Spring is here – and May is right around the corner. You are looking for some inspiration and new ideas for a May classroom bulletin board that your students will LOVE!

Here is a list of some of the best May bulletin board ideas and door decorations for your fun classroom. Some are cute, some funny, and some are so unique and beautiful. If you have additions, please share them in the comments, so we all benefit!

The Month Of May Bulletin Board Ideas

May The Fourth Be With You And Cinco De Mayo

may the fourth be with you

May has many significant events, including Cinco De Mayo and the Star Wars-related Holiday May the Fourth Be With You. This clever bulletin board combines both ideas – Cinco De Mayo celebrating Spanish heritage month and National Star Wars day – into a fun-themed display your students will enjoy. This adorable May bulletin board idea is a chemistry of drama festivities with our Star Wars hero weaving his sword but wearing a delightful Mexican hat – a fun way to combine celebrating Cinco de Mayo, a Hispanic heritage-themed classroom bulletin board with Star Wars topics. And for those who don’t know, May fourth is Star Wars Day because of the play on words, “May the force be with you,” used by Jedi Masters, aka May the fourth be with you.

Flutter Into May Classroom Door Decoration

Flutter Into May Door Decoration

The flower border makes the little butterflies’ activities pop. Each butterfly has a student’s name written on it. Check the teacher butterfly smiling at her little ones (you could also use dragonflies to represent teachers). This school classroom door display works great as a bulletin board idea that is super easy to reproduce with teacher resources most teachers have at hand. Using bugs, insects, and butterflies is always a winner to demonstrate springtime and summer. I love the flutter in May wording, and it makes you smile. With all the different colored butterflies, the door display creates a colorful rainbow effect.

May-June Bulletin Board Idea

May June Bulletin Board

Flowers and flip-flops say it all! The bright flowers depict the month of May, and the flip-flops represent the end of the year – time to have some summertime fun! With sunshine on the flowers, the plants are a sign of health and growth and an engaging invitation for some flip-flop summer adventures. After all, springtime and summer vacation is the best time of the year, and fun adventures should be on your summer bucket list!

Ahoy MAY-Tey

Ahoy May Tey

A Kindergarten class filled with the cutest pirates. Placing the little boats at different angles accentuates the wave effect. We love those cute little crafty pirates! Also, the bucket and photo cutouts with the navy blue background on this colorful bulletin board offer a cute 3D impact on the little boats and the sailing owners.

We MAY All Be Different Fish

We May All Be Different Fish

An excellent play on words and inspiration – “We May all be different fish, but in this school, we swim. together.” This motivational May bulletin board idea features a delightful wavy border that enforces the idea of swimming together, and the uniqueness of each student shows how they decorated the fish. The name tags identify the peeps’ masterpieces. Creative activities with motivational saying are one of the best bulletin board ideas for any season or event.

I Love Mom Theme Bulletin Board Ideas

Happy Mother’s Day Flowers

Happy Mothers Day Flowers

Attention coffee lovers – you already have the ingredients for this Mother’s Day bulletin board that effortlessly changes into a May bulletin board idea. Use coffee filters for the flowers. Kids can make this May bulletin board overflowing with flowers for their mothers as a homeschool project, or teachers can use this bulletin board idea as a fun activity in the school classroom. This is one of those monthly bulletin board ideas for kids that teachers can use for the entire month of May to celebrate special events during springtime and summer. Just add another class activity to cover the letters Happy Mother’s Day with more flowers and sunshine because there are more special occasions this month to celebrate!

We Love Our Moms

We Love Our Moms

A fantastic idea to have the kids hold up the heart sign celebrating Mother’s Day. It’s incredible how each mini-photo of a student shows their uniqueness. This classroom decoration is a fun activity to celebrate mothers and simultaneously have a vocabulary writing lesson practicing students’ language arts with this visual presentation of encouraging words to read. This cute idea fills you with warm fuzzies when those children proudly hold up their hearts for their mothers.

Mom’s Are The Sweetest

Mom's Are The Sweetest

So sweet to use M&M’s as the theme for a Mother’s Day bulletin board; they may not be high on the nutrition list but for sure a major must-have for mothers (and peeps too). List birthdays on the M&M’s and anniversaries on the M&M characters. And we love the wordplay with M&M and moms. This super cute May bulletin board is perfect for a door decoration idea or celebrating kids’ birthdays or other special occasions.

