As a teacher, I understand how difficult it can be to find the time to search for unique bulletin board ideas to decorate your classroom. That’s why I’ve taken the time to browse the web and compile a list of the most popular and creative bulletin boards out there – and I have to say, it was a lot of fun!

I’ve put together a collection of my favorite bulletin board ideas that are not only eye-catching, but also help teach students in the process. Some of the ideas are incredibly simple but yield fantastic results, while others require a bit more effort to create the desired effect. I’ve included everything from trendy bulletin board ideas to seasonal and themed boards, and even inspirational quotes and interactive boards with fun activities and games.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own classroom, I highly recommend checking out these unique bulletin board ideas. They are truly amazing and are sure to inspire you to take ownership of your imagination and creativity to create your own unique bulletin board displays and classroom door decorations.

Awesome Bulletin Board Displays With Encouraging Messages For All Grade Levels

We Rise By Lifting Others Hot Air Creative Bulletin Board

We Rise By Lifting Others Hot Air Balloon Creative Bulletin Board unique bulletin board idea

This catch from Instagram is one of the most extraordinary and largest bulletin boards to inspire students and teachers with its positive message and sheer size and creativity. It’s perfect for your classroom or school hallway banner. You can use what you have to create this fantastic bulletin board. The cotton fluff makes great clouds, and the paper lanterns make this bulletin board soar.

Come Brew Your Leadership Skills With Us Fun Bulletin Board Idea

Come Brew Your Leadership Skills With Us fun office bulletin board idea and unique bulletin board for the classroom

A unique cup of coffee filled with student photos, a delightful coffee that all coffee and latte drinkers will enjoy! Although used as a fun employee bulletin board, it is perfect as an educational bulletin board for home and school classrooms. The cute cup makes a distinct impression against the bright colors used for the bulletin board background.

Creative Anti-Bullying Showing Kindness Bulletin Board Idea

Labels are for food not people creative anti bullying showing kindness bulletin board idea

We love this inspirational message and wordplay, “Labels are for food, not people. Bullying will ‘ketchup’ with you.” Mental health is as important as physical health, so words that hurt feelings are as much as physical bullying. This unique bulletin board idea inspires students to show kindness by being mindful of what they say to and about people. This is an excellent idea for anti-bullying campaigns.

A Box Of Crayons Inspirational Unique Bulletin Board Idea

A Box Of Crayons Unique Bulletin Board Idea To Inspire Classroom Community and kindness unique bulletin board ideas

When you spread out your collection of crayons, you’ll soon notice the uniqueness of each crayon. This motivational quote by Shane DeRolf, combined with sets of crayons, encourages students to embrace their individuality and uniqueness and accept the kindness of others. In addition, students realize that, just like the crayons, what makes their classroom community unique, are kids with different skills, abilities, and characteristics.

Take What You Need. Give What You Have Inspirational Bulletin Board

Take What You Need Unique Bulletin Board Idea

My all-time favorite creative bulletin board idea! This brilliant, unique bulletin board idea for the classroom or hallway wall is technically two bulletin boards, the Take What You Need inspirational bulletin board and the Give What You Have, a kindness bulletin board idea to promote kids showing random kindness. The envelope lettering describes the characteristic, and each envelope is filled with inspirational quotes to encourage kids and help them believe in themselves.

The students can take what they need to inspire, encourage, or align them with their studies. This unique bulletin board display includes interactive participation where students take a task and allows them to show compassion and random kindness to brighten someone’s day. Then they post their results on social media. Instead of sticky notes, these inspirational sayings are like gift cards with gifts written on them.

Creative Ideas For First Day, Back To School, Graduation Cool Bulletin Boards

Pieces Of Us Unique Bulletin Board Idea

Pieces of The Puzzle Unique Bulletin Board Ideas Decorations

Just like a jigsaw puzzle, this back-to-school bulletin board decoration fits like a puzzle. On this inclusion bulletin board display, each student represents a puzzle piece. To complete the classroom community, there must be no gaps – a wonderful way to support inclusion and show kids they belong. This awesome bulletin board idea reminds students how adorable, clever, and unique they are. Teachers can use these versatile bulletin board items to create new bulletin boards for themes, seasons, and writing assignment prompts.

