Spring is here – and May is right around the corner. You are looking for some inspiration and new ideas for a May classroom bulletin board that your students will LOVE!

Here is a list of some of the best May bulletin board ideas and door decorations for your classroom. Some are cute, some funny, and some are so unique and beautiful. If you have additions, please share in the comments so we all can benefit!

The Month Of May Bulletin Board Ideas

May The Fourth Be With You

may the fourth be with you

May has many great events, including Cinco De Mayo and Star Wars related Holiday May the Fourth Be With You. This clever bulletin board combines both ideas into a fun-themed display your students will enjoy.

Flutter Into May Classroom Door Decoration

Flutter Into May Door Decoration

The flower border makes the little butterflies pop. Each butterfly has a student’s name written on it. Check the teacher butterfly smiling at her little ones.

May-June Bulletin Board Idea

May June Bulletin Board

Flowers and flip-flops say it all! The bright flowers depict May’s month, and the flip-flops represent the end of the year and time to have some fun!

Ahoy MAY-Tey

Ahoy May Tey

A Kindergarten class filled with the cutest pirates. By placing the little boats at different angles, it accentuates the wave-effect.

We MAY All Be Different Fish

We May All Be Different Fish

An excellent play on words and inspirational-“We May all be different fish, but in this school, we swim. together.” The border enforces the idea of swimming together, and the uniqueness of each student shows how they decorated the fish (with name tags).

I Love Mom Theme Bulletin Board Ideas

Happy Mother’s Day Flowers

Happy Mothers Day Flowers

Attention coffee lovers – you already have the ingredients for this Mother’s Day bulletin board that converts into a May bulletin board. Use coffee filters for the flowers; kids can make the flowers, a fun activity. After Mother’s Day, you can cover the words with more flowers for the rest of May.

We Love Our Moms

We Love Our Moms

A fantastic idea to have the kids hold up the heart sign celebrating Mother’s Day. It’s incredible how each mini-photo of a student shows their uniqueness.

Mom’s Are The Sweetest

Mom's Are The Sweetest

So sweet using M&M’s as the theme for a Mother’s Day bulletin board. List birthdays on the M&M’s and anniversaries on the M&M characters.

Looking for other bulletin board ideas and inspiration?  Here our some of our favorites:

Memorial Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Remember Our Heroes

Remember Our Heroes

Excellent idea to let students actively take part by creating the soldiers. Use red and white striped paper for the background and glue blue paper (stars cut out) onto the stripes to make the flag.

Memorial Day Classroom Door Decoration

Memorial Day Door Decoration

The giant flowers show appreciation for the brave soldiers we honor on Memorial Day.

Home Of The Free

Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave

The “Home of the free because of the brave” slogan with a red, white, and blue stripes background honor the brave soldiers and remind us of the price they paid for us to have freedom.

May 1st, Mother Goose Day Bulletin Board Idea

It’s Rhyme Time

Its Rhyme Time Nursery Rhyme Bulletin Board

May 1st is Mother Goose Day which means lots and lots of nursery rhymes. The simple theme is an excellent idea for a reading nook. Print a nursery rhyme name as the title on each book cover and decorate it or let your kiddos help you create book covers.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Interactive Bulletin Board

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Bulletin Board

Mother Goose and nursery rhymes can strengthen your students’ letter recognition and vocabulary. The teachers used the star theme and added alphabet letters and images. Use the same theme or display another nursery rhyme.

April Showers May Flowers Bulletin Boards

April Showers Bring May Flowers Classroom Door Decoration

April Showers Bring May Flowers Door Decoration

Look at those giant raindrops! Placing the umbrella away from the classroom door adds to the 3D effect.

Interactive May Flower Creativity On Display

Interactive May Flower Creativity On Display

Amazing how white paper and paints can transform into flowers. Display the kids’ colorful May flowers on a bulletin board.

Apostrophe Showers Bring May Flowers

Apostrophe Showers Bring May Flowers

Contractions and flower activities! Students write the contraction on the flower and the contraction parts on the leaves. Make sure your students glue them together so that the contraction reads from left to right—Precut for each student a stem, two leaves, and a flower from construction paper.

