Every parent wants to know how their child is doing at school. End of year report card comments is valuable insights on how the teacher assessed the child for that year. These card comments tell parents, and students, about their performances, accomplishments, and required improvements.

Teachers know the value of report card comments, and they don’t take writing it lightly. Despite knowing how important report card comments are, few teachers look forward to writing it.

We’ve created a list of ideas for comments that teachers can use as inspiration and adapt for each student.

Great Ideas For How To Make It Easier To Write Appropriate Report Card Comments

Often writing report card comments are at the bottom of the end-of-year to-do-list. There are so many other things that need to happen at the same time, and good report card comments take time to write. It’s not something that can be rushed.

By making notes throughout the year, the teacher will have ready-to-use data to draw from.  These notes help to remember specific achievements or memorable things the student did or said.

Create a databank of comment ideas that you can adapt for a specific student. A list of comment ideas may inspire and help to say similar things differently.

Begin with the card comments of students that you know what to write. Writing the easy comments first starts the process and makes it easier to continue.

If stuck, create a list of adjectives that describe the student. Then use these words to write the report card comments.

Report card comments are often focused on direction to work, enthusiastic vocabulary phrases to learn how effort shows quickly developing improved potential completing independent daily respectful activities. Role models in an organization like high school language arts are participating in teaching around subject matter which requires other students to consistently throughout proofread their report card. Recess is motivation and classroom reward for above helpful responsible developed willing literature.

General Concepts To Remember When Writing Report Card Comments For Students

Before you start, make sure you are familiar with the school’s rules regarding writing report card comments. Does the school prefer a personalized comment, or do they use general comments?

If left to the last minute, errors could occur. Write the comments with enough time available to proofread for any grammatical or spelling errors. Proofreading also helps to make sure the comment says what the teacher meant to say and that it is clearly understood by the reader. Make sure the student’s name is spelled correctly and that letters in words weren’t interchanged like “ot” instead of “to.”

Here is a checklist of things to look out for when creating comments.

  • Always write the truth.
  • Be specific.
  • Write clear, simple, and concise.
  • Avoid educational jargon and terms.
  • Use synonyms instead of repeating the same words.
  • Write sentences of different lengths.

Generally, comments should be in line with the student’s grades. The comments should be in context to the rest of the assessment. Explaining the student’s grade may be helpful to the parents to know why the child did so well, improved or why they underachieved.

100 Report Card Comment Ideas

Report card comments includes the student’s best achievements, strengths or attributes; their areas of success; and where they need improvement.

Report Card Comments on Student’s Strengths, Skills, Achievements or Positive Habits & Attitude

