The April 2024 List of The Best Toys By Age

You are in search of the best gifts for your kids – that’s why you’ve landed on this page.

Luckily for you – it’s the right place to be.  Below you will find our best toys and gift guides listed by age.  Select the one for appropriate for the child you are looking for and you’ll be well on your way to finding the PERFECT toy.

Our Toy Guides - By Age

Top toys change from year to year.  In 2024, we had A LOT of turnover in our best toy lists.  Why?

Competition.  Our reviewers have seen a new wave of toys hit in 2019.  Some you have heard of, while others are rare gems, off the beaten path.  Hopefully something you read in our exclusive guides will help you to pick the PERFECT gift this Christmas season.

We have provided links to Amazon in most of these guides.  It’s an easy way to shop, but if you have a local retailer you think is good as well – print out our guide and use it while you shop.  The top toy is one your boys and girls will enjoy in 2024 and beyond.

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Finding the best toys for your kids doesn’t have to be difficult.  First, remember that the best toy for one child isn’t always a good selection for another.  Kids have different interests – so a top toy title is somewhat subjective.   The best toys depend on the recipient!