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Lost in an engaging book’s pages is one of the most incredible experiences for young to old. Classroom reading bulletin boards and library book displays are excellent resources teachers can use to encourage kids to start reading. Once students discover the wonderful world of books, they become lifelong readers.

We compiled a list of the best reading bulletin boards teachers can use in their classrooms from K-5, middle school, and high school. We also added some excellent library bulletin board ideas. These resources are easy to make; you don’t need a lot of creativity to be inspired by design. If you can take a photo, use color, print a name tag or book title, then you can make any of these exciting reading displays.

We’ve linked to the original source (when we could find one) – if you find an idea that inspires you, click through the link for more information.


Top Reading Books Bulletin Boards

Caught Reading Classroom Bulletin Boards

Caught Reading Mugshot

Caught Reading Mugshot

So funny! A height chart in the background of the mugshot! Make reading even more cool than it is by catching teachers AND students reading their favorite book by taking a mugshot.

Reading Alert: Caught Red Handed

Reading Alert

A reading log with a difference! Motivate children in the classroom, library, or at home, not only to read but also to fall in love with reading.

Look Who Got Caught Reading

Look Who Got Caught Reading

Reading non-fiction inspiration! Take photos of students reading non-fiction should inspire other kids to join them.

Reading Trees Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas

Who Is The Mascot

Who Is The Mascot

Which book character will be your classroom reading mascot? Fruit, birds, nest, and even a stool for a classroom presentation or sit quietly in the room and read.

More Great Bulletin Boards:

Reading Tree To Encourage Reading

Reading Tree To Encourage Reading

What a marvelous reward system idea! The goal is to get your name multiple times on the tree. Leaves represent three books read and a book report, flowers represent six books and fruit ten books.

Paper Mache Tree

Paper Mache Tree

Any kid would love to crawl inside and snuggle up with a good book. Although not a bulletin board per se, I couldn’t resist this gorgeous idea.

Seasonal Reading Bulletin Boards

SPRING Into Literature

Spring Into Literature

Cute. Add students’ names or book titles to the leaves and birds.

Our Books Are Blooming, Pick One

Our Books Are Blooming

Flowering books! Each flower can represent a book from a popular genre. Add tiny droplets with students’ names they can paste on the book-pots they’ve read.

Our Library Has SNOW Many Great Books

Our Library Has Snow Many Great Books

Skis, sleds, mini-characters, and Frosty The Snowman can inspire children to enjoy the winter season with a book. It’s impressive how construction paper and clip art can create such an inspiring classroom or library bulletin board design.

RAKE In A Good Book

Rake In A Good Book

Once again, construction paper and bulletin board paper produce a festive scenery that inspires. You can even add book title tags, appropriate for the grade, to the leaves.

Hang Out With A Good Book This SUMMER

Hang Out With A Good Book This Summer

Check those palm trees! And the hammock! Who wouldn’t want to be on that beach reading a book!

Funny Reading Quotes and Word Play

Dinosaurs Didn’t Read, Now They Are Extinct

Dinosaurs Didnt Read Now They Are Extinct

Now we know what happened to the dinosaurs. If this doesn’t encourage a student to read, it will at least bring a smile.

Reading Can Seriously Damage Your Ignorance

Reading Can Seriously Damage Your Ignorance

What can I say, except, “Start reading.”

There’s A Minion Reasons To Read

There Is A Minion Reasons To Read

This should inspire minion fans and anyone with a sense of humor.

Middle School and High School Reading Bulletin Boards

The first three three bulletin boards come from the same creative resource.

Bookflix Trending Now Bulletin Board

Bookflix Trending Now

Amazing! Check the popcorn pieces against the wall. This bulletin board inspires students to a book-reading-marathon as opposed to a movie marathon.

Reading Adds Up

Readign Adds Up

Math and reading can go together. The calculator bulletin board gives students reasons why reading matters.

iRead APPealing Books

Iread Appealing Books

Technology fans will love this iPad bulletin board. The teacher has a fantastic idea to add QR codes to each book title that links them to the book trailer video or Goodreads page.

Benefits Of Reading Display

Benefits Of Reading

Colorful images and font variety complements the many benefits of reading, a great way to encourage reading.

School Library Bulletin Board Ideas

Wheelie Good Books

Wheelie Good Books

Car lovers won’t be able to walk past those wheels without being tempted to grab a book to read too. Brilliant idea for a theme or topic display.

Match The Selfie To The Shelfie

Match The Selfie To The Shelfie

How well do students know their teachers and their books? Find out with this selfie-shelfie contest. Students guess which bookshelf belongs to which teacher’s room.

Encourage Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

Where Can Reading Take You

Where Can Reading Take You

There’s no limit! The wonderful world of books can take you anywhere and everywhere.

Reading Takes Us Out Of This World

Reading Takes Us Out Of This World

A reading astronaut in space would inspire any space enthusiasts, adventurers, or kids who like a challenge to read. Wonder what the astronaut is reading…

Dive Into Reading

Dive Into Reading

Funny, inspiring, and incredible wordplay. This bulletin board display has so much to offer. You feel like you’re swimming with the reader, and if you come close enough, you’ll find out what the student is reading.

Books Can Take You Anywhere

Books Can Take You Anywhere

Another inspiration and clever idea to use butterflies flying out of the books. Where are they flying to? They can go anywhere.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover Display

Don Judge A Book By Its Cover

Curious? Who isn’t? The library display challenges students to take a wrapped book and check it out to read without knowing the book’s title. An excellent idea for a classroom activity, book theme, or topic, too.

More Reading Bulletin Boards To Reach Reading Goals

A Tournament Of Books

A Tournament Of Books

Great way to bring the thrill of sports tournaments to books. This teacher used it to inspire her students in fifth grade, but it can work for all grades, genres, topics, or even a series of books by one author.

Emoji Reads

Emoji Reads

Brilliant idea to use emojis to indicate students’ reaction to books. Teachers can create the board or let students add their emojis to their favorite characters or books read. A great activity to incorporate in lesson plans.

Walk A While In Their Shoes

Walk A While In Their Shoes

Inspire the classroom to read biographies, history topics, cultures, or situations in the world with this creative display.

Welcome Back The Books Missed You

Welcome Back The Books Missed You

Back to school and more books to discover in the classroom and library. The book characters give the impression they missed the students—an excellent idea for students in any grade.


What is your favorite classroom or library reading bulletin board ideas?

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