  1. I enjoyed having _____ in my class
  2. It was wonderful to have ___ in my class
  3. It was a pleasure to have ____ in my class. He/she positively contributed to group activities
  4. It was wonderful to have ___’s enthusiasm in the class
  5. ____ helped make the year a pleasant one
  6. ____ is a pleasant addition to any class with his/her friendly and cooperative attitude
  7. ____has a pleasant personality and makes friends easily
  8. ____ is friendly and sincere
  9. ____’s friendly and fair manner makes him//her good at mediating conflict
  10. ____’s friendly and polite manner made him/her a popular member of the __ grade.
  11. ____ is eager to help and mentor classmates
  12. ____is willing to help
  13. ____volunteers regularly
  14. ____ is anxious to please
  15. ____ showed a willingness to learn with an enthusiastic and positive attitude
  16. ____ works well in a group
  17. ____ showed appreciation for the contribution and efforts of classmates
  18. ____ comfortably takes a leadership role and works well in a team
  19. ____ effectively makes and receive suggestions in group activities
  20. ____ has a positive attitude toward classmates
  21. ____ looks for ways to be helpful in the classroom
  22. ____ comprehends quickly
  23. ____ enthusiastically participates in
  24. ____ is focused in class and eagerly participates
  25. ____ is willing to participate in the class and group discussion
  26. ____has improved steadily throughout the year
  27. ____ accepts responsibility and owns up to his/her mistakes
  28. ____’s work habits improved greatly
  29. ____ is ready to accept more responsibility
  30. ____ has a positive attitude in improving
  31. ____ has earned a fine report card
  32. ____ progressed consistently
  33. ____ pays attention in class and follows directions carefully
  34. ____ listens and follows instructions well
  35. ____ listens attentively, wants to learn, and tries to avoid distractions
  36. ____ listens attentively and follows instructions accurately
  37. ____learned to listen better and paying attention in class
  38. ____ participates actively in classroom discussions. He/she has matured so much this year and now eagerly raises his/hands
  39. ____ follows directions precisely
  40. ____ responsible and accountable for his/her actions. He/she admits mistakes and is eager to improve. He/she listens to suggestions on how to improve.
  41. ____ communicates maturely with classmates
  42. ____ uses his/her time wisely and finishes assignments on time
  43. ____ expresses ideas clearly
  44. ____ exhibits organizational skills
  45. ____ does neat and thorough work
  46. ____ is a willing worker who takes a keen interest in all his/her work
  47. ____ has great potential and diligently works toward achieving his/her goals
  48. ____ is a conscientious worker
  49. ____ demonstrates leadership skills
  50. ____ performs well in everything he/she undertakes
  51. ____ is a hard worker and performed solidly this year with growth in
  52. ____ matured nicely this year, academically and socially
  53. ____ demonstrates maturity in solving problems and challenging situations
  54. ____ has grown in so many ways this year and worked hard to meet
  55. ____ manages emotions maturely with appropriate responses to feedback
  56. ____ has matured nicely and is no longer so shy but participates enthusiastically and easily in social situations
  57. ____ has done wonderfully in overcoming challenges this year. Thank you for your help and cooperation in supporting him/her
  58. Thank you for your assistance at home with _________
  59. Thank you for the help I know you have given him/her
  60. Thank you for your cooperation

Negative Report Card Comments Focused on Potential Areas of Improvement

Writing the truth isn’t always that easy. Here are card comments ideas to write negative traits or achievements positively.

  1. ____ could benefit from
  2. ____ could benefit from reading more/many library books
  3. ___ needs help with organizational skills, such as
  4. ___ could benefit from improving his/her work habits such as
  5. ___ needs repetition to retain information
  6. ___ would benefit from improving self-control skills
  7. Please continue this summer with as many reading experiences as possible
  8. ___ has done well in facing challenges this year. Please continue to encourage this behavior over the summer
  9. ___ needs to listen more attentively during lessons and group sharing times
  10. ___ needs frequent reminders to be attentive during
  11. ___ needs to be more attentive during
  12. ___ would benefit from contributing and participating more actively in class
  13. ___ would benefit from cooperating more in group activities. He/she could work on how to listen to others and voicing his/her opinions
  14. ___ would benefit from working more independently and asking assistance only when needed.
  15. ____ needs to improve using time wisely when completing assignments
  16. ____ needs more practice in completing assignments on time
  17. ____ grasps difficult concepts but needs to work faster
  18. ____ is encouraged to be responsible in
  19. ____ would benefit from practicing ____ this summer. His/her eagerness to do the right thing will help him/her to improve in
  20. ____ is encouraged to focus more on completing work within the time frame.
  21. ____ would benefit more in engaging in the learning process with improved quality of work and using time wisely
  22. ____ needs to work on increasing his/her speed in completing tasks
  23. ____ has shown improvement in ____ He/she will benefit more by practicing these skills during the summer
  24. ___ sometimes takes too long in completing assignments. With additional practice to working faster, he/she will accomplish even more
  25. ___ needs to develop a more mature sense of responsibility
  26. ____ will benefit if he/she improves his/her work habits
  27. ____needs to listen more attentively to directions
  28. ____ has difficulty in retaining
  29. ____ needs more practice to complete
  30. ____ will benefit if he/she is more consistent in his/her efforts, especially in
  31. ____ needs to finish assignments
  32. ____ will benefit from practicing his/her handwriting
  33. ____ needs the motivation to complete tasks
  34. ____ does not work according to his/her ability
  35. ____ needs to proofread his/her work before handing in assignments
  36. ____’s assignments aren’t neat
  37. ____ needs to spend more time on assignments
  38. ____ needs to learn to be less sensitive about
  39. ____ needs to learn to listen and wait until someone has finished talking and not interrupt them
  40. ___ will benefit from applying his/her skills to all work, especially

Free Downloadable Report Card Comments For Students

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