Looking for other bulletin board ideas and inspiration?  Here are some of our favorites:

Memorial Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Remember Our Heroes

Remember Our Heroes

Excellent idea to allow students actively take part in celebrating Memorial Day by creating the soldiers for this bulletin board. Use red and white striped paper for the background and glue blue paper (stars cut out) onto the stripes to make the flag. This simple idea takes a moment in time, which is a great prompt for a history lesson you want children to remember. Used for May bulletin boards, you can either change them for more May celebrations or take them down and store them to reuse as bulletin board ideas for similar topics. For example, these bulletin boards can be repurposed for Armed Forces Day and Veterans Day.

Memorial Day Classroom Door Decoration

Memorial Day Door Decoration

The giant flowers show appreciation for the brave soldiers we honor on Memorial Day, a history we want to remember. Those bright red 3D flowers are amazing, unique, and easy to make. This is one of the best bulletin board ideas to celebrate and honor the price soldiers pay to keep Americans safe. This basic black silhouette of the kneeling soldier with the stars in the background sends a powerful message and impact – a brilliant bulletin board idea for younger students and older students in middle and high school.

Home Of The Free

Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave

Another powerful message with emotion. Using silhouettes of soldiers planting the American flag evokes intense feelings of patriotism but also thankfulness and gratitude for what they accomplished. The “Home of the free because of the brave” slogan with a red, white, and blue stripes background honor the brave soldiers and remind us of the price they paid for us to have freedom. Using colored construction paper creates a 3D classroom bulletin board display that portrays a strong, patriotic message.

May 1st, Mother Goose Day Bulletin Board Idea

It’s Rhyme Time With Famous Mother Goose

Its Rhyme Time Nursery Rhyme Bulletin Board

May 1st is Mother Goose Day which means lots and lots of nursery rhymes. The simple theme is an excellent idea for a reading nook or school library. Print a nursery rhyme name as the title on each book cover and decorate it or let your kiddos help you create book covers. Nursery rhymes are always a winner in daycare, Kindergarten, and younger grade levels; it’s also a fun theme for a library. Mother Goose is often used for a woman who captivates little children with delightful tales. Despite Mother Goose being written on a tombstone and many women throughout the centuries referred to as Mother Goose, she wasn’t a real person. However, in the world of literature, from folktales to poetry to nursery rhymes, Mother Goose is alive and well, ready to present another delightful, entertaining nursery rhyme, which this cute bulletin board idea displays with the little bear reading one of the books surrounding him.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Interactive Bulletin Board

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Bulletin Board

Mother Goose and nursery rhymes can strengthen your students’ letter recognition and vocabulary. First, the teachers used the star theme and added alphabet letters and images. Then, use the same theme or display another nursery rhyme. When teachers utilize visuals to demonstrate a nursery rhyme, it is always a winner. It’s usually cheap and an easy exercise, but the bulletin board ideas captivate kids because they relate to it. You only need to see them look at each other, nod their little heads, or respond emotionally to know the teacher was successful with her May bulletin board idea.

April Showers May Flowers Bulletin Boards

April Showers Bring May Flowers Classroom Door Decoration

April Showers Bring May Flowers Door Decoration

Look at those giant raindrops! Placing the umbrella away from the classroom door adds to the 3D effect. This April showers and May flowers door decoration is my favorite May bulletin board idea. You need to follow the raindrops downward to see the cutest little flowers! Yes, it’s adorable little faces of classroom peeps in the center of each blooming flower! It’s still raining, but the colorful umbrella reminds you of rainbows and cheerfulness.

Interactive May Flower Creativity On Display

Interactive May Flower Creativity On Display

Amazing how basic materials, white paper, and paints can transform into flowers. Display the kids’ colorful May flowers on a bulletin board and change the school classroom into a cheerful Spring or Summer day. This summer bulletin board features the finished artwork of preschoolers or Kindergarten kids for all to view and to show their appreciation for the peeps’ effort. It’s amazing how pieces of paper can transform into gorgeous and unique flowers like this bulletin board shows for all to see. Use butcher paper for the rest of the borders and background, and this fun bulletin board is ready to be admired by an audience.

