox should be big enough to accommodate the student mail and supplies. Mail, file folders and papers require smaller mailboxes than supplies and textbooks. The grade level may also influence the size. You might be able to get away with a small box for each child in the lower grades.

Does the classroom mailbox have enough slots, one for each student or project? If a single unit isn’t enough, is the classroom mailbox stackable?

Weight is essential if you are moving the classroom mailbox around in the classroom or transporting it to different classrooms. If you aren’t planning on transporting the cubbies, you can opt for a heavier unit. A sturdier system could be a safer alternative in elementary classrooms and young kids.

A classroom mailbox has a weight limit of what each slot can accommodate. Sturdy mailboxes could hold about 25 pounds or about 300-500 pages. 

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