Parenting is much easier with monthly subscription boxes that are fun for kids, especially younger kids. When comparing Little Passports Vs. KiwiCo, it’s apparent kids love both brands. These monthly subscription boxes are educational, engaging, and popular among younger kids. The hands-on activities, toys, and games are fun ways to introduce children to STEM and STEAM topics.

We’ve got a lot of experience with both companies products. This article, we’ll go over our findings on which product will be better for your child – KiwiCo vs. Little Passports.

Little Passports Keep Kids Engaged In STEM Geography Expeditions, Cooking, And Science Experiments

Two moms launched Little Passports in 2009, and since then, the company has become an international brand with exciting choices to keep kids entertained and engaged. Today the creative team, which develops content for Little Passports kits, includes experiences in museum interactivities, teaching Montessori, living in countries across the world, from mixed culture households, and those who study childhood literature.

Supplemented with online learning resources for curious children who want to know more, your little explorer isn’t limited to the contents of this month’s kit.

How Do Little Passports Subscriptions Work?

Little Passports offers monthly subscriptions engaging children ages 3 to 12 years old with educational theme-based fun activities and resources. There are also options for 6-month and 12-month plans depending on the theme. Parents can also purchase subscription boxes by age, price, or collection. The latter focuses on interests, for example, geography and travel products, STEM science subscriptions, and activity kits.

The monthly, 6-month and 12-month subscription plans auto-renew, but you can cancel renewals anytime. The gift guides are excellent for helping adults to choose the best STEM education gifts for young scientists and global explorers who want to discover the world through recipes, crafts, or fascinating fun geography.

What’s Included In The Little Passports Subscription Boxes And Individual Kits?

Little Passports Kitchen Adventures, Cooking Kids-Tested Recipes: The Newest Subscription Box For Kids Ages 7+

Kids love to imitate their role models; with this child-friendly recipe bundle, children can play, explore cooking traditions, and cook fabulous recipes from across the globe. A 12-month subscription takes your child on a global culture and cuisine exploration that meets America’s Test Kitchen’s kid-tested and kid-approved recipes.

A new launch, these culture subscription boxes are helping kids develop skills in the kitchen. They develop practical skills from shopping to measuring ingredients and making the new family favorite dish. Each box contains the following items:

  • 4-5 Cultural relevant recipes developed by America’s Test Kitchen and tried and approved by 15,000 kids and families
  • Recipe shopping list
  • Cooking tool for hands-on activities with instructions
  • Flavor Journal provides the recipes, a place for notes, and of course, a letter from Sam & Sofia with fun food facts and details of their adventures. 

The culinary adventure starts with the delicious flavors of Rome, Italy. The first monthly package kit includes the following:

  • Kid-friendly recipes for pizza, pasta, and a chocolate dessert to cook at home
  • A set of kitchen tongs designed for smaller hands
  • Play marble mazes and identify Rome’s landmarks
  • The flavor journal and recipe cards hold interesting knowledge that tells kids more about the food history of Rome 

Little Passports Early Explorers, An Introductory Global Adventures For Age Range 3-5 Years

Monthly world themes introduce toddlers and preschoolers to a wide range of wonders, from the depths of the Great Barrier Reef to the mountain peaks of the Himalayas. Inside the first monthly subscription box is

Here's one example of Little Passports Early Explorers. It's great for preschoolers to play - educational toys are always wonderful.
  • Little Passports orange suitcase for all the travel adventures
  • A wall-sized world map to chart travels
  • Activity book with puzzles, games, and fun facts
  • Pop-out playset and stickers
  • Welcome letter from Max, Mia, and Toby

With so many places to visit, there is a new adventure each month, stickers to add, cards to trade, photo galleries, puzzles, printable activities, and more to add as children explore music, habitats, art, dinosaurs, plants, rocks, and world coins, to name a few. 

