Best Lego Christmas Sets

This holiday season, get your little elves building with a Lego Christmas set!  The best Lego Christmas sets are always ranked among the best lego sets, year after year.  It’s become a family tradition in my house.

Eternally popular, festive Lego sets are a welcome addition to any Christmas list—and they’re also highly educational. These fun building projects are challenging for children of all ages and they’re an ideal change of pace from some others – like the more high-tech lego robotics product lineup.

There aren’t many Christmas decorations you can play with, but these Lego kits can get you in the Christmas spirit.

We’ve spent over 30 hours researching the newest and most exciting holiday Lego sets available this year.  We’ve ranked them below along with more details on who would absolutely love this project.  There are picks for all skill levels so the whole family can get involved.

Here are our favorite Lego Christmas kit picks.

The Best Lego Christmas Sets For 2021

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar
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Lego Winter Village Train Station
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Expert Creator Santas Workshop
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LEGO Nutcracker
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Winter Village Fire Station
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Lego Christmas Ornaments
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Lego Creator Christmas Tree
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Lego Santas Visit
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1.- Lego Gingerbread House (10267)

Lego gingerbread

One time-honored Christmas tradition is building a gingerbread house.  Another look at how tight my pants fit will tell you that I’m a fan in previous years of eating the gingerbread soon after it’s put on display.

Protect your holiday scenes from late-night devouring and avoid the gift of Christmas Eve shame by instead building a Lego Creator Expert Gingerbread House.  With 1477 Lego bricks, you’ll be able to spend quality family time putting this set together.

This Lego set has some surprises.  The fireplace glows when you press down on the chimney (assuming you’ve powered the collection).  The gingerbread family included a gingerbread man, woman, and baby.  While I didn’t know this before, gingerbread Lego figures evidently need to bathe and…well, there’s a toilet and bathtub included in this set.  The family is even ready for a Lego winter with the awesome snowblower.

I’m kidding around a bit, but seriously – this is an absolute blast of a Lego set.  There are so many options for your children to show off this toy. We have it on our mantle.  It fits fine since it’s around 10 inches wide.  Of course, kids love to play with all the pieces post-Christmas as well.

This late in the season it may be a bit hard to find – take a look on for pricing, but also think of going to the Lego shop and throwing your name to be notified when it’s back in stock.

2. : Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

I admit it.

Until I began researching for this article, I had no idea there were Lego advent calendar sets.

But there are quite a few of them.  Harry Potter.  A Lego Friends advent calendar version.  The list goes on and on.

Many of them are retired, including the original pre-Disney 75146 Lego Star Wars set.  But fear not! Disney and LEGO did a re-release of a new Star Wars advent themed calendar set with even more pieces and Star Wars fun. So get ready for an advent-ure from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away!

The Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar gives a new gift every day in the run-up to Christmas. With Poe Dameron, Luke Skywalker and an X Wing fighter,  a snowy Chewbacca, a snowman, Kylo Ren, a TIE interceptor, an Imperial Landing craft and many more characters and craft from all the movies, this incredible seasonal set is a force to be reckoned with. As Master Yoda so wisely says, “With this advent calendar, a wonderful Christmas Lego you will have!”

Age: 6 years –14 years old

3. Lego Winter Village Train Station

lego creator train station

The Lego Winter Village Train Station is one of the most beloved LEGO sets from the Winter Village lineup.  It’s almost a must-have if you decide to purchase the Winter Holiday Train set- they fit like PB and J.  Together they are a great Winter Village Lego collection.

There’s a wonderful level of detail as you’d expect from LEGO Winter Village sets – right down to schedule signs and a station barista complete with an espresso machine.   There are five separate minifigures – a bus driver, memaw, a barista for the coffee shop, a child, and a ticket agent.

While the station is the main build, you will also create a cool bus and a train crossing.  All are adorned in the sights of the season.   You can almost smell the pine ornaments from here!

