Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas

Preschool bulletin board ideas can inspire, engage, and create a happy atmosphere in the class. Toddlers are curious and cheerful, and a charming design will draw their attention, and they will want to participate.

We had so much fun creating a list of the top bulletin board ideas for preschool teachers. The creativity and ideas are astonishing, and we enjoyed selecting these beautiful examples to inspire teachers in creating their unique bulletin boards and door decorations.

Best Preschool Classroom Bulletin Boards And Amazing Classroom Doors

Back To School Bulletin Boards

Welcome boards create a happy mood in the class, and students feel at home from the start.

Preschool Is Wooly Cool

Preschool Is Wooly Cool

An adorable back-to-school bulletin board idea. The friendly llama is made from cotton balls and decorated with strings and pompoms.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Welcome To Our Classroom

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Welcome To Our Classroom

Great theme, an all-time favorite story to welcome preschoolers back to school.

Poppin’ Into Preschool

Poppin Into Preschool Welcome Bulletin Board

Delightful idea painting little faces on the popcorn pieces. Those happy popcorn-faces welcome the preschool children to school.

Peek-A-Boo Preschool Bulletin Board

Peek A Boo Preschool Bulletin Board

One of the best bulletin board ideas in helping children with name recognition and making them feel welcome. Each name tag reveals a photo of the student or a teacher.

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Away We Go Back To School

Away We Go Back To School

Amazing! Each child is hanging on a balloon image they decorated. Check the uniqueness of each pose. So adorably cute.

Interactive Bulletin Boards

Interactive bulletin boards are excellent excuses for activities and to engage Preschool and Kindergarten students.

Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

Such an adorably charming interactive bulletin board! A 3D image accompanies a classroom rule consisting of only two or three words.

Color Sorting Interactive Bulletin Board

Color Sorting Interactive Bulletin Board

A fun activity to sort colors. Students drop them through the 3D colored tubes made from paper towel rolls.

Weekly Focus Preschool Bulletin Board

Weekly Focus Preschool Bulletin Board

A colorful and fun idea of how this teacher displays the week’s objectives for a letter, number, color, shape, and sight word. It helps kids focus and recall and shows parents what their precious ones are learning that week.

On The Farm

On The Farm Preschool Interactive Bulletin Board

Toddlers will love this interactive bulletin board! This teacher’s bulletin board design is one of the cleverest and cutest toddler bulletin board displays. Check the details in scrunching butcher paper barn, cloud-shaped bulletin board letters, and the grass border. Everything is ready for students to display their creative animals as they learn about them during the year.

Multipurpose Interactive Bulletin Board Display

Multipurpose Interactive Bulletin Board For Preschool

A brilliant solution for a classroom with limited wall space! It’s one of the best interactive bulletin board ideas offering information, activities, and more. The teacher divides the bulletin board space into various sub-boards, including a snack board, name recognition, and directions board.

Where Is My Mom

Where Is My Mom

It’s the most adorable problem-solving bulletin board, teaching a child to match the baby animal with its parent.

Humpty Dumpty Preschool Sat On A Wall

Humpty Dumpty Preschool Sat On The Wall

An appealing and amusing idea to celebrate nursery rhyme themes. Cute idea to use a photo of each child and the teacher as a Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall.

Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas for Birthdays And Special Days

Teachers and students like to celebrate birthdays and special days. These bulletin board ideas remind them of those special days.

Crown Signs Birthday Bulletin Board

Crown Signs Birhtday Bulletin Board

Creative and charming! The crown decoration of each child hangs on the bulletin board until it’s their birthday. Then preschooler removes it and wears it on that day. Interesting way to keep track of who had birthdays.

Cupcake Birthday Bulletin Chart

Cupcake Birthday Bulletin Board Chart

A fantastic idea to write the child’s name on a candle piece and add it to the cupcake birthday month.

Happy Birthday Parcels Bulletin Boards

Happy Birthday Gift Parcels Bulletin Board Idea

A splendid idea is making the child the gift in the adorable birthday gift parcel.

Balloon Birthday Display

Birthday Bulletin Board

Balloons are always a winner!

I Love You From The Bottom Of My Sole

From The Bottom Of My Sole Bulletin Board

So much fun painting each other’s feet and then creating little hearts with the painted soles. Write the names of the children next to their sole-hearts.

PreK Sweethearts

Prek Sweathearts

Add each little sweetheart’s name to a heart and decorate a cereal box with the Sweatheart letters and hearts.

PreK Is Sending Love Your Way

Pre K Is Sending Love Your Way

So creative and adorable the tie-dye coffee filter hearts. The envelope is a nice touch.

Season Theme Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas

Word-play with seasons is always fun, even if your little ones can’t read yet.

