9 of the Best iPad Cases for Kids

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As the proud owner of my brand new shiny new “New iPad” (did I mention it was new?) I have recently spent a lot of time (way too much time) researching the vessel in which it will travel… Yes, much like people do not wander around in the buff, it seems that mobile devices must also be suitably ‘attired’ for a journey outside the home.

On this quest I have looked at every case Amazon has to offer (453,457 by last count) and run through every possible scenario my zippy little tablet will encounter. In the end I went for the ever-popular OtterBox Defender Series Case as it ticked every box for me, but what I did not expect to find was the huge number of iPad cases for kids. Not just your regular case with a picture of Elmo, these are designed from the ground up to engage, entice and endure play with children of all ages.

[UPDATE] Since upgrading to the iPad Air I have gone with the Snugg iPad Air (iPad 5) Case. It pretty much does everything! 

So, as I waded through the thousands of options to smartly dress my iPad, I collected the 8 most fun, practical and (in some cases) insane iPad cases for kids. See what you think!


iPad Cases for Kids

1. ArmorBox Kido Series

ArmorBox Kido Series

You could pretty much launch your iPad off the roof in this little baby (please don’t try it). Built to withstand anything a little one might throw at it, the ArmorBox Kido Series is a really neat design that not only protects the device, it also acts as a cute carry case and a portrait/landscape stand.

With models for all generations of iPad including iPad Air 1 & 2 and iPad mini, this case is a real winner if you think your device might have rough times ahead.


2. iGuy Freestanding Case

iGuy iPad Cases for Kids

I’ve always wished my iPad had arms… Well now it can. The iGuy is one of the more fun and colorful iPad cases for kids.

With short legs that allow the iPad to stand free as well as cute foam arms to help small hands grip the device, the case does a lot more than just protect your iPad from drops and knocks. Coming in three colors, the iGuy comfortably fits all iPad generations.

[UPDATE]There is also now a version for iPad mini!


3. iCade Arcade Cabinet

iCade iPad Case

If I had received this for my 7th Birthday I would have lost my frickin’ mind! Now, granted it would not have been much use in the 80’s without an iPad, but any kid these days would go bananas unwrapping it.

Much more than an ‘iPad case’, the iCade comes with a free Atari Greatest Hits app, turning your iPad into a real Arcade Machine, with fully functional joystick and buttons.


4. KaysCase KidBox

KidBox iPad Case

The KidBox iPad Case is the real deal of iPad cases for kids. Don’t let the pink fool you (it comes in three other colors too), this thing is tough as nails and built to protect your iPad.

With a foldable flap acting as both luggage handle and a portrait stand, the case allows your child to take the iPad just about anywhere and safely prop it to watch movies and play games.

Comes in sizes for all iPads, including iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini/iPad Mini Retina, iPad air 2 (2014).


5. Digital Kids Drawing and Activity Case

Activity iPad Case

Now the Digital Kids Drawing and Activity Case really should be classified as an activity case that happens to fit an iPad. Enabling children to switch between apps on the iPad to a dry-erase marker board, the case even has drawers to store markers and anything else needed to get creative.

Now if this does not quite fit your child’s needs, I encourage you to check out the companies second offering – Digital 2-in-1 iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad. Yes it really exists!


6. Piano Apprentice

Piano iPad Case

Adding a whole new dimension to ‘encasing’ an iPad, the Piano Apprentice puts a fully functional keyboard at your child’s fingertips.

Light up mini-keys show where to place your hands and thankfully there is even a headphone jack for quiet practice. The ‘case’ can be used with all iPad versions as well as iPod and iPhone devices. Simply plugin and download the free Apprentice app to start learning.


7. Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case

Laugh and Learn iPad Case

Created by everyone’s favorite toy company, Fisher-Price, the Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case is made for much younger children.

One of the larger and more durable iPad cases for kids, the frame includes beads and handles to engage younger children as well as hiding all clickable iPad buttons (including the home button) to prevent any accidental clicks.


8. Tablet Backseat Headrest

Headrest iPad Mount

Possibly a case for much older children, the Backseat Headrest Case is designed for anyone stuck in the back seat of the car.

With adjustable grips, the case can hold any tablet device (iPad or Android) and can make those long car journeys a lot more bearable (for everyone in the car).


9. Dora the Explorer Activity Tray

Dora The Explorer iPad Case

What kind of ‘iPad Cases for Kids’ list would this be without a mention for Dora. The Dora the Explorer Activity Tray is surprisingly one of the more thought-out iPad cases for kids.

The tray itself both securely holds the iPad and can also be attached to strollers, high chairs and car seats. As well as this, the tray includes a plastic screen cover to protect the device as well as a water-resistant layer to protect from any ‘liquid’ spills.


[BONUS] HappiTaps Huggable Case

HappiTaps iPod Case

The BONUS… The whole way through this list, I have had an adorable teddy bear staring at me saying ‘put me on the list… pwease…”. Well, I can’t say no to anything that cuddly, so dammit bear, you win.

The HappiTaps Huggable Case is not actually an iPad case. It is a cute little case for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Paired with the HappiTaps app from the App store, the case claims to be next-generation teddy bear. Not quite as cushy as the teddy I grew up with, the case is proving a massive hit with tech-loving kids everywhere.


So, what iPad cases for kids have caught your eye while on the lookout for iPad outfits? Which of these eight could you see appealing to your children. Let us know in the comments below!