The Winter Village set is retired – therefore make sure you check the pricing before buying.  Since there aren’t any new sets being made by the Lego Group, the price of these Lego holiday sets can jump around violently depending on supply and demand. They also aren’t for sale at the Lego store at lego com.

Ages: 12+ Great for teenagers.

4. Expert Creator Santa’s Workshop

Lego Christmas Santa's Workshop

Santa needs your children’s help getting ready for Christmas! He’s picked his top four reindeer to guide the sleigh, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

This Lego Creator Expert set is both fun to create and play with.  The included mini figures are unique – Santa, Mrs. Claus, reindeer, elves – all you need for a festive scene.  It’s near the top of the Holiday themed sets.

Four of Santa’s elves are busy making the last of the toys and Mrs. Claus has baked cookies for all the hard workers. Meanwhile, just by the North Pole, a baby reindeer has wandered off and is nibbling on the Claus’ family Christmas tree. Use the clock tower to keep an eye on the time. And don’t forget—you still need to put up the Christmas lights before heading out for Christmas Eve delivery! With these features and many more, the Lego Expert Creator Santa’s Workshop set is guaranteed to give endless hours of seasonal fun.

Age: 12+

5. Expert Creator Winter Holiday Train

Lego Christmas Train

Get your Christmas celebrations on track with the Lego Expert Creator Winter Holiday Train! This superb building set will keep your kids chugging away throughout the holidays.

Featuring a beautiful green and red themed engine and three different types of railroad cars,  the holiday theme shines right through.  I’m especially partial to this set because our community has a Holiday Locomotive Train that comes once a year to raise money for charity.  This awesome Lego set always reminds me of the real train – and brings a smile to my face.

Once it’s all pieced together, the stylish Christmas tree rotates as you push the train around the tracks. It is a power functions enable-able train if you so choose to upgrade it. With a train driver, a ticket collector, and three passengers, there are plenty of mini figurines characters to play with. They can even play with their own range of mini-toys, including a tiny train, a wind-up car, a robot, and a fire truck. All in all, Yule be blown away if you choo-choo-choose this loco Lego bundle!

Age: 12+

6. LEGO Nutcracker

Lego nutcracker!

Not every holiday-themed set has to break the bank to be loads of fun.  This Limited Edition Nutcracker Lego set is perfect for a display piece for any BrickHeadz fan.  You’ll build a traditional nutcracker in a fun manner that only a BrickHeadz set can capture.

While I wouldn’t recommend your child try cracking nuts in it, the toy ships with a functioning open-and-close mouth.  You’ll also get some adorable presents, and a wonderful Christmas tree.  This nutcracker is one of those sets cool enough looking to be displayed proudly around the Christmas season.

It’s recommended for children ages 10 and up, but I think you could have a younger Lego fan build this set and not run into too much trouble.  It does have some small pieces so no toddlers – but it’d be a great challenge for a school-age child.

7. Winter Village Fire Station

Winter fun firestation

Once upon a time, there was a LEGO Fire Brigade Building set.  This outstanding holiday-themed Lego set reminds me a bit of that classic.  It’s one of my favorite Winter Village sets.

There’s so much to do with the Winter Village Fire Station. Build a nice frozen rink for the 6 minifigures to enjoy.  Besides the two-story fire station, you’ll be able to build a two seat hook and ladder fire truck.  Once that’s complete, use it to hoist the star on top of the Christmas tree you’ll build.  It’ll fit great in the center of Winter Village Market.

It’s a great display piece- like most of the Winter Village Lego Christmas sets on our list. The light brick keeps the fire station windows nice and bright.  The festive details such as that help keep people coming back for Lego holiday sets year after year.

8. Lego Christmas Ornaments

Lego Christmas Ornaments

Every child dreams of making their own ornaments to proudly hang on the tree. Make their dreams come true with these easy-to-build Lego Christmas Ornaments! Watch as your little ones piece together the small puzzles and then simply screw them into the baubles. There are tons of designs to choose from, including angelsreindeer, winter cabin and Santa Claus. Perfect stocking fillers, they’re a wonderful way to start Christmas Day!