Little Passports Animals Wild, Kids Meet 100+ Animals For Age Range 3-5 Years

Each month’s adventures introduce kids to amazing animals in the animal kingdom as they Stomp the Serengeti, Plunge into the Pacific, Wander the Woods, Creep through the Outback, or Follow the Flock. The first adventure is spending time in the Amazon, which teaches kids about the rainforest. The set includes:

Animal wild is a great learning toy for kids that like animals - and which ones don't!  This subscription from Little Passports provides stem education, along with providing hours of entertainment.
  • A pop-up playset with lift-the-flap fun discoveries related to the fascinating animals living in the rainforest
  • 3D pop-out animals to play with the playset – a jaguar, empower tamarin, poison dart frog, and a macaw
  • Rainforest Romp activity that is launching foam animal discs at the kapok tree
  • Maze, matching game, fun facts, and more activities that focus on the rainforest

Little Passports Space Quest, Expands Kids Universe For Age Range 5-8 years

These subscription boxes include science projects, stories, hands-on activities, posters, and endless options for imaginative play. It’s perfect for curious children who dream of space missions; an ideal gift for budding astronauts and space fans.

When looking at Kiwico vs Little Passports, the subject and ages groups matter.  This Space Quest box is great for 5-8 year old kids.

Adventures include discovering galaxies, alien encounters, roving robots, and of course, the ultimate blast-off! The first of 6-month subscription space expeditions are exploring the night sky, and the Glowing Galaxies Kit fully equips your little explorer:

  • Hands-on cardstock planetarium project to project stars on the wall and ceiling
  • Make your own mini flashlight projector that guides a comet, planet, rocket, or astronaut in your bedroom.
  • In bright colors, the 16 x 20-inch poster shows the lifecycle of a star
  • Discover the story of astronomy in ancient times

Unlike other Little Passports subscription boxes, Space Quest and Science have only monthly or 6-month subscription options. However, parents interested in 12-month plans can save $60 by bundling the two together. 

Little Passports Science Junior, Science Expeditions To Major Destinations For Age Range 5-8 Years

These science kits teach younger children science focusing on the natural wonders of science. These science boxes hold a variety of topics, games, and STEM activities. Traveling across the globe, children learn the science behind, for example, optical illusions, pollination, elastic force, dinosaurs, rockets and space, volcanoes in Hawaii, robots, forensic science investigations, and deep-sea expeditions in Guam.

Kids start their science expeditions in Antarctica learning bout Weddell seals, and their first science box includes: 

  • Full-color magazine with puzzles, stories, and activities
  • Special Weddell seal craft project for play or display
  • Stickers and collectible trading cards to share and trade
  • Antarctica board game
  • Welcome letter from penpals Sam and Sofia 
  • Additional activities, photos, and printables online

Little Passports World Edition, To New Global Destinations For Age Range 6-10 Years

These educational subscription boxes take kids on travel adventures with penpals Sam and Sofia discovering cultures and traditions with hands-on activities, stories, and souvenirs. Each subscription box takes kids to new places worldwide, from Australia to Thailand and Kenya. The first adventure is to Brazil, and the kit contains the following:

  • Little Passports blue suitcase
  • Wall-sized world map 
  • Activity book with fun facts, games, and puzzles
  • Baggage tag, map sticker, and passport stamp
  • Chapter book tells the story of how Sam and Sofia search for a secret recipe.
  • More online content access

Little Passports Science Expeditions, To Understand Scientific Mysteries For Kids Ages 8+

The Science Expeditions kits are excellent gift subscription boxes for budding scientists to learn more about science fields and encourage STEM skills. Each month’s education subscription box explores a science topic with hands-on science experiments, badges, inventions, and comic books.

The broad range of science topics creates endless possibilities for your little scientists, and it’s helping kids develop skills they will use later. Kids discover, explore, and learn about bubble science, pressure power, architecture, solar energy, and sports science, to name a few. The first science activity kit includes everything for fun DNA detective educational experiments: 

  • Little Passports Science Expetiditon tote bag to store content
  •  Science lab notebook to keep track of investigations
  • Forensic science experiment kit
  • Fingerprint analysis card and ink pad
  • First collectible achievement badge 
  • Comic book and activity booklet with scientific fun facts
  • Additional online science content and videos

Little Passports USA Edition, Explore United States Coast To Cost For Age Range 7-12 Years