First Day Back To School Bulletin Board Idea Using Purple Balloons

First day back to school bulletin board idea with colorful purple balloons

Imagine walking into your classroom on the first day of school and seeing a beautiful bunch of purple grape balloons. And one of them has your name on it! This delightful and unique bulletin-in-board idea can also work for end-of-the-year bulletin boards. Balloons with student names help kids learn their classmates’ names, and it helps them feel part of a community. In addition, teachers can use this unique bulletin board idea and make a game of learning the names of their new friends.

BUS-tin Into 2nd Grade Back To School Unique Bulletin Board Set

Bust into 3rd grade back to school unique bulletin board idea with bus cutouts and student name tags decorations

Many kids ride the school bus to class, making this the cutest back-to-school bulletin board theme that Kindergarten to sixth graders can relate to. Each bus has a student name tag; check out those adorable bus eyes! Teachers can purchase this unique bulletin board kit or create their own using craft supplies and their creative imagination.

Learning Is Sweet Candy Decorations Summer Bulletin Board Idea

Learning Is Sweet Candy Decorations Summer Bulletin Board Idea with creative lollipops as unique bulletin board ideas decorations

This delightful bulletin board idea is one way of keeping students motivated to learn until school breaks for the summer holidays. The small paper plates with student photos make great, personalized lollipops. Wrapped in cellophane sheets, the lollipops stay sweet until the last day of school.

Seasonal Classroom Decorations Bulletin Boards Ideas

Life In A Snowglobe Winter Bulletin Board

Life in a snowglobe creative unique bulletin board idea for seasonal winter bulletin board

Coffee filters, snowglobes with cute 3rd graders, and this classroom are ready for the winter. This favorite winter bulletin board idea features a polaroid photo of each 3rd-grade student posing in their winter gear. Below the snowglobe, students wrote about living in a snowglobe—an excellent bulletin board idea, including a writing assignment activity with a seasonal theme.

Balloon Tree Spring Bulletin Board Display

Balloon Tree Spring Bulletin Board Decorations

Balloons are always a winner, and a balloon tree is the best! This seasonal bulletin board design features flowers, green grass, and of course, a butterfly for every student. You can write student names on the butterflies or stick them on the balloons they can pop later when the season change.

Rainbow Chain Spring Bulletin Board Activities

Rainbow Chain Spring Bulletin Board Activities unique bulletin board ideas with rainbow

Umbrellas and rainbows announce the Spring weather. And in this fantastic Spring bulletin board idea, the umbrella is filled with beautiful flowers with portraits of preschool and Kindergarten faces. The brightly colored rainbow is gorgeously made from colorful paper chain decorations, which students can help create to decorate this unique bulletin board. And it’s a great way to include activities like art masterpieces.

What If I Fall? Unique Bulletin Board Message To Inspire

What if I fall inspirational quote by Erin Hanson unique bulletin board idea

“What if I fall? Oh, but my daring, what if you fly?” This powerful inspirational quote by Erin Hanson is a sweet message with enough inspiration to encourage students to try. Some so many kids don’t realize they wear superhero shoes. An inspirational bulletin board like this one can have them fly. The yarn wheels can be targets, goals, or represent nets for kids to feel safe.

Playing In The Leaves Creative Fall Bulletin Board Idea

Playing In The Leaves Fall Bulletin Board Unique Bulletin Board Ideas

A super cool bulletin board photo shoot for Kindergarten and elementary school students. The cutouts are photos of students pretending to throw leaves in the air. The leave decorations at the top of the Fall bulletin board include what students wrote about Fall. In addition, the teacher created a 3D effect with different-sized trees.