Age: 6+

9. Lego Creator Christmas Tree


There’s no need to worry about cleaning up the pine needles with the Lego Creator Christmas Tree building set!  It’ll look great in the middle of the Lego Village once it’s complete. Of course, you can move it and have a Lego holiday wherever you want!

This cute little pack includes colorful decorations, a miniature star and several small gifts to place under the tree. A super stocking stuffer, this 65 piece puzzle is a perfect gift for kids of all ages!

Age: 6–12 years

10. Lego Santa’s Visit


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…” Make sure your house is ready for Santa’s Visit with this fantastic Lego playset.It’s not the most complicated set, but at under 9 inches tall it’ll fit anywhere.  Besides, who has time for a complicated Lego build this time of year?

That doesn’t mean this set skimps on the details or festive decor. It has a full range of accessories among the 165 pieces in the set.  Your children can leave out some cookies and hot cocoa and make sure the chimney is clean and the fire is out. Once the whole house is fast asleep, old Saint Nick is going to nip in with his sack of goodies and leave some gifts beneath the tree to create fond memories.

You’d better get to work—it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Children Ages  7 years and up

11. Lego City Advent Calendar


Here’s another one of our favorite Lego advent themed sets. I love how this kit sets the stage for festive fun. It also would fit great in a Lego winter village display.

It’s Christmas time in the city, but those aren’t silver bells you hear. It’s… a firefighter playing an electric guitar?! With the Lego City edition Advent Calendar, every day adds something new and crazy to the party. Who knows what we’ll get tomorrow? Santa? A volcano worker? A snowplow? Hockey sticks? A Siberian husky? Hold onto your bricks and hats—we’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see!

Kids Ages: 5 years–12 years- Good for preschool-aged Lego fans.

12. Lego Creator Snowman


The Lego Creator Snowman is another one of the quality holiday sets – perfect for a stocking filler. It doesn’t come with a ton of options but it’s really quick to make. It’s great for children with shorter attention spans.

Build your snowman and wrap him up tight in a scarf and hat. He also comes with a brush and movable arms. With just 60 pieces, you can get him up and rolling in no time. Quick and fun, this simple kit is absolutely brrrrrrrr-illiant!

Age: 6–12 years old

13. Lego 24-in-1 250-Piece Christmas Set


Get building… and re-building… and building again with the Lego 24-in-1 250-Piece Christmas Set! Designed in the true Lego tradition, this set is meant to be built up and torn apart. With 24 Christmassy designs in total, it’s ideal for budding architects and engineers—and it’s great for instilling ideals of re-using and recycling. And if you get bored of the included designs, why not invent your own? The perfect balance of order and chaos, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Age: Children ages 7 years and up

14. Lego Expert Creator Winter Toy Shop


With the Lego Expert Creator Winter Toy Shop, it really is the most wonderful time of the year! This 898-piece set comes with a huge collection of features. Build your snowman to the sound of Christmas carolers, but watch out… Those kids are having a snowball fight! And here comes a snowboarder and a skier! Place your gifts under the massive Christmas tree and climb up the ladder to put the star on top. And once the tree is up, why not head into the toy shop? It really lights up and it’s filled with mini-toys like a tiny teddy bear, a jack-in-the-box and a helicopter. With this incredible playset, you’ll really be walking in a winter wonderland!

Age: 12+

15. Lego Creator Reindeer


Another great stocking stuffer, the Lego Creator Reindeer is a simple 77-piece puzzle with super-cute results. Trot through the snow or take the skies—but don’t forget your two little gifts for Mr. and Mrs. Claus! A little touch of magic, this tiny set is just what you need to get your Christmas festivities off the ground!

Age: 6–12

What do you think of our Lego Christmas list? Do you have any of these Lego Christmas toys? Or do you have any others we didn’t mention? Let us know all about it in the comments section below!

Feature image based on image courtesy of Flickr, mccun934.

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