Apostrophe Showers Bring May Flowers

Apostrophe Showers Bring May Flowers

I just love those falling apostrophes! Contractions and flower activities – a perfect thematic bulletin board idea with some fun interactive learning activities! Students write the contraction on the flower and the contraction parts on the leaves. Make sure your students glue them together so that the contraction reads from left to right—Precut a stem, two leaves, and a flower from construction paper for each student. These apostrophe showers will open little kids’ minds and bring excellent skills to flower.

April Showers Crafts Spring Bulletin Board

April Showers Bring May Flowers Craft

Fun and creativity create a beautiful spring bulletin board. First, students trace and cut out the umbrellas and flowers. Then decorate the colorful board with the student’s unique designs. Each decorated umbrella, from rainbows to stripes to one color, has a story to tell. Cleverly placed on the board creates an effect of the umbrellas moving downward toward the flowers.

3D April Showers Bring May Flowers Bulletin Board

So Realistic April Showers Bring May Flowers

So realSo realistic! Pick the flowers or grab that umbrella before it rains! It’s incredible how cotton wool-dyed grey resembles a 3D storm cloud. The silk floral bouquets and an umbrella as a prop were fantastic ideas. The umbrella invites you to pick it up and open it. What types of plants and flowers are hiding inside the umbrella? The floral bouquet provides the illusion that they are real flowers you can pick. This spring bulletin board idea is a great interactive board for writing assignments or classroom organization information and rules.

May Flower Delights Theme Bulletin Boards

Happy Sunflowers Classroom Door Designer Ideas

Sunflowers On Classroom Door

TThe two enormous sunflowers behind the picket fence look so happy; you want to climb over and join them, bathing in the sun. The leaf peeking through the fence makes it so realistic. The teacher placed the door decoration on the inside of the classroom door; if I were a student in that classroom, I’d probably stare at the sunflowers all day instead of paying attention to the subject taught. Again, this is a beautiful 3D motivational inspiration to see the bright side of things.

Together We Laugh And Grow

Together We Laugh And Grow

Amazing! The sunflowers are made from the students’ handprints. This dramatic May bulletin board idea is super, super cool and a great starter activity to get your classroom ready for the month of May and summer. Younger kids in daycare will love drawing their handprints, but even older kids, 4th graders – maybe won’t want to admit it to others – will love this idea. The May, summer, and spring bulletin boards and door ideas might be my favorites of all the exciting themes, and this sunflower would get my vote if we were voting for the most creative classroom door ideas.

Bright And Sunny Door Decoration

Bright And Sunny Door Decoration

Just look at those smiling honeybees and the adorable bees on the honeycomb! These bees need big flowers so that they don’t wander too far away from the classroom door. The twisted brown paper gives the 3D tree lots of character. Representing daycare or Kindergarten peeps, a teacher can write the students’ names on the little bees. The busy bees on this springtime bulletin board can be a motivational inspiration to learners; to follow the examples of the ongoing organizational operations of the little bees, so busy with what is important. It could inspire kids to focus and pay more attention to the subjects taught in class.

Spring Bulletin Board With Painted Umbrellas

Spring Bulletin Board With Painted Umbrellas

A painted umbrella shows students’ creativity and identifies them even though the umbrellas cover their faces. If you aren’t sure who is who, the raincoats have name tags. Raindrops falling from the clouds can spell out a May saying or some fun quote about springtime. The kids walk in one direction and then another to give the idea they are walking down a path toward the adorable 3D flowers at the bottom of the springtime bulletin board. There is so much going on in this interactive bulletin board. Are those Easter eggs around the border or cute bugs?

We Are Bzzy Learning In First Grade

We Are Bzzzy Learning In First Grade

It’s incredible what teachers create with construction paper. “Bzzzy” bees with sparkling wings fly between these 3D flowers, grass, and tree branches. The students’ names are on the buzzy honeybees’ tummies, and each adorable face is different. I wonder if the students drew the faces of the bees; if not, it is a good activity idea for daycare and older students in the 1st and 2nd-grade levels. Very creative grass that flaps over for a lively 3D effect.