Fun Ideas For Creative Bulletin Board Displays To Help Students Learn

Falling Into Science Interactive Fall Bulletin Board Idea


Everyone loves good riddles! A very creative science teacher combined falling leaves to celebrate Autumn with a science fact riddle. Can you guess what “Falling into science since 1687” means? Well, students get extra credits if they solve this riddle. This awesome bulletin board inspires a positive growth mindset that nurtures the love of science—a unique bulletin board idea for STEM skills, the Fall season, and a Thanksgiving bulletin board.

Art History Unique Bulletin Board With Snowmen

Art History Unique Bulletin Board Ideas With Snowman

An art history game! Can you match the snowman with the art history artist before your friends do? This unique bulletin board idea is a fun way to promote art history. The adorable art history bulletin board display is decorated with impressive and unique snowmen representing famous artists, even the snowman with a blank face. But, of course, don’t forget the snowflakes!

Physical Education Unique Bulletin Board Idea

Unique Bulletin Board Ideas For Physical Education and Fundraising Ideas

These footprints are going somewhere; each footprint encourages you to read a fact, in this case, about the topic of diabetes. This great 3D sneaker was traced on two sheets of colored paper and then stuffed with used newspapers, and the shoelaces were created using large ribbon bows. You can create your own bulletin board with a relevant topic that contributes to a cause or motivates kids to physical exercise.

Math Bulletin Board Idea Are You Ready For Mathball?

are you ready for some mathball Unique bulletin baord idea

It’s the season for math and football with MATHball! Yes, math and sports shared the same bulletin board! This activity bulletin board idea helps students review essential math concepts with a fun game. Divide the class community into two teams and start the fun with a traditional coin toss.

Unique Bulletin Board Ideas For The Library Encouraging Readers

Reading Leaves You Happy Creative Bulletin Board Idea

Reading Leaves You Happy Uniqe Bulletin Board Ideas that promote reading in home classrooms, school classrooms and library

The reading tree has a happy smile and the most adorable branches holding a book. In addition, the colorful leaves and bright blue background create a cozy place to follow the reading tree’s example and read a book. Fall-colored leaves are always excellent decorations to use for Fall bulletin board borders. This creative bulletin board idea covers the season and is a perfect addition to the library or reading nook in the school and home classrooms.

Reading Helps Your Mind Bloom Library Bulletin Board For Spring

Reading Helps Your Mind Bloom Spring Bulletin Board Amazing Unique Bulletin Board Idea

You need lots and lots of blooming flowers made from tissue paper for this unique bulletin board design to inspire and encourage kids to read. A creative, unique bulletin board idea for your school library and reading nook, and it doubles as an awesome Spring bulletin board. And yes, making all those gorgeous tissue paper flowers takes some effort. Here are some tips from another librarian who used this idea.

Feed Your Brain Read Sandwich Unique Bulletin Board Idea

Feed Your Brain Read Unique Bulletin Board Idea for the library

Powerful message. Your body needs food, and so does your brain! So, why not make a brain sandwich and read? You can use this library bulletin board idea and create more sandwiches, display a genre to spread on the book sandwich, and add a book cover with teeth marks. So, what does your reading diet look like, or is your brain starving?

Caught Reading Mugshot Library Bulletin Board Display


One of my favorites is a mugshot of the teacher reading…a banned book! And not to confuse her with all the other mugshots, her height is noted. So be ready to have fun with this unique bulletin board as you take photos of students and teachers reading their favorite books. It’s an excellent idea for the classroom, library, or hallway wall so everyone can see what you are reading and find new books to read this school year.

Classroom Bulletin Boards Themes For Cool Bulletin Board Ideas

28 Ways To Love Yourself Valentines Day Bulletin Board Ideas

28 Ways To Love Themselves Valentines Bulletin Board Ideas with a Unique twist for a unique bulletin board decorations

This unique idea is created to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a twist. Instead of hearts and love notes to someone else, this unique bulletin board display tells students they are special and gives them ideas on how to love themselves. Individual notes with affirmations and activity suggestions hang from clothespins. It’s a powerful inspirational bulletin board idea decorated to help students accept and love themselves and gives them ways to easily have the courage to take the next step to improve.