Take a road trip with penpals Sam and Sofia to find and discover two new states each month. These geography activities are an excellent option for your child to learn about the United States with a booklet of activities, stories, games, and recipes for each state. The first cross-country USA Discovery Kit includes:

  • Wall-sized USA map to chart the travels and see which states you’ve visited
  • Little Passports USA field guide 
  • State journals with a range of activities, games, and fun facts
  • Folder for monthly activity books
  • Welcome letter from Sam and Sofia, your travel guides 

KiwiCo Crates, Fun STEAM Arts, Crafts, Engineering, And Science Educational Activities

While Little Passports is great, it’s time to see where we stand for KiwiCo vs the competition. Our kids started with Kiwico, so we are quite the experts on the quality and breadth of products. We’ve done full reviews on all KiwiCo products – click to button to read more.

What’s Included In The KiwiCo Panda Crate For Newborn To Toddlers?

The Panda Crate KiwiCo boxes focus on what is important for early childhood development, where babies and infants explore and discover. The subscription boxes are not just educational but user-friendly and fun. Grounded in science, KiwiCo is a great choice and one of the best subscription boxes for babies, as well as convenient for parents.

look with me panda crate for toddlers from kiwico - is it good head to head against little passports vs kiwico?

With subscription plans, you will receive a Panda crate every two months, starting at your baby’s age. You can also start and cancel monthly, six-month, and annual subscriptions at any time.

  • Bond With Me (0-24 Months) fosters bonding that helps newborns develop mind skills and core strength with play and exploring their immediate environment.
  • Sense With Me (3-6 Months) engages the baby’s five senses as they discover and connect with their world through touching, chewing, grabbing, smelling, and hearing.
  • Explore With Me (7-12 Months) helps kids learn spatial awareness with toys that explore concepts like finding, under, and through.
  • Count With Me (13-18 Months) explore math skills by sorting objects, matching shapes, and other basic math concepts.
  • Solve With Me (19-24 Months) is helping kids develop skills like problem-solving, memory, and math while developing fine motor skills.

KiwiCo Koala Crate, The Craft Subscription Boxes For Toddler And Preschoolers

Now that your toddler is 2-years old, the craft subscription box frequency is no longer every two months like before, but parents can expect a box filled with goodies for kids every month. Expect a craft box every month in the mail with all the materials and goodies for craft and art projects, science experiments, inspirations, and ideas related to the month’s theme.

Koala Crate Farm Theme

The crates continue to address age-appropriate development that is also fun and engaging. Early math, stacking and building, pretend play, motor skills, and sensory art are some of the things explored with DIY activities, games, puzzles, crafts projects, and the fun magazine.

KiwiCo Kiwi Crate STEAM Subscriptions For Ages Range 5-8 Years

Each item in the monthly Kiwi Crate focuses on science and art activities. Each crate has all the materials and easy-to-understand instructions ready to engage kids in hands-on educational activities. There is more than enough to keep little ones busy, working independently or together.

KiwiCrate Review

The Kiwi Crate explores STEAM topics to encourage children to develop their creativity and natural curiosity. With the DIY activities and games, they learn about things like body muscles and organs, motion and force, magnetism, and science experiment.

KiwiCo Atlas Crate, Global Adventure Boxes For Age Range 6-11 Years

The Atlas Crate is similar to some Little Passports crates that teach children about other cultures, geography, and customs. These crates are exclusive to global adventures with games and projects. Build an adventure book with the seven Atlas Cards in each crate, exposing landmarks, history, foods, geography, and customs.

Building the globe with kiwico atlas crate - a great subscription box option
  • World Crate is where the journey begins with Anya and Milo. You can make a travel book to collect your Atlas cards and master basic navigation skills. 
  • Japan Crate shows children the mysteries of Japan with the traditional board game, cooking onigiri rice balls, and making yourself a fluttering carp windsock. 
  • Peru Crate helps kids experience local textiles by weaving a mini blanket, testing their aim with the ancient tossing same, making music on a DIY, and discovering some Nazca Desert mysteries. 

Focused on traveling the world, each month’s subscription box includes STEAM projects for little minds from a global adventure perspective, detailed instructions inspiration booklets for working independently or with adult supervision, atlas cards, DIY activities, and keepsakes for the Atlas Adventure Book.