Hand Prints Spring Flower

Hand Prints May Flowers

So adorable! Students create fun flowers with their handprints on large construction sheets. Then attach their writing exercise related to May seasonal topics; there is no shortage of topic ideas. So, writing about May, springtime, and summer-related topics or tidbits learned in class and posting them on the bulletin board this May makes sense. For older students, it can be a mental exercise combined with research on a history topic May related, or just some springtime fun. For younger students, the attraction is the handprints painting activity and writing about May flowers, spring or summer fun. You can even use the number of handprints as a counting exercise for kids in daycare and Kindergarten.

School Almost Out Bulletin Board Ideas

Flip Flop Door Hang

Flip Flop Door Hang1

A pair of giant flip-flops says it’s summertime! So why not hang a pair of colorful flip-flops on your classroom door and watch those smiling faces enter? With this simple design of hanging a physical pair of flip-flops on the classroom door, the teacher creates in a flash a summer feeling. Of course, you could do the same with empty wall space, make a border frame or display it on a bulletin board. Expect compliments whether using it as a classroom door or summer bulletin board ideas.

We Are Each Unique And Beautiful

We Are Each Unique And Beautiful

So cute and inspiring to use the students’ handprints in creating the Chrysanthemum-themed flowers. This is an amazing result and perfect for this time of year writing activity; you don’t need a blank page or worksheets if you can write on your decorated handprint! The rainbow handprints show each child’s uniqueness; reading what they wrote about themselves is encouraging. For example, the students wrote their names on the one traced handprint and something they loved about themselves on the other handprint.

What A Sun-Sational Year

What A Sun Sational Year

Be amazed once again at your third-grade students’ creativity in decorating their sunglasses and essays. This is a fun idea for an end-of-year lesson! Kids can choose to write about the summer or end-of-school-year. Group each paper with a picture of a pair of sunglasses and the background illustrating their writing, ready to be displayed on the bulletin board with the giant sun shining on their masterpiece. It’s a fun opportunity to highlight, review and showcase their essays and drawings.

Inching Into Summer

Inching Our Way Into Summer

Balloons are always fun. This balloon worm is easy to make but so incredibly adorable with a dramatic result – perfect for a classroom decoration used for a May bulletin board or decorating the classroom door with summer silliness. Don’t miss all its cute legs and the smile on its adorable worm face. This is it if you were looking for great bulletin board ideas to celebrate springtime and summer. Teachers can make math games for younger grade levels to practice their math skills by counting the balloons or calculating the exact measurement of the balloon worm length. The balloon worm may even inspire some poetry as a writing prompt about the hungry worm and where it’s inching into summer.

Swinging Into Summer

Swingng Into Summer

The frog and tortoise on the swings made me laugh aloud. They have no care in the world, just having a social conversation while enjoying the summer – I wonder what they are talking about. Check the frog’s feet in the air and the tortoise’s smiling mouth! Cover the bulletin board in bright blue board paper with green grass at the bottom. Another fantastic summer bulletin board idea to make your peeps smile thinking about the summer fun waiting for them. You can swing along and guide youngsters on a fun story adventure with these cute characters. What positive message are they presenting?

Hanging Up Our Memories

Hanging Up Our Memories

So cool that even the sun is wearing sunglasses! Teachers come up with the most adorable ideas by combining activities and bulletin boards. This end-of-year bulletin board displays the student’s memory essays as hanging clothes on a line. This is the perfect opportunity to practice their handwriting and drawing skills while writing about interesting tidbits, a creative way for teachers to get feedback about what their students have learned. Topics can be any highlights the peeps learned in social studies, buzzing talk on the playground, or why the sun is wearing sunglasses.

Days Until It’s O-Fish-Ally Summer Door Decoration

Days Until Its O Fish Ally Summer Door Decoration

Double excitement! Kids decorate their fish, and they get to change the number indicating days left until the end of the year—a lovely inspiration at the beginning of May. It’s nearly time to break for the summer holidays, and the countdown allows the excitement to continue and hopefully keep kids’ attention in class too. If not, there are always more fish to decorate for the classroom door display, or they can swim onto a May bulletin board and brighten the classroom environment.

There are many topics May bulletin board ideas can cover, so there won’t be any shortage of ideas during May or for springtime bulletin boards in the school classroom. Do you have a favorite May Bulletin Board that we missed? Why not share with us in the comments?

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