Dropping In On Preschool

Dropping In On Preschool Spring Bulletin Board

Cute umbrellas are showing off the children’s creativity. Paste raindrops in the empty spaces to complete the Spring classroom bulletin board.

Swing High This Spring

Swing High This Spring Prek Bulletin Board

An adorable way to use the student photos to introduce them to fun on the playground.

These Boots Are Made For Splashing

These Boots Are Made For Splashing

A charming way to practice motor skills in a messy, fun way. The kids cut out their boots and decorated them with spangles.

Cream Of The Crop

Cream Of The Crop Fall Preschool Bulletin Board

Silly, cute, and adorable. Your students will love the way the teacher used their photos.

Four Seasons Tree

Four Season Preschool Bulletin Board

A marvelous idea to divide a tree into four seasons. Each season’s detail is so realistic.

Watch Us Grow Through The Seasons

Watch Us Grow Through The Seasons

Wow! Look at that Spring flower! Children will be fascinated by the seasonal activity on this board.

Kindness And Anti-Bullying Bulletin Board Ideas

The kindness and anti-bullying themed bulletin board ideas offer information to students playfully and positively.

Have You Filled A Bucket Today

Have You Filled A Bucket Today Preschool Interactive Bulletin Board

Fill your bucket with warm fuzzy feelings. Kids get to fill their bucket with a “warm fuzzy” pompom whenever they do or say something kind, respectful, caring, or considerate.

Kindness Quilt

Kindness Quilt

Wow, a child’s perspective of kindness. Decorate the bulletin board quilt with students’ beliefs about kindness and handprints.

Be A Buddy Not A Bully

Be A Buddy Not A Bully

Cute and effective. Teachers can use the display to teach students nice friendly words to use toward each other.

We Pledge To Be PAW Sitevely Bully Free

We Pledge To Be Paw Sitively Bully Free

Lovable! All can relate, whether you’re a PAW Control fan or not.

BEE A Buddy Not A Bully

Bee A Buddy Not A Bully Preschool Bulletin Board

Cutesy little bees represent the new friend a child can make.

We Are A Box Of Crayons

We Are A Box Of Crayons

Each child is as unique as their crayon coloring piece. All children relate to crayons; a beautiful idea to use crayons to show uniqueness and unity.

Amazing Classroom Doors

Magical Adventures Ahead

Magical Adventures Ahead Door Decoration

So magical and inviting. The teacher designed her classroom door decoration around the Magic Tree House book series.

Up Up And Away in Pre-K Classroom Door Decoration

Up Up And Away In Prek

Who’s peeking out of the window and standing in the door of the flying house?

Where Our Adventures Begin Door Decoration

Where Our Adventures Begin Door Decoration

Another inspiring bulletin display with the Up, Up, and Away theme. Add student name tags on the balloons.

Welcome To Our Hive…The Best Place To Bee

Welcome To Our Hive The Best Place To Bee Door Decoration

A happy hive with each bee having a child’s name tag.

Gingerbread Man Door Decoration

Gingerbread Man Door Decoration

Another delightful door decoration. Each child decorated a gingerbread man.

Take A Selfie Door Decoration

Take A Selfie Door Decroation

Decorate the door during the holidays with self-portraits of the students.

Preschool Bulletin Board Design Inspirations

If you don’t have the time to create the pieces to decorate the preschool bulletin boards, here are ready-to-use items teachers can use as inspiration.

Creative Teaching 10-Inch Jumbo Designer Cut-Outs

Creative Teaching 10-Inch Jumbo Designer Cut-Outs

Write the kids’ names on the cupcake representing their birthday month.

Confetti Straight Border Trim for Classroom Bulletin Board

Confetti Straight Border Trim for Classroom Bulletin Board

The colorful confetti border transforms the space into something cheerful and exciting.

Sproutbrite Educational Posters for Toddlers

Sproutbrite Educational Posters for Toddlers

Teachers can create beautiful toddler bulletin boars with these colorful educational posters. The easy-to-read set includes alphabet letters, numbers, emotions, days of the week, and more.

Edupress Pete The Cat Keeping Its Cool In Bulletin Board Set EP63822

Edupress Pete The Cat Keeping Its Cool In Bulletin Board Set EP63822

Teacher Created Resources brings the character Pete the Cat from the book series to the teacher’s classroom. Decide Pete’s mood with his buttons, shoes, and coat. Additional accessories have space to write students’ names and labels.

Sproutbrite Classroom Decorations

Sproutbrite Classroom Decorations

Brighten the classroom door or a bulletin board with these bold colored banners.


We hope these beautiful preschool bulletin boards and door decorations inspired you. Which one is your favorite?

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