KiwiCo Doodle Crate, Arts Subscription Boxes For Kids Age 9+

The Doodle Crate is the perfect crate for hands-on creativity. Although this arts subscription box may seem like it’s for artistic kids, it’s the perfect gift for ALL children because everyone has some creativity to express.

kiwi co review - Doodle_Crate_Stained_Glass_Suncatcher

In this subscription cardboard box, the items help build kids’ confidence because it’s rewarding to see the completed project. Felt crafting, clay modeling, and soap making are some techniques kids learn. The content also expands the child’s knowledge with a booklet featuring illustrated instructions as well as design history fun facts. In addition, there are awesome online video tutorials and additional activities to please the curious.

KiwiCo Tinker Crate, Science Subscription Boxes For Kids Ages 9+

KiwiCo offers middle schoolers who love science additional science experiments and projects. The Tinker crate features a fun monthly surprise, from building coin-eating robots to electric-powered motorcycles and marble climbing stairs.

The tinker crate from kiwico is a great subscription option for your child.

These science subscription crates feature STEM projects for everyone, from beginners to the more advanced scientists. Dedicated to inspiring the love of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in 9-year-old boys and girls, they also may lead to future STEM exploration.

KiwiCo Eureka Crate, Engineering Projects For Kids Ages 14+

The Eureka crate provides hands-on lessons that teach teenagers the science principles behind real-world problems. In addition, the projects inspire kids to see everyday objects and look deeper into each item’s engineering concepts. This was one of my personal favorite kits – I think I had as much fun building this as my child.

KiwiCo’s awesome projects definitely teach kids to think and encourage them significantly to explore in-depth building foundations for a better future. These subscription boxes include fun projects like articulated desk lamps, electric pencil sharpeners, and wooden ukeleles for music inspiration. We made an electric soap dispenser.

KiwiCo Maker Crate Monthly Craft Box For Kids Ages 14+

The craft subscription boxes are designed for beginners to advanced crafters. Teens and adults will love the practical monthly craft projects while learning new techniques. Some of these handpicked crafts are easy, while others are more challenging. However, completing a craft that is stimulating, relaxing, and gives you a sense of accomplishment is always delightful.

Helping kids develop skills is important, but the most fun is making practical things you can use, like the macrame plant hangers, learning textile techniques to complete a colorful punch-needle pillow, or discovering traditional mosaic-type of art.

We haven’t published our review of the Maker Crate yet – so stay tuned!

KiwiCo Vs. Little Passports Compared, The Final Verdict

Both companies have great products with significant overlap – but in general KiwiCo is more focused on science and STEM while Little Passports has a wider range of subjects. If your child is a science nut – KiwiCo is likely the right path for your family. They also have subscriptions for high school students – something Little Passports is lacking.

If, on the other hand, your child has a more eclectic taste – you’ll probably find Little Passports more your style. The World Edition is where I was introduced to Little Passports, and my child loved it.

Overall, both companies are loved for their subscription boxes. According to customer reviews, user-friendliness, customer experience, and helping, kids develop skills are seen in both brands.

KiwiCo subscription boxes start with newborns, whereas Little Passports start with toddlers. Although KiwiCo has an Atlas crate, Little Passports have more extensive global traveling subscription boxes focusing on juniors and older children.

With the launch of the new Little Passports Kitchen Adventures kit, both companies offer kids cooking fun experiences with recipes and tools.

Although Little Passports relies more on world-traveling adventures and KiwiCo is probably the best choice for hands-on craft projects, both brands are similar in extensively introducing and exploring STEM and STEAM topics and principles.

Shipping and pricing are similar, and you won’t find cheap items in their subscription boxes. You get what you pay for. Check the Little Passports and KiwiCo websites for coupons, deals, and money-saving options.

Which Is The Best Purchase, Little Passports Or KiwiCo?

It goes without saying that both are great subscription boxes that fulfill different needs, so it is challenging to choose between the two. And should you? The best monthly subscription box depends on the individual. Your child’s age and interest will determine the best gift for them.

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