April Showers Crafts Spring Bulleting Board

April Showers Bring May Flowers Craft

Fun and creativity create a beautiful spring bulletin board. Students trace and cut out the umbrellas and flowers. Then decorate the bulletin board with the students’ unique designs.

3D April Showers Bring May Flowers Bulletin Board

So Realistic April Showers Bring May Flowers

So realistic! Pick the flowers or grab that umbrella before it rains! It’s incredible how cotton wool-dyed grey resembles a 3D storm cloud. The silk flowers and using an umbrella as a prop was a fantastic idea.

May Flower Delights Theme Bulletin Boards

Happy Sunflowers on Classroom Door

Sunflowers On Classroom Door

The two enormous sunflowers behind the picket fence look so happy; you want to climb over and join them bathing in the sun. The leaf peeking through the fence makes it so realistic. The teacher placed the door decoration on the inside; if I were a student in that classroom, I’d probably stare at the sunflowers all day.

Together We Laugh And Grow

Together We Laugh And Grow

Amazing! The sunflowers are made from the students’ hand-prints.

Bright And Sunny Door Decoration

Bright And Sunny Door Decoration

Just look at those smiling honeybees and the adorable bees on the honeycomb! These bees need big flowers so that they don’t wander too far away from the classroom door. The twisted brown paper gives the 3D tree lots of character.

Spring Bulletin Board With Painted Umbrellas

Spring Bulletin Board With Painted Umbrellas

A painted umbrella shows each student’s creativity and identifies them even though the umbrellas cover faces. If not sure, the raincoats have name tags. Raindrops falling from the clouds can spell out a May slogan.

We Are Bzzy Learning In First Grade

We Are Bzzzy Learning In First Grade

It’s incredible what teachers create with construction paper. “Bzzzy” bees with sparkling wings fly around between these 3D flowers, grass, and tree branches.

Hand Prints Spring Flower

Hand Prints May Flowers

Students create fun fowers with their hand-prints on large construction sheets. Then attach their writing related to May seasonal topics.

School Almost Out Bulletin Board Ideas

Flip Flop Door Hang

Flip Flop Door Hang1

A pair of giant flip-flops says it’s summertime! Why not hang a pair of colorful flip-flops on your classroom door and watch those smiling faces enter.

We Are Each Unique And Beautiful

We Are Each Unique And Beautiful

So cute and inspiring using the students’ handprints in creating the Chrysantheam themed flowers. The students wrote their name on the one traced hand-print and something they loved about themselves on the other handprint.

What A Sun-Sational Year

What A Sun Sational Year

Be amazed once again at your third-grade students’ creativity in decorating their sunglasses and their essay. A fun idea for an end-of-year lesson! Kids can choose to write about the summer or end-of-school-year. Group each paper a picture of a pair of sunglasses and the background illustrating their writing.

Inching Into Summer

Inching Our Way Into Summer

Balloons are always fun. This balloon worm is easy to make but so incredibly adorable. Don’t miss all its feet and the smile on its cute worm-face.

Swinging Into Summer

Swingng Into Summer

The frog and tortoise on swings made me laugh aloud. Check the frog’s feet in the air and the tortoise’s smiling mouth! Cover the bulletin board in bright blue board paper with green grass at the bottom.

Hanging Up Our Memories

Hanging Up Our Memories

So cool that even the sun is wearing sunglasses! Teachers come up with the most adorable ideas combining activities and bulletin boards. This end-of-year bulletin board displays the student’s memory-essays as hanging clothes on a line.

Days Until It’s O-Fish-Ally Summer Door Decoration

Days Until Its O Fish Ally Summer Door Decoration

Double excitement! Kids decorate their fish, and they get to change the number indicating days left until the end of the year—a lovely inspiration at the beginning of May.

Do you have a favorite May Bulletin Board that we missed? Why not share with us in the comments?

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