The Last Straw 3Rs Earth Day Unique Bulletin Board

The Last Straw Earth Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Planet Earth is caught in a net with trash! This is the most inspirational and powerful Earth Day Bulletin board idea, with a powerful message. If this unique bulletin board doesn’t inspire students to reduce, reuse, and recycle to save planet Earth, nothing will.

Dr. Seuss’ Fox In The Socks Unique Door Decorations

Dr Seuss Fox In Socks Unique Door Decorations

Whose socks are hanging from clothespins displayed as classroom door decorations? This adorable door display makes you smile and inspires you to read Dr. Seuss’ Fox In Socks book to find out why all these pretty socks are displayed in the school hallway! It also makes a cute bulletin board for your classroom; it’s an excellent idea for Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board theme ideas for your favorite books.

Black History Month Unique Bulletin Board

Celebrating Black History Month with Time Magazine Unique Bulletin Board Idea

Using Time Magazine covers as posters to celebrate Black History Month is a fantastic idea. The bulletin board display won’t be complete without the powerful saying, “Black history is world history.” This bulletin board idea can be used to celebrate famous people and authors; you can easily incorporate it into the classroom’s theme or monthly events.

Merry Christmas From Smart Cookies Unique Bulletin Board Idea For Seasonal Holidays

Merry Christmas From These Smart Cookies Christmas Unique Bulletin Board Idea

The cutest and sweetest gingerbread cookies! This themed bulletin board idea is not just celebrating Christmas but giving joy and happiness to students; it checks all the boxes for this beautiful holiday season. Students feel connected and part of the classroom community when they look at this adorable Christmas bulletin board and see friends surround them.

Interactive Unique Bulletin Board Ideas And Classroom Decorations

If I Had A Pet Turkey Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Idea

If I had a pet turkey Thanksgiving bulletin board idea for unique bulletin boards

A turkey and writing assignment fit together, providing a warm touch of gratitude and thankfulness for the Thanksgiving Holidays. So excited, kindergarteners and high school students grab their pens and crayons to write about their pet turkey. Some will have words of wisdom, and others’ primary goal would probably be to encourage mom not to cook turkey for Thanksgiving.

Under The Sea Ocean Theme Unique Bulletin Board Idea

Under The Sea Ocean Theme Unique Bulletin Board Ideas

It’s the cutest turtle surrounded by marine life students created for this Marine week bulletin board. Of course, animals don’t eat plastic, but sadly the sea turtle is carrying a plastic bag in its mouth. Although one of the cutest, under the sea, ocean-themed classroom bulletin boards, it has a powerful message about the damage done by refuse and plastic.

Counseling Peace Word Search Game Unique Bulletin Board Idea

Counseling Peace Word Search Game Unique Bulletin Board Ideas

Can you find peace in this word search game? This cool bulletin board idea is a fun activity for kids in all grade levels whose mastered the language arts of reading. The interactive bulletin board letters are large so that students can see the entire bulletin board game from the back of the room. This fun idea is excellent for Christian churches and counseling bulletin boards, but there are no limits! It’s up to the teacher’s imagination and the student’s detection skills how much this bulletin board activity can be. You can use this interactive bulletin board idea to help students spell their names and find words related to any classroom topic, even behavior rules for classroom management.

The Earth Is In Our Hands Poetry Unique Bulletin Board

The earth is in our hands Earth poetry for Earth Day bulletin board

This cool activity for students helps them improve their writing poetry skill level. The assignment is to write an Earth Day poem from the earth’s point of view. Student handprints surrounding their language skills in personalized poems using metaphors are celebrated on colorful paper.

Which unique bulletin board idea is the most creative bulletin board